Destruction Unit – Negative Feedback Resistor (2015)


These sludgy noise rockers from Phoenix show potential, but ruin this release by having too much reverb and weird noises getting in the way of the songs. This album is too ambitious for its own good.

The first and fifth tracks present killer grunge rock tracks which have a ton of vibe to them like Alice In Chains crossed with Velvet Underground. But there’s these other tracks throughout the album with weird whizzing sounds and tweaker sounds which are distracting and lazy-sounding musically. In an attempt to make the album sound heavier than it really is, some of the instruments are overly fuzzy while the vocals are reverbed beyond reason. This band needs to tone down the effects and embrace the fact that they are a Badmotorfinger type band.

Write a few more riffs and breaks instead of tweaking weird effects. Also, the album cover is artistic, but like the song titles its neither here nor there. For a band who is supposed to be political the cover and song names are a bit bland. Though this release isn’t that amazing or anything it is an album that is a must listen on a random highway trip, since parts of it have a really heavy angry quality like Mad Max on heavy drugs.

Although the experimental parts are hit or miss I do admit that they make the album a bit more surreal, which is a plus. All in all its a mixed bag, but a fun listen. C+


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10 thoughts on “Destruction Unit – Negative Feedback Resistor (2015)”

  1. Cornrose says:

    What the fuck?

  2. Rainer Weikusat says:

    This is crazed-psychedlic-freek-noise guerilla warfare and these are our streets. The pigs of the law can use their system to manipulate and censor our messages. The control creeps can keep their airwaves safe and comfortable. But none of them has been able to make us shut our voices up or turn our guitar amps down.

    [CD comes with a small poster instead of a booklet]

    American noise punk (I did make that up) with backgrounded vocals and a borderline subterranean garage drum sound. The most intestesting track is Chemical Reaction/ Chemical Delight. Could also be described with the ‘standard’ weird comparison »what Acid Mother’s Temple & The Mysteriously Glowing Whatever would play if they weren’t Japanese Pink Floyd fans« (Pink Floyd is a band with Syd Barret on guitar which used to play lengthy, mostly improvised sets in the London UFO club in the 1960s. A more well-known false cognate reportedly also exists). This is not too bad provided one likes real drum recordings and doesn’t mind 40 minutes of what is mostly guitar feedback.

    This is obviously absolutely no metal and chances are that fans or band members could express their dislike of being referred as such in a rather direct way (How toothless did punk become in the meantime?).

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      Additional comment: While I own this CD and sometimes (very rarely) even listen to it, the review seems misplaced on this site.

  3. Vijayjay Prolapz says:


  4. smfh says:

    Steven Cefalitis is another Prozak alias that he uses to write parody reviews. A clever ploy, but I’ve seen through it.

  5. canadaspaceman says:

    I remember reading about their previous album “Deep Trip”,and enjoyed it when I finally heard a download, and ALMOST ordered the vinyl.
    With a few more listens, it lost its appeal. Great approach,cool sound, but I got bored. Will give it another chance and will check this new album out.

    Yeah, Destruction Unit may not a metal band in the sense of many readers of this site, but for some of us metalheads that started off with hearing early 1980s heavy metal with late 1960s/early 1970s acid rock (early metal), and noise art/punk like Sonic Youth, we dig this kind of music too.

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      Musically, I rather like this as this is not as ‘lost in navel-gazing’ as Acid Mother’s Temple and feedback ‘noise’ is among the sounds which naturally harmonize with me. But my present understanding of punk is that it’s not about much beyond boy punks getting into mano-a-mano encounters with girl punks. And this renders it a bit hollow.

  6. cornrose says:

    Shame these people feel the urge to hate themselves.

  7. OliveFox says:

    Is there some inside joke I am missing out on?

  8. Cornrose says:

    We can’t tell u if u don’t already know.

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