From Hades to Valhalla: Bathory The Epic Story by Jose Luis Cano Barron (2024)

By the time black metal and death metal made it back, the actual inspirations — Slayer, Hellhammer, Sodom, and Bathory — were almost forgotten in a rush toward the new style that was birthed from combining their approaches. Now the history fleshes itself out a bit.

For most of us, Bathory seemed like a 1980s thing and by the following decade was acknowledged more as history than an active force, since Blood Fire Death was its last really solid release that could be listened to as a whole without drop-outs in consistency.

Many of us point out that the self-titled, The Return……, and Blood Fire Death were the most consistent, with the critic-praised Under the Sign of the Black Mark falling short as a listening experience despite having many great ideas.

Perhaps this was an influence on the Norsk black metal movement which tried for quasi-concept albums where there were no anomalous songs or drops in quality. If you design an album as a whole experience, it intensifies the power of each song as well.

However, to deny the influence of Bathory on not just black metal but death metal seems foolish because two years after Discharge and one after the first Slayer album this Swedish band was making the closest approximation of the black metal to come that could exist so far in advance of it.

Luckily metal journalist Jose Luis Cano Barron has compiled mostly from fanzines and websites an in-depth history of Bathory despite there being many gaps. Its strength is its detail and its timeline made around the albums, and its weaknesses are its style and the inevitable gaps.

That sound was the result of the fall of the western Judeo-Christian civilization in which they had grown and been immersed, not even having asked for it. The Swedish band represented the sonic expression of every day’s chaos, and also served as a medium to escape from the madness and oppression to which those teenagers had been submitted. Many renounced their Christian faith after having listened to Bathory’s albums, inspired by the band’s anti-Christian, even iconoclastic and nihilistic, stance. (35)

Designed partially for record collectors, since the latter third of the book is a complete and detailed history of the Bathory albums by release that enumerates variations between each pressing, From Hades to Valhalla: Bathory The Epic Story shines mostly on the first five albums.

Since the chapters are organized around the Bathory releases, this makes it easy to extract tantalizing glimpses into the early years of the band but more importantly into the mental state of Quorthon and his influences, inspirations, and fascinations that fueled the music even more than his favorite bands.

On top of that, Twilight of the Gods had some inspiration from the writings of the controversial Nietzche, a German philosopher praised by supremacists, especially German ones. Surely the album title came from there as well. (77)

A great deal of the text goes into answering questions about Bathory that cropped up in the intervening years. Quorthon was less visible after Hammerheart and died only a decade after black metal imploded, but even more, was selectively very secretive about his origins and ideas, even cryptic.

Consequently Barron has stitched together a narrative of anecdotes and Bathory lore loosely correlated to a timeline built around the albums. That works for most of us Bathory fans who know the basics, accept that there is a lot we will never know, and just want some idiosyncratic detail.

Like the production on the first Bathory albums, this obscurity creates a stronger message in the form of implied backstory which can never be known but which emerges from the many data points blending together into fuzzy shapes which seem to form patterns.

For example, we may never know what Quorthon actually listened to growing up. We know of a few bands that are mentioned. We know he later turned to classical music, or maybe we tuned into it the whole time.

Nevertheless, the visionary creativity of Quorthon kept expanding its horizons even more, feeding off a strict diet of cultured music that ranged from Vivaldi and Bach to Wagner and Stravinsky, not to mention more modern authors like Samuel Barber or Anton Bruckner. In fact, since Bathory’s early years, Quorthon had become so engrossed in listening to a lot of classical music that even Boss began to take a liking to it, something Börge had not previously been accustomed to. Quorthon’s tape collection of this type of music is legendary, which was the result of his visits to the local library from which he could make copies as needed (49)

The discursive style of this book like the poetry of Southern Europe specializes in ambiguity and lengthy discussion which elicits a few hints and suggestions but never makes a strong statement. It is like someone discussing a discussion about Bathory, but it works.

It lets the plot points that we do have pop out of the page, such as the Motörhead influence that inspired Bathory in lieu of Venom, the hardcore punk influences since the beginning, and the flirtation with Satanism merely as a metaphor for really hating Christianity.

This text is more circular than rambling, and through the commentary Barron promotes possibilities to the level of near-certainties, such as what Quorthon was thinking in his various breaks from his previous style, even though the fans always wanted simply The Return…… repeated.

