Doomstone – Those Whom Satan Hath Joined (1994)

Among seemingly insatiable hunger for all things old school or concept-oriented, it seems unbelievable that Doomstone were once an anomaly. Bypassing the early 1990s underground metal boom, Doomstone embraced a deliberately retrogressive channeling of the “evil” side of 1980s heavy metal.

This approach brought back the aura of cult acts like early Black Sabbath, Mercyful Fate, Cloven Hoof, and Satan’s Host. Hidden behind genuinely hilarious nom de plumes (“Cross Turner Upside Downer,” “Keeper of the Brazilian Death Metal albums”), the band — perhaps more accurately labeled as a Deceased side project — were luminaries of the Virginian underground Metal scene, most prominently core members King Fowley (drums) and Les Snyder (bass) of Deceased along with a revolving set of characters which on this debut full-length album included Demonic (guitars from Grand Belial’s Key), Dennis Cornelius (guitars from Revelation) and Jeff “Vomit” McClelland (vocals, writer from Deathvomit zine).

In search of raw material that would resonate with the Satanic/horror-themed lyrical themes, Doomstone plunged into the past and twisted Sabbath/Fate styled riffs into the most filthy and sinister forms possible without losing their intrinsically catchy (dare we say groovy?) character. Despite the songs’ brief and rather rudimentary nature, Those Whom Satan Hath Joined offers enough quirkiness in the songwriting department to avoid the long-term tediousness of many a heavy metal album, perhaps a nod to contemporary developments in underground metal and/or Mercyful Fate’s and the more outlandish NWOBHM bands’ proclivity towards extended verse/chorus formats.

With Those Whom Satan Hath Joined, Doomstone succeeded in crafting an album that offers a similar experience to watching classic late-night horror movies: densely atmospheric, vaguely familiar in a positively nostalgic kind-of-way, reminiscent of the darker aspects of life and irreverently fun at the same time.

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29 thoughts on “Doomstone – Those Whom Satan Hath Joined (1994)”

  1. Warkvlt is High IQ Music says:

    Interesting Mercyful Fate comparison. Any thoughts on the new Helgrind tho ???

    1. Johan P says:

      Never heard them, but will give this one a try. Any reccomendations of good (well, at least decent), recent vintage Metal is always of interest.

    2. black snuggy says:

      The Satan, putting out great music for sucking your own dick and taking a nap

    3. Genius Level 300 says:

      Can we safely say that whenever somebody shares another awful record/band from this shitty record label, it’s somebody from the label spamming their smoothmind music as though it were a genuine comment?

      1. Even worse are those who are simply bleating out what they heard on YouTube videos or other prole-fodder and expecting us to validate it simply because it is popular.

    4. Is this comedy metal?

    5. Johan P says:

      This was, in every way, quite awful I’m afraid.

      1. Unfortunately this is true of almost all post-1994 material.

        1. Concerned citizen of the worlds fair says:

          That was 29 years ago. What are you doing with your time? Have you lost perspective because I will help you find it. Kudos I guess for reviewing that eulogy compilation as it’s actually good but we all have kens death metal crypt for that and I recall you hating on people who crate dig for demos of old. Despite much of them being fantastic.

          1. T Malm says:

            no need to shit on cranky old Brett, he can do that himself

            also, he may be off by a few years but hes not wrong

          2. I recall you hating on people who crate dig for demos of old.

            I detest people who go jugging for old “diamonds in the rough” but in the process relax their standards, holding up some third-rate band as the actual key to the whole underground and the vessel of its profundity. That killed both the FMP and NWN forums. It is poseur territory, and poseurs are (as you know) only good as filler meat.

          3. 2centz says:

            I like to check out other shit too but what I keep coming back to is usually on the DLA

  2. Doug says:

    I’m not sure I agree with the Georgia Guidestones bomber. Did he have noble intentions or did he wreck it just so he could walk around congratulating himself? They couldn’t have been that bad of an eyesore, and I doubt most policymakers had even heard of them much less looked to them for advice. Moderns relentlessly slander realists as “crazy” but this may have been a real nut job and not the good kind. If I’m wrong please advise.

    1. I think the people who produced them destroyed them. The WEF endorsed basically everything they said, which to anyone with any pretense of being an outsider means that the Guidestones were normie thought all along. I think they are right about us needing a half billion humans, but the way to do that is Half Earth and ending the entitlements.

      1. Always Forget My Name says:

        eugenics is normie ?

        1. Eugenics for egalitarian purposes is now approved of by XOG/WEF, yes.

          Eugenics to improve humanity? No that is evil. They prefer the transhumanism lite version where we all get big dongs through CRISPR and race-mixing.

          1. Lincolnpoop says:

            This is all I’ve ever wanted to achieve:


            Why you hafta crush my dreams, man?

            1. Too much fisting can cause this problem. Always remove big rings before insertion.

          2. Designer boutique babies says:

            All humanoids will from now on have quirky skin and hair colors and weird inhuman genitalia. Nothing else matters.

            1. Finally, we will be equally indistinguishable and Utopia can arrive with the Money Boat from Heaven.

              1. Pretty much, yes… maybe, as long as they are all trans.

                1. Soon we will all be obese transsexual multiracial Democrats who own defense stocks.

                  1. Gynaman says:

                    Defense, defense against what?

      2. Doug says:

        They were a doozy of a roadside attraction, preferable to a beard of bees any day at least in my book. In a way it’s not even shocking and you probably could’ve set your watch by this incident as the storyline continues to unfold here on planet Floyd. Ostensibly the opposite sentiment of other topplings but equally boneheaded!

        1. In my view, we need more Fascinators for idiots. They need to re-create the Georgia guidestones to tell people comforting lies like we are all one, give peace a chance, own nothing and like it, free anus now, etc. Then all the zombies will float around there and we can scope ’em from a distance.

          1. Doug says:

            Also install free booster shot and sodie pop dispensers as well as a solar powered mp3 loop of the Ghost discography and they’ll recoup the building costs from tourism dollars within 24 hours of the unveiling.

  3. Patrick Pearse says:

    whom….not who

    1. Gen XYZ says:


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