Fleshcraft – Human Error (2014)

Sometimes a single example of a genre reveals something of the genre, perhaps without intending to, which may be the case of Fleshcraft, a metalcore band with the usual buzzword of blackened death and technical death metal that reveals its core to be old-fashioned heavy metal.

If you threw old Ozzy into a blender with Pantera and Watchtower, you would end up with something like this highly sentimental but violent album. Human Error knows how to keep songs centered around an idea and coherent in rhythm and melody, which instantly places it above most other metalcore.

Like any postmodern product, it separates into core and aesthetic. The aesthetic consists of borrowings from many metal and progressive genres, but these are lumped onto simple songs which aim for the 1980s heavy metal union of rhythmically compelling verse and emotional chorus that makes sense of out of it all.

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10 thoughts on “Fleshcraft – Human Error (2014)”

  1. Advent MiraLAX says:

    That album cover is making no damn sense.
    What is the human error here? He hasn’t even pressed the button yet. Maybe he just pressed it and is retracting his hand.

    Why is the guy — in a spaceship — wearing a suit…with a semi-casual shirt beneath? Probably a sportshirt with button down collar.

    Let’s not even touch the Americacentricism. LOL

    1. seaman says:

      It’s Elon Musk obviously.

    2. ignominious says:

      It’s highly doubtful that the cover is meant to portray American Exceptionalism, but rather that the country is the (only?) target of the dapper fellow poised to smash that follow button.

    3. Corporations blast off into outer space and nuke humanity from orbit, probably from good intentions or at least profit motive, but in error. Stock market crashes, democracy fails.

  2. A dick says:

    All I care about is the boobs. Does this album have boobs?

  3. Steve says:

    I like the album cover, plus this song is a fun listen. The whole thing is well defined looking and sounding, making it more tangible than normal modern releases. It has that 90’s Florida Scott Burns production type sound, which I have had mixed feelings about over the years, but which is needed nowadays more than before. The bass is nicely punchy and clear. The levels are nice. And there is enough variety in the riffs and the song structures keep you guessing what’s coming next.

    This is a well crafted album in my opinion. It is fairly melodic. It reminds me a bit of Brutality and Cannibal Corpse The Bleeding.

  4. mlotek says:

    it is ok
    The album cover rules.
    is Taco Time still kosher? Go there instead of Taco bell for clean food.

    1. mlotek says:

      and I ain’t jewish, just better than them and Bible smart, because you will find many jews eat pig

      1. Scatologist says:

        Its kosher if no ones looking. Just don’t let your rabbi smell your shit.

  5. Ernst of Life says:

    Can anyone explain what makes this, musicologically, akin to anything else that might be called and agreed upon as metalcore? Let’s just use the song above as an example.

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