Doomraiser – Cold Grave Marble (2024)

Doom metal probably does not qualify as a genre, more as a descriptor, since doom stretches between old school heavy metal all the way through melodic death metal and even grindcore, but it requires a certain mood: a slow ominous urgency with a sense of gravity bearing down the futility of all existence.

Unlike the happier “stoner doom” bands that are more hard rock than metal, Doomraiser presents a base influenced by Candlemass with an infusion of Nevermore around the vocals, using Black Sabbath style broad riff structures that focus less on groove than cadenced inertia.

This approach gives the band a heaviness that comes from the internal clash despite the relatively positive vocals, allowing these songs to bear past their somewhat heavy metal origins and produce an actual sensation of only partially sardonic doom.

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23 thoughts on “Doomraiser – Cold Grave Marble (2024)”

  1. Nevermore says:

    Brett do like any nevermore? I find they have some emotive tracks in amongst 2/3 duds, and can make a decent mixed CDR from their discography.

    1. Fits with what I know. I had a CD back in the 1990s, could listen to parts of it but zoned out on the rest (too much wallpaper heavy metal). They seemed talented just disorganized.

    2. blasted says:

      the politics of ecstacy is a solid release if you turn it off after the title track

      1. High Speed Reality Denial says:

        No love for The Learning, bro?

  2. Sodomancy says:

    Doom metal is a cool sounding description for something most people hate: slow boring music. Just like power metal, which is also a deceptive description for music that is 1000% gay… (and since being gay is the ultimate rebellion against conservatism, power metal must be secretly the true black metal sodomator, even if the music is terrible…)

    Now let’s see, what so called doom metal, I like… probably none. Death metal with slower parts like Cianide, Fleshcrawl, Incantation, Autopsy, Rippikoulu, Asphyx etc. is as close as “doom” is ever going to be tolerable, otherwise it’s just depressive heavy metal.

    1. Should we mention Thergothon and Skepticism here?

      Doom metal is more like ambient music than atmospheric metal… based on holding a mood through repetition of minimalist patterns.

      This stuff is more rockin’ but it’s from the Candlemass model of heavy metal that just gets dark and enjoys morbid inertia.

      1. Sodomancy says:

        Desecresy is slowish ambient music too. Best “doom metal” I’ve heard for sure.

        1. Very much. Ambient metal masters!

      2. haste says:

        cathedral and confessor are great too

        1. That first Cathedral ranks up there for me. Very NWOBHM but with its own sensibility.

    2. Altarboys of Madness says:

      My nigga you probably also like Winter, Disembowelment, and Evoken, stop lyin.



    If you HAD to pick from one of these two options which one would you choose? That is if you really had to pick one.

    1. listen to the entire Cannibal Corpe discography

    2. listen to the entire Iced Earth discography


    SErious Questioner

    1. That’s an easy one… I like the Iced Earth CD I had from back in the early to middle 1990s. I’d give them a chance.

      Cannibal Corpse is football metal based on the Kiss model. It makes my head tired and then I defecate in public.

      1. Imaginative Tabby Cats says:

        Haha, what pray tell is the “Kiss model”?

        1. Well, you know, “fun” metal: verse-chorus, big epic turnaround, fades out into glory. Very emphatic and what was later called “bombastic.” Bouncy, simple, and addictive rhythms. Good pop, loud noise.

  4. Banal Banana says:

    Is anyone here old enough to have been part of the tape trading of the 1980s? Do you have any insight into whether the decrease in sound quality with each trade would influence the genre toward intentionally low-fi recordings?

    1. That was always my take on the production of Under a Funeral Moon. With each generation of a tape copy, you got more background hiss and a hollower, slightly louder bass at the higher end with the lower end dropping off. On the plus side, tinny stuff warmed up and thickened a little bit.

    2. Patrick Foss says:

      I am curious about this myself, but that seems like the obvious correlation.

    3. global pillage says:

      no doubt the advent of cassettes influenced the aesthetics of underground music, as digital technology does now, warping and clipping the music you hear in its own way. think cd skipping too. new sounds.

      1. And the “blown speakers” beats that NIN and hip-hop adopted.

  5. Clement says:

    As an antidote to bleeding boooring DOOOOM – well, if it has to be metal at all -why not listen to impressively scary Italian: AD NAUSEAM: Imperative Imperceptible Impulse [Full – HD]
    -it’s kind of “death metal reflected in a shattered mirror” as someone on youtube called it aptly. OR, someone else: ”The cover art is incredible”. OR: ”Feeling a strong 10 on this one”, someone commented. OR, yet another one: “They’re like Deathspell Omega, Gorguts, and Ulcerate combined. Amazing album. Maybe even a 10/10. Also, the vocals remind me of Esoteric of all bands, lol.” OR: “Brett Stevens won’t like it”
    Well, I personally think: if you really have to listen to death metal at all (and liking DOOM is really not a good sign!) but I know how it feels-, you could either listen to this or to ORGONE’s ‘Pleroma’ -there’s an earlier review-like bid for a review on this subject -here.

    1. Richard says:

      I’m usually a rap guy, but it’s albums like this that keep me interested in metal.

  6. Boof Christ says:

    Rap is music for people who have trouble remembering grocery lists.

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