From Hades to Valhalla: Bathory The Epic Story makes for an engrossing, flavorful read and may kick-start interest in this founding band in the generation before underground metal. It may also answer most of your remaining questions about Bathory and remind us why this band remains enigmatic decades later.

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  1. Please Be Patient, I have Brettism says:

    “Slayer, Hellhammer, Sodom, and Bathory — were almost forgotten”

    haha no

    1. By the 1990s, they were all in decline.

      1. trad > death says:

        Slayer? Forgotten in the 90s? Bitch please. They might have been putting out crap. But they were still a huge name

        1. After Seasons in the Abyss, a lot of metalheads felt they were past their prime. This was in the same time when most of the big speed metal bands came out with their mellower, normal harmony releases designed for average citizens.

          1. mlotek says:

            true, I tried to like them, was into Divine Intervention, but after that, it was all downhill, and for others, it was already a lost cause with South of Heaven.
            “There are two kinds of Slayer fans in the world : those who got into Slayer before “Reign In Blood”, and those who got into Slayer after “Reign In Blood”. If you’re of the second group, then go away as you’ll pretty much buy anything that has the Slayer name on it, and this review will do nothing but get your pink little panties all in a bunch. The rest of you, read on… ”
            Slayer, Diabolus In Musica [review] – © 1999 chorazaim

            1. I was appalled by Divine Intervention, but already less-than-thrilled with Seasons in the Abyss. Early Slayer was its own thing; SITA was a variation on something else.

              1. mlotek says:

                I think I got a free ticket or was put on a guest list, to see a Testament/Slayer show, Seasons In The Abyss tour.
                They cranked the PA way up to be noisier than Motorhead, it was all noise/crunch, like standing in front of a jet engine. Had no idea what songs they were playing.
                Maybe if I had ear plugs, I would have stayed and not walked out after 3 or 4 songs, but was instantly annoyed too by all the loogans going apeshit just because it was Slayer.

                1. Hessian Murderer of Black Death says:

                  No mosh

                    1. Brian says:

                      No fun

                2. I remember on these later tours that their distortion sounded more digitally processed and there was much more influence of the vocals in the mix. Previous Slayer concerts were basically guitars over crazy pounding drums with someone shrieking in the background, now it sounded like a Cinderella concert with lots of vocals and guitars panned to the sides. Signified a mentality change. That, and songs about real-world stuff that was all piteous and shit made a shift from the mythological-historical view of old Slayer. Very sad! Old story.

    2. Ashley Biden's Anus says:

      The previous generation always gets forgotten, when Metallica came about everyone forgot Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin for awhile, when Slayer got big everyone abandoned Metallica who had sold out with “One” and “Enter Sandman” at that point, and then when death metal got big everyone forgot about Slayer, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Kreator, Sodom, and Possessed because those bands were old already and had had their own “Cold Lake” or “Divine Intervention” moments.

      1. mlotek says:

        True, bandwagon jumpers are in every scene.
        When that Swedish death metal trend happened it seemed everyone started pissing on all the great old bands like Massacre from Florida.

        1. Niggling Niggardly Negritude says:

          And people forgot about the underground ’86 through ’89 like Master, Pestilence and Sepultura

  2. • Home of Forever* Brave • says:

    Heavy metal is probably the absolute highlight of the Culture of the 20th century, at least the post WWII decades. And among the many that contributed, Thomas B. Forsberg is, on individual input, the most important figure of all. That until Kristian Vikernes’s entry in 1991, specifically after hvis lyset tar oss’ release, largely meant to match, and surpass, blood fire death, after which it was designed.

    1. Hessian Murderer of Black Death says:

      Metal was the last good artistic movement

      1. ".. castles that float in the sky.." says:

        Metal is expressions of all Life, impressions on Non Life, a constant – recurring part of our cultures. Ditch melancholy for excitement, then vice versa, in between and beyond. No mourning on the Greeks, they suffer and they triumph still all the same

        1. The ages of history turn, the avatars reappear.

  3. • A New God • says:

    Indeed if there is such a thing as a Throne in metal, Quorthon sits comfortably at,til Varg showed up to make his claim for it, a successor so to speak.

