Cromlech / Infamous – Hammer of Triumph (2018)

This split showcases two favorite bands contemplating their next steps. A much-anticipated release, that is nothing sort of provocative and promising. Some have said that Infamous adapt themselves to the style of their fellow bands, yet on this work, it is Cromlech who let loose on punk and black metal influences.

After the epic Ave Mortis, Cromlech sped up. Are we witnessing the pains of labor of something great about to be born or a cash grab of New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal (NWOTHM)? Hopefully the first, since the only drawback found in the song is the few, rock elements in riffing. Those are not bad in themselves of course, even Entombed in Left Hand Path manage to make those elements sound great and Cromlech definitely does that too; the problem is that Cromlech sound way better when they do anything else. However, the fervent speed is obliterating most reservations. Although the band is experimenting with a newly discovered language, their compositional skills are top-notch and if they are not overridden by their technicality and the classic metal gimmicks the upcoming record is going to dominate.

It is worthy to note, that the vocals have improved to the point that they provide moments of fanaticism in themselves, and the interplay of the clean vocals with the harsher ones, catalyzed by the frenetic drumming, emulates the terrible images of a battlefield.

To sum up, a very good song, but I would rather keep “Honor” on my SD card.

Infamous wears calmly his laurel wreath on this record and rests on his glory. His composition is slightly lazier this time, but one can always expect him to deliver, only out of sheer talent. The octave double guitar riffing is a great idea and excellent peak point of the song, followed by brilliant emotional resolutions. With the simplest materials, the artisan manages to take the listener on a journey. This is a success in itself.

Nevertheless, perhaps those changes could be smoother at points, especially between the punkish riffing and the black metal blasting outbreaks.

Contrast, for example, his style on Tempesta, on which changes were like fine brushstrokes, while here there are stark differences in sonic color. None of those methods is superior however, if executed correctly. And perhaps there is room for improvement on the latter, but nothing that cannot be worked on.

Overall, this split shows great potential that has not yet been manifested. It is, however, worth a lot of listening sessions, since it succeeds almost all the way, and the only enemy to be surpassed is the bands themselves. However, in case the bands don’t manage to assimilate their ideas properly, the result will be disappointing, and not because the bands will write bad material. Those bands are really talented and one cannot help but have very high expectations.

We here at DMU are applauding the efforts of those artists to push boundaries on their art and look forward to their next efforts, which, if they become critical towards themselves, should rise up to and even surpass past works.

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  1. DMX says:

    Dat shotgun blast yo, seriously grimy shit..

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