Insane – Wait and Pray (2005)

Article by Lance Viggiano.

It’s ten thirty, you’ve just park your primer printed Ford Escort next to a mail box. As you approach the house party, you hear the faint but present rolling of open e rumbling which causes your fist to clench; unconsciously clamping the thirty rack of PBR you are carrying with heightened anticipation. As you approach the house, the scent of tobacco and descending drum fills leaks through the cracked garage door while brief phrases of frantic power chords begin alighting a fire deep inside… Insane fun awaits.

Enjoining your nodding brothers, you bask in the steady array of the one two pulse as it drives rote raging neck snapping thrills – the communal catharsis of taking comfort in the familiar overcomes you. The gruff swelling amber vocals foam over with mythical tales of witchcraft and war which never were but always are for the leather laden warriors of death! An ecstasy of tapping preludes the Araya-n wailing as ping pong balls crash into the cement. Fulfilling prophesy, the registers climb higher, broken apart by Hanneman/King mental breakdown – the main theme reasserts itself for the finale by which time you’ve forgotten the matriarchal nagging which plagues your middle years.

You walk to the corner where decaying drywall has garnished your case of bitter ambrosia to grab another round which you hope will bestow enough courage to approach any one of the viscous vixens who climb rank each time you tilt your head backwards. That is until you hear the Black Magic cutting through sparking lighters and collapsing aluminum. The animalistic atavism overcomes your instinctual urges as it procreates the wicked mosh riff where appropriate. Showing no mercy, you lose yourself in the maiden-esque B flick horror by shoving, flailing and fleeing captivity from your career at Chevron.

The night continues as your feral soul gradually loses the ability to distinguish musical movements which fade into an undistinguished background. Undifferentiated streams of stimulus are the only sense of normalcy you experience. You yell incomprehensibly during what appears to be climaxes while raising jittering fingers at bouts of showmanship but it’s more of the same. Diminishing returns draws the crowd ever closer to blackened awareness. The party scatters gradually while the record earnestly trudges onward. You can still hear it playing as you stammer and stagger back to your car whose undisclosed location is less of concern than trying to avoid swaying into others shoulders who are equally remiss of personal boundaries. The first signs of dawn illuminate a veil of uncertainty as to the events of the latter half of the night. You locate the vehicle and retreat to the streets; it is unclear who is under command but both entities make the return trip.

As you drift in and out of consciousness to the pleasing scent of nicotine stained hands which rest next to your nose you are reminded of the simpler days before your birth when the arcane art adorning the four walls which envelope conjured more than comfort. Martial bursts of snare or Floyd Rose enabled bombast signified an impending cataclysm which never reduced civilization to roving hard body motorcycle gangs. Instead you relive the fun house future in your mind as executed by the faithful in predictable means who dare not deviate from compositional tradition. Your reflections come to a close as they center upon on final insight: while structurally non-circular the music is painfully predictable and therefore, while pleasant, offers little for any seasoned veteran and therefore easily becomes the object of indirect listening whose best use is in mood setting. Your head is spinning which sends these conclusions down the sink next to vomit. By the time you awake you will have forgotten the pains you’ve experienced as you clock in and daydream for the eternal return of the weekend.

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41 thoughts on “Insane – Wait and Pray (2005)”

  1. Zorak says:

    so does it bang or not?

    1. BlackPhillip says:

      It does not. It’s the opening act.

    2. Vigilance says:

      No it’s actually pretty lame.

    3. POOP SUIT RIOT says:

      It was made pretty obvious in the review

      1. canadaspaceman says:

        I dig it.
        Yes, I like a Slayer-clone band more than the what the actual Slayer has done since that Diabolus fiasco.
        There will always be thrash metal bands that copy/mimic SLAYER.
        Toronto band FATALITY pretty much sounded like this happy thrash-style.
        Heck, even Razor’s 1985 “Executioner Song” was sort of like this.

        By the late 1980s / early 1990s, most of the clones were mainly about copying the Hell Awaits / R.I.B. era and maybe getting a little more brutal like Dark Angel “Darkness Descends”