  4. - Armageddon - says:

    That “B.” in Forsberg’s full name is most well deserved. Börje is another breed slightly, more of a hippie – alternative dude, still, a huge music fan, musician himself, record-shop owner / collector, a producer. He sees the inclinations & talents in his kid, and gives it all he has to allow ’em to develop their full potential. Like father – like son can bear giants like Ace.

  5. RBR says:

    Twilight of the Gods works very well for a whole-album experience if you end it after Under the Runes.

    “The discursive style of this book like the poetry of Southern Europe specializes in ambiguity and lengthy discussion which elicits a few hints and suggestions but never makes a strong statement.”

    This seems odd. The style as you describe it is firmly associated in my mind with Nordic narrative prose, from the Icelandic sagas to Hamsun’s highly ambiguous novels. Whereas the poets (skalds) of the north were all about making strong statements. I’d agree that it’s not well suited to journalistic purposes in any case.

    1. It’s not quite ring composition with kenning. However, it is discursive, meaning a lot of tangents. I found it easy to read but it is designed to increase obscurity especially for unknowable data points.

      1. Eyvind says:

        Yeah, I get the impression this book is mostly page after page of guesswork that any fan could’ve written.

        1. The author did a good job of looking up sources. He is however flat out screwed on many details because (a) everyone who really knows is dead (b) Quorthon and Boss were both fond of ambiguity and misdirection (!!!) especially after Hammerheart, and (c) most of what fans want to hear about is Bathory lore that cannot be directly corroborated. So it was a challenging book, and he wrote it like a cross between a memoir and a gossip column in order to get the lore in there without directly claiming it as 100% verified objective “truth.” There’s a lot of great material in here and a Southern European style which is like a long discussion over a nine-course meal and of course that causes the impatient American and even the lurking Anglo to start tapping on his glass. That being said, it is probably more of a cultural difference than a technical one.

  6. >> Among the Weirdcong says:

    Sodom don’t hold a candle next to the other 3 mentioned above. That said, their 2 demos are very interesting in that they take an idea from motorhead / slayer & they strive for an own fast / dark / brutal sound with satisfyingly enough of their own character. From then, they really fucked up in the following first ep & full length ( both unlistenable ), and they never managed to come back to their very early promise. They did strike some strong tunes scattered across their discography ( like “baptism of fire” ), their only consistent offering being T.t.V. ’92.

    1. Dick Vomit Nut Bugs says:

      Fuck off ass kiss

    2. The Sodom demos were legendary and their early EPs defined a lot of what metal would be coming out of the heavy/speed years. I also must point out that Persecution Mania defined the sound of the late 1980s with its ominous mood and mixture of the psychological, mythical, and historical. While Agent Orange gets more credit, this is where the toe-tapping Teutonic “trash metal” influence began taking over. Listen to the demos, EPs, and Persecution Mania and it is easy to see why Sodom was cited so often. Interesting that Tapping the Vein was the first album that they approached professionally. Wonder if it was sobriety.

      1. mlotek says:

        This ^
        Anyone that does not like all the early Sodom, up to Persecution Mania is a fruity ass!

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      1. Cope Questioner says:

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        Did they end up that way, or were they always that way?

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  8. HISTLER says:

    as body and mind mature so myths become a lived experience and dogmas lose their strength as motivators for greatness. It is at this dangerous point that the soul is fought for. If anyone enjoys sufficient peace and freedom to become aware of this, time will become fluid for them if still materially moving forward, but the soul will inevitably be claimed by a more powerful spirit regardless. It seems as though language and bodies have a connection that necessitates a spiritual element that is modally distinct from baryons, these two kinds of matter cannot bond at a particle level but they are not incompatible for contact between both renders beings with life. The ethereal nature of this bond leads to a need for an initial response that culminates in either the total submission under dogma or succumbing to deconstruction. Essentially, the highest spiritual elevation is that of souls claimed by the mightiest spirit and it manifests in life by what every individual soul has been able to redirect as if by memory, perhaps through dreaming, to a given body that it was “fallen” through this experience. If this is true, it follows that once they touched each other, both soul particles and baryons retain a bond that is thus far difficult to demonstrate scientifically.

