DMU Song Contest #3: King of the Serfs Edition Part 3

(Join Ionnas as he dives into the final heap of contestants hoping to prove their worth, will there be any talent left or will he be forced to scrape the bottom of the barrel for any redeeming qualities. Either way every band here will have to face the harsh truths of reality.)

May the best survive!

Mefitis – “Kolossos”

A deluge of tuberculous melodies blastbeats away the remnants of a dying civilization. The rapture of classical logic gives birth to a sick prelude resembling a progressive overture – witness how hesh musicians flirt with instrumental extravagance: the guitars go through frenetic changes of melodic DEATH tremolo picking, arpeggios and goth metal processions that build up into melancholic determination unto a change from minor to major, the end of a long phrase and the sun emerging from the clouds for a last time before the blight of all that is good in metal drowns Manwe, Varda and the Sun. The phrase is played two times, on which one can’t help but be impressed by the effort of the band to construct interesting harmonies. Observe the hi-hats and the tiny rhythmic tricks that easily go unnoticed on first listens, but make you discover something new on subsequent ones, providing a truly rewarding experience. So many things and emotions pass by, yet all within context. This is even catchy. Compositional skill indeed overthrows all poseurs in the competition by means of true ambition.

As with their demo, this band once again sounds on the verge of something exceptional. Don’t forget though that classical uses other tools also, such as silence. The informational overload that they sculpt might override what they would like to communicate. I want to listen more to riffs of cannibalism that their demo represented, and it would be a pity if they strayed from death towards progressive, yet it’s clear that they have no intention of doing so. Just listen to the next song in line. If they manage to perform the conjunction of their many different elements and push it to the extreme as they try to do on this song they will seriously be a force in the underground to be reckoned with. Fortunately, they are very coherent as of now and original at the same time.

On their previous work we witnessed the iron, the solar and infernal part of this band’s personality. Now, we see the interesting dissolution of all their elements to pursue a great ambition, as they overindulge in their rich vocabulary. The seed has died in the soil and will wield incredible results in Mefitis’ much anticipated next opus. Bravo!

Steeped Horsehair – “Running in a maze”

Cynic-vocoder-dreamy-soundscape-deathmetametal-nintendocore-avant-garde-jazz-random-voivod industrial sounds. The structure is purposeful, yet the point is the dark epic of Super Mario’s regression to the anal state in those underwater adventures. There are some instrumental bits that have metal potential for evil, as an interesting experiment to see if one can write metal with such bubble-gum sounds. But the avant-garde influences make repeated listens disturbing. The song loses steam as the new influences continue to hold on to it and it all sounds like an endless development, almost until the heavier end. Trapped in the maze of becoming.

Sure this guy deserves the prize of the village crazy. Rating: ?/10


My disdain for triplets and modern metal technique will not help this band. But a respectful contestant nonetheless.

Professional musicians mix power and death metal, as the guitarists lead the songs in small climaxes. It is metal in technique as well as in spirit. What Savagez requires is more divergence. I am sure that the know-how is here. If you want to be a greater band you must have a powerful artistic vision and build paths of extremity. Disregard all conventional tropes and I am certain that you can push the envelope.

TILLIAN – “Black Holes”

As music with electric guitars, this is thrice removed from metal. As music with cellos, this is thrice removed from romanticism. Soft rock. Why did you apply in the contest? Although the musicianship is good, Tillian is a band to play in events and perhaps one of the most quality ones. They have emotional depth that is projected in small and subtle changes in execution, yet it feels like the songs have been the result of a prolonged jam period. If they are to continue like this there is no need for electric guitars. They fail to arouse something greater than that. It is pretty music, but that’s all there is to it. Sorry guys, perhaps you should try sending your music to a website that doesn’t specialize in Death Metal.

MLOTEK – “Fighting (instrumental)”
listen here
Influences range from NWOBHM, Venom and Motorhead and Thou Art Lord on the leads. The person behind this mysterious recording must be rather young, so he deserves to be reviewed on a different scale. Although he has a hold of the basics, the song doesn’t go anywhere and unlike the song Sandfiend Attack from a previous contestant, it is not interesting in its instrumental form since there is nothing exciting with the technique or the composition. I believe he should rely on developing the latter. See how Mercyful Fate arranges songs.

Listen here
The song starts with a tremolo riff which develops in another tremolo riff then it goes for a chorus, and then it goes at it again and again and again. The vocals are too loud and annoying revealing the cringey lyrics. The drum machine drum rolls are hilarious. Is this an attempt at caveman music? I see no Von, nor Blasphemy, no Napalm Death and all other dead simple bands that had abrupt changes to keep interest. Change the scenery! Or write better riffs like Master! Else it sounds funny.


Except from the ‘YEAAAAAAAH’ in the introduction (you know ‘NOOOO’ would sound cooler and probably funnier, right?) the rest of the song is imitating the sounds of Sweden (I leave this open to interpretation) and although they have their act together, they don’t manage to rise above mediocrity. Listen to more music guys, keep reading, evolve your technique and shit, but be more passionate and versatile in the music you play. This is unexceptional.

Steeped Horsehair and Mefitis go through!

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3 thoughts on “DMU Song Contest #3: King of the Serfs Edition Part 3”

  1. canadaspaceman says:

    I only liked Mlotek, Mvrdvrcvltvr, and Putrid Vision, in this bunch.

  2. Ekhthir Ithas says:

    Thanks for the review. It’s MVRDVRKVLTVR though, with a K.

  3. Flying Kites says:

    Can musicians here improve their work through the dynamics of silence? Infamous and Belial are just two excellent studies.

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