    Wittgenstein said: “Perhaps the nearness of death will bring me the light of life. May God enlighten me. I am a worm, but through God I become a man. God be with me. Amen” I know Brett dislikes Under the Sign of the Black Mark but this feeling is discussed in that album: The songs Call From the Grave and Enter the Eternal Fire mention such a feeling in their lyrics. (Rather than self expression I’m talking about channelling a spirit here. Self expression is too often the deconstructionist concept of art which rarely leads to quality, more on why ahead) Who’s the mightier one? Spiritual elevation vs. losing oneself in the way Christians say when they fear for the fate of a given soul. Was their parodying of societies losing their religion an encouragement or an honest mockery? If a soul tends strongly toward dogma it will likely think itself to be more civilized, with a preference for predictable scenarios and will be trained to act morally in familiar settings whilst becoming savage unto the unknown for these dogmatic souls will project the known everywhere. (Think later ancient Greece) If a soul tends toward deconstruction, pattern recognition will be severely compromised in favour of a sensory survival mode which builds the lifestyle of empowered polycules. (Later secularized societies) Both outcomes of these extremes are pursued only by the weakest souls, sometimes what is said is not what is meant but the more fanatic always limit themselves to that which is said perhaps out of narcissism and psychopathy or manipulation by clinical cases of these two. Meaning is not even nothing to them. Were Bathory, Mayhem & co. participants or were they truly detached from this conflict? If at any moment they were participants, they will not be grieved because life is bound by the laws of physics and its brevity is due to the decay caused by the cessation of contact between baryons and this fine matter that drifts away independently over time; whichever fine particles that do not bond to the more powerful magnet of their kind will either drift alone or be assimilated by bigger clusters that do not measure up to the mightiest one and thus will be destroyed. So much for trveness. This universe does not run on enthalpy but entropy, the former is a mere illusion of time being played in reverse, it is merely an old trick that the greatest poets of ancient times likely experienced but could not describe without art. The success of black metal rides on its opportunistic use of decay, if their deeds run toward and increase attraction toward the greatest Source (or End if you want to get pedantic) then bless their hearts but if their backs have been turned toward it I am afraid theirs is a carousel, not a steed and it will take their fanatics no ways home. This soteriological darwinism may serve to determine spiritual elevation and determine whether traces of the very humanism that has led to decreased perception of decay in favour of illusion are present in discourse.

    Hearing phrases like “I don’t believe in God, but…” or “I believe in something even greater”
    Which is it? I say. If you believe in something greater than, then it follows that such “greater than” IS God and whatever is not greater to you is not God so really it’s just that it takes you more steps to get to the same conclusion most people arrive to by the eighth grade. As for atheists, I recall someone telling me “I love hearing metal bands ripping on God” and I find it ironic, not because there was an ongoing spiritual debate between us but because the very conditions for the existence and diffusion of these bands’ is contingent on a society that is tolerant of them because it is in ways, “too big to fail” regarding the benefit of the powers that be. God has no say in this, even if the argument addressed Christian dogma, it’s fucking nowhere…good boys being too good, like a child acting out as an outlaw whilst wearing a cowboy costume and a toy revolver.

    1. Larry says:


      1. HISTLER says:

        Larry Cañonga,

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        Do not try to get as many answers and simply enjoy your new questions. Remember that life ought to have been the oblivion that animals experience so agriculture, war, art, etc were taught to humans by fallen angels. Art was best before the Renaissance. Things today are too tainted by liberal and enlightenment values, belief in Christ as an idea rather than an actual person I’d say is what angered most black metal bands but then again I haven’t asked them so it’s just me giving them benefit of the doubt. Perhaps the Amish have it right with less technology. As for the type of benighted stuff that passes for insightful nowadays: “There cannot be good without evil” and that sort of ignorant relativism everyone seems to like seeing in their favourite movies.

        P.S where I say “to a given body that it was “fallen” through this experience” change the word was for has, it’ll make sense. At least I hope it makes sense…also if you wonder about soul particles that have not ever interacted with baryons because the universe is just that big and expanding (that is tangible matter namely atoms and its components) they are drawn to each other and form greater spirits but these are not necessarily the Almighty who is composed of the finest and rarest of these particles.

        By the way I did not mean to say Christians were the ones parodying societies losing their religions but rather black metal bands, particularly the ones from non-Catholic societies who seem to be both the most famous and the most sacrilegious. Just re-read that paragraph while knowing this and you might get more out of it.

        1. Tongue-Probed Fistula says:

          Doesnt anyone want to talk about Mercyfull Fate and Wasp?

    2. Jozef Goat - Bells says:

      So, what are your points? Help us lower IQs, and it’s not like l haven’t read through the entire thing.. Friendly, keep it shorter. Page upon page is for artists, or scientists, the latter can sum it up but half-a-pages just get you low grades, and no sales / salaries.

      1. HISTLER says:

        Fair enough, it’s written in a very rushed and conversational tone and the intent is more to get ideas out there rather than establish a sizable philosopheme.

    3. Baum Shinriko says:

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    4. Niggling Niggard McNugget says:

      There ain’t no difference between a flying saucer and a time machine. People get so hung up on specifics. They miss out on seeing the whole thing. Take South America for example. In South America thousands of people go missing every year. Nobody knows where they go. They just like disappear. But if you think about it for a minute, you realize something. There had to be a time when there were no people. Right?

      1. HISTLER says:

        Read about The Lost City of Z. Europe was not different before war, urbanization and deforestation. In fact there is only one true old growth forest there, in Poland. Of course there was a time when there were no people but that applies to the whole world so I don’t know what you mean by this.

        As for time travel. I have my doubts, it makes sense for time to be irreversible, like a river.

        1. I blame society says:


        2. I am skeptical of time travel as well; if someone went back in time, everything after that time would have to branch or be re-adjusted (a tremendous expenditure of energy). The only models that permit time travel are the multiverse or an extreme Germanic idealism in which changing events would require changing something thought-like, not energy.

          1. HISTLER says:

            If you’ll bear with my river metaphor, let’s think of salmon as spaceships. Afaik the only way that physics could support time travel is through moving faster than the speed of light and coming back but when they teach that they always seem to omit how to come back to Earth at the hour that the stratosphere was reached. Maybe there’s an answer? It’s always that the traveller didn’t age but everyone on Earth did, but if the laws of physics could be broken in such a way then it follows that one could unfuck the situation by breaching those same laws of physics again, right?!?!? It follows that Sol’s light also goes somewhere and also takes its precious time in reaching the part of the universe the spaceship stopped its trajectory at. I know there are other variables to consider, but still it makes no sense to me.

            Multiverse COULD happen, but when that discussion arises I am always left wondering about the realm of possibility where one travelled from multiverse A to multiverse B that does not repeat as such but that possesses those same two universes A and B where one did not travel between them. And in that case I’d say the larger encompassing realm of possibilities is too somehow linked to the realm of possibilities where universes A and B were indeed breached because there is no repetition, they are only parallel inasmuch as one does not travel between them. But because one identical pair was travelled and the other was not then there are no actual parallel universes. So the only universe was never abandoned and some things just repeat in one way or another but are never the same. This is infinity then, where all possibilities take place.

            As for your mention of German Idealism. I wish I was more well informed but the way you described it reminds me of the movie The Butterfly Effect.

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    1. Free sandwiches for votes! says:

      Abbath’s makeup is a “black face” l tell ya, ain’t no “corpse-paint” that shit!

  10. Ashley Biden's Anus says:

    Name one black metal release from the last five years even a tenth as good as “Under the Sign…”

    1. Hessian Murderer of Black Death says:

      Idk about 5 years but if we increase it to about 10 years then there’s Godless Arrogance

    2. ((• Master - Blaster •)) says:

      Excluding the intro, half of the tracks on UtS.. is filler. One riff, a hasty climax & a dude shouting. What saves it is that: 1. it maintains its atmosphere nevertheless 2. quorthon’s passionate delivery 3. it’s placed amongst monumental masterpieces ( the good other half of the album ).

      1. I think it is atmosphere and style. Quorthon refined what he wanted to do on the first two and made an album which feels like that. Unfortunately it is a mixed bag like everything from Twilight of the Gods forward. When I listen to the Nordland releases, or even Hammerheart, it sounds like a mixture of influences that are separating from each other. The same was true of Blood Fire Death to a degree but he was able to mix in influences from the first two albums and keep from going, for example, “full speed metal” (which at this point makes me flee).

  11. ((( ~BLASTER~ )) says:

    Last 5 years, Sammath / Kaeck, though solid, past their prime, and Desecresy, still totally derivative, but I like their last 2 – 3 albums more than the previous, they are going somewhere & they stood both time and repeated listening..

    1. There are very few releases that people will listen to in a decade. Funny how all the big hits of the 2000s and 2010s have vanished so thoroughly that most cannot even remember their names.

      1. Hessian Murderer of Black Death says:

        Godless Arrogance endures (2014)

  12. Epic Fisting says:

    Just here for the reviews, more reviews please, life is too short to care about biographies and bullshit just to fill blog space.

    1. Mogul says:

      Less reviews and biographies! I demand weekly death metal quizes and black metal crosswords and sudokus. That’s how you keep readers.

      1. The crossword of metal trivia idea is kind of cool but unless kept to the canon would quickly become hipster jive.

    2. "..watching the angels shift through the heavens.." says:

      Positive reviews can’t be more than, what, 3 – 4 a year? Negative ones are kinda useful for beginners. Too much of it and it turns into Right Wing Mass Media, what’s the daily black on white crime toll, that new drug kids do now, attacking leftist outliers, counting jews in ministries & mexicans jumpin’ the fences. Rot Porn, all triggers, no solutions.

      1. Rot Porn, all triggers, no solutions.

        Plus a bigger factor: most are variants of “it’s very typical but with some tweaks, it’s okay if you like that sort of thing.” Zzz

    3. This book is worth paying attention to, just like Bathory is. There will be more sodomizing the weak in the future.

  13. Fuck the bretts says:

    Black metal was never “great”, as Fenriz said it was made for a small group of people to hide in their own world. If you enjoy it so much, good for you, but don’t impose it on the rest as if it’s some eugenical bullshit. I miss the underground days where nobody knew a thing – now everyone’s a fucking armchair philosopher.

    In my opinion metal never “died”, if people still listen to it today and like it, then you don’t hold the crown of deciding what’s wrong or right.

    Let the fucking horse stay dead already, because internet philosophy isn’t going to decide what’s quality or what’s a revival.

    1. Beyond the realms of death says:

      Your own world ain’t much larger than your skull. And, yea, the Abyss did stare back at us. Can’t be all there is to it, can it?

      1. We call that solipsism.

    2. Stoned says:

      No one is imposing anything. And I suspect it takes time for thought to catch up with the fever dreams of artists.

      1. In fact, for really good art it takes centuries… and then only some get it to varying degrees beyond the surface.

    3. Cynical says:

      Normie-to-English translation of the above post — “The newer metal bands are not capable of creating classics anymore, but I listen to music primarily for its value as a social signifier, so it hurts me whenever I see this in text; please stop writing about this, so I can feel justified in my behaviors.”

      1. Stoner translation: people are just listening to this tripe in order to feel edgy and hip but they are revealing their NPC status by doing so.

        Omegas forever!

    4. Eugenics in music = more quality music.

  14. Brett the fucks says:

    But that’s what everyone else is already saying. Why not let at least one guy be the picky elitist among the hordes of “anything goes” people?

    1. Elitism = quality over quantity. Not a great thing for disposable straws, but for anything more complex, necessary.

  15. At Bill’s Gates says:

    Brett, I noticed that you’ve been the sole poster on for a couple years.
    What’s up with that— are you a practitioner with “them”, or a spokesman?

    1. I have written for the site periodically for a number of years. Looks like other contributors decided to delete older writings and leave.

  16. J-Dawg strikes back says:

    Ledney and the dawg are back again, and a Mcentee interview also as bonus.

    1. Mayor of Townsville says:

      Ledney constantly hating on Varg and saying other outlandish anti-autistic things, makes him pretty much this site’s worst nightmare. Love it!

      And Mcentee aged like wine.

      1. Ledney and Incantation both had great first albums.

  17. HISTLER [Edited] says:

    only one true old growth forest REMAINING there.

  18. Bryan Capnerhurst says:

    Bathory, Slayer, and Hellhammer made the 1980’s great while all the normiefags were listening to Dokken and Megadeth.

  19. Mandatory Ecocide says:

    Black metal is like The West, once great now going in circles repeating itself with idiosyncratic details, kurwa.

  20. Heroin user says:

    Good music, not just metal, is often empowered by a strong belief system. Nowadays everything is nihilistic and meaningless, this does not make you stronger, but saps the life out of you.

    Maybe Brett ought to shift gears on this one, because people who believe in something, even if it’s something stupid, should be envied. They are sufficiently energized to wake up, do something and get through the day at least instead of waiting to die in a fit of depression.

    1. No, I am a diehard nihilist and believe that any legitimate spiritual experience begins with nihilism.

      You may have confused this with fatalism.

      Life does not require a symbolic meaning to have purpose.

      1. Hessian Murderer of Black Death says:

        Nihilism means nothingism. Surely you believe in, like, or care about something, so surely, the name that you have given your philosophy is incorrect.

        1. Nihilism means a belief in nothing. This both has negative (lack of belief) and positive (affirmative belief in the importance of nothingness) tines on its fork of meaning.

          1. Hessian Murderer of Black Death says:

            Then I take it that you are a positive nihilist

            1. IMHO nihilism is always positive or tends toward it over time; you are thinking of fatalism, which comes because people believe there should be objective, absolute, and universal truths, values, and communications.

              1. Think again says:

                That there is no objective truth IS an objectively true statement. Nihilism is circular, or it needs a redefinition.

                Either, who really cares, what are you trying to prove? That there’s a secret constellation by the name of Goatse who really does prolapse in black holes in space?

                1. You are asserting a positive belief: you think objective, universal, and absolute truths, values, and communications exist.

                  I do not agree.

                2. Legionary Nihilist Militia says:

                  Nihilism, as I see it, is redefined, into something which we might call “mightism,” acknowledging that might doesn’t “make” right, but simply supersedes it in corporeal reality. Mightism, aka “legionary nihilism” acknowledges that the power of reality (might) is legion, and any assertion of absolute, objective, or universal moral facts, values, and communications is wholly impotent in the face of that realism.

                  There may be “facts” but they do not always apply to everyone, or people ignore facts for their own power-interest, or most important of all, they interpret the facts differently. Nietzsche’s statement “there are no facts, only interpretations” is reamended to state: “all facts are subjectively interpreted.” Meaning that whatever has might will triumph, not morality, unless the two coincide. In my view, the truly nihilistic worldview is “right requires might.” If one feels they are morally “right,” but have not got might, then of what use is being “right?” Answer: “right” is useless. THIS is nihilism, all the whinging about purpose and such is beside the point. Might determines the outcome and from there, one can subjectively decide purpose.

                  1. Fake Fuck says:

                    Indeed living a life dedicated to these sorts of meditations is a waste if one does not seek vitality first and foremost.

                    1. QUIT POSING says:

                      Seriously internet people, just quit it. You are actors pretending to be wizards, sages, and messiahs. You are not. Seek knowledge and your ego will fall away. That hasn’t happened so you are just spewing more copium and constructing yourself an ego. But that’s social, isn’t it? It’s not in your soul, it’s out there for other people to judge, hoping they judge you well and think you are deep. But you are transparent. Do better. The point of nihilism is realism, like the point of everything else that is good, and most people like 99.999 percent want to run the opposite direction. Don’t you get it yet, bitch tits? Humanity is the problem because humans have “free will” and they all choose to be cowards and liars.

                    2. Irony Lost says:


                    3. Superscum says:

                      Hello Quit Posing,

                      Spoken – or typed I guess – like a true internet bitcher. Trying to lay your trip on me. Fuck off man.

                  2. Nihilism means “it is what it is.” Don’t get caught up on the wanky might is right stuff, because right is right, it’s just not the Christian-Commie “right” that means forcing equality on everyone so the failures can feel better and we can all keep living in the mental cloud of good feelings. Right is nature’s right. Nature likes shit that works. That all starts with “it is what it is.” Eimi, bitches.

                    1. Legionary Nihilist Militia says:

                      Power decides, not reason. Nature itself is power and a form of might. Morality of any stripe is impotent in the fact of superior force. Right is preference, Might is reality. This can work for you or against you, but knowing this keeps things in perspective. “It is what it is” is just that: “force determines course.”

        2. Here is a quick introduction to nihilism and its mature formulation:

          A nihilist refuses to accept the assertion that there are absolute, universal, and objective forms of truth, communications, and values.

          A more cynical take says that nihilism=realism:

          A nihilist does not care about feelings, emotions, judgments or sensations. A nihilist cares about end results, specifically consequences. If I do this act, what will be the result? It is more like lab science than politics or salesmanship.

          When we say we are nihilists, that is to say we believe in nothing. Belief is a human construct, and it can be applied to religion, politics, science or anything else where we can be misdirected by our own thought-objects.

          Nihilism does not involve any particular path than that. You can be a nihilist and a Christian, if you can derive your notion of God from things you observe in reality. You can be a nihilist and still be a scientist, economist, priest, doctor, warrior, writer and/or disco dancer.

          Nihilism is a monist/naturalist concept of faith:

          Nihilist spiritualists may be the only honest spiritualists because they do not believe in a god for everyone nor in truths for everyone. Instead, they see the divine force as a natural force, revealing itself to those who seek it with discipline.

          In addition, they recognize — as the Calvinists do — that we are all born to different fates. Some are born to be peasants, some kings; the rest exist on a spectrum of ability, with the best of them able to see farther into the divine.

          So there you see it: an extreme form of realism which declines to believe in the shared consensual hallucination of universal, absolute, and “objective” truths, values, and communications. Instead it opens an esoteric path from realism to transcendentalism and beyond.

          1. Hessian Murderer of Black Death says:

            That sounds like an ok set of beliefs and attitudes that I myself share to a great extent (you would probably call me a nihilist if we spoke for an evening, and would be right to do so in your language game).

            I’m willing to play the language game and call this Stevens style nihilism or positive nihilism, but I doubt the accuracy of its name. Where’s the positive belief in nothingness? Wanting nirvana, “where no winds blow”, a place of nothingness, I can see that being called nihilism. But this?

            I understand that there’s naught that’s universal to individuals, or that can be completely and utterly known by all, sure, but is that truly enough to justify the name of nihilism? You still mentioned the incomplete and inconsistently distributed abilities to measure and predict results by actions, and to peer in to the divine.

            1. Nihilism is a gateway to esoteric understanding. Once you stop looking for a shared hive-mind, reality makes more sense and new opportunities arise.

              1. The Harder They Cum says:

                In other words: it’s all bullshit, pull your head out of your ass.

                1. Leathery Rotating Rhino Anus says:

                  Hurt baby man squirts poopy when flinching

                  1. Sentimental says:

                    Pocked rubbery holes dads penis full of holes and old swiss cheese

                  2. Poop obsession describes how humanity will bathe in feces rather than gaze at the light from a distance. This negrotic hebraic monkey species wants to find a warm stinky lie each time, and they hate what is real and will keep it down however they can.

  21. Pimplepopper says:

    Hey Brett pick a curse of the two:

    Any metal album you would listen to would automatically sound like nu-metal for the rest of your life in your head. Want to listen to Slayer? You’re just going to hear Slipknot instead, and hate it.

    …or your children would be Irish (of the pikey quality to boot), and you’re legally forced to raise them…

    1. Slipknot is not so terrible, I’m sure.

  22. Richard Cabeza says:

    Brett, has any band succeeded in evolving or at worst continued the style Enslaved developed on Vikingligr Veldi?

    Also, what’s the best Mortal Kombat game?

    1. Nihilistic baptist says:

      Any Evilfeast lp blows to pieces Enslaved, Bruhzum and any “ambient/epic” black metal out there. But then again I think even most of Xasthur and Leviathan sounds better, despite some crybaby riffs, because I happen to think for myself and not always listen to King Stevens asshole opinion. I mean, metal is about thinking for yourself after all.

      Best MK is imho UMK3 the Arcade version, and Ed Boon agrees. Just because Trilogy had more characters didn’t make it better, too imbalanced and buggy.

      1. Cope Questioner says:

        “I mean, metal is about thinking for yourself after all.”

        But is it?

        1. Mount DNA says:

          no self bro

      2. Hessian Murderer of Black Death says:

        My brother in Christ, Mortal Kombat is a fighting game for people who don’t understand fighting games. All style, no substance. Even answering the question of the “best MK” is like answering the question of “best Taylor Swift album”

      3. “Think for yourself” means “think the same narcissist shit as I am.” This guy’s a narc, cut him off.

  23. Frociaggine says:

    The best Mortal Kombat game is one you never play. Video games, porn, drugs, liberalism, and Christianity are life-ruiners. Touch grass or make furniture instead.

    1. RIchard Cabeza says:

      Mortal Kombat is awesome you phony trad faggot. Hit me up and I’ll dominate you with Scorpion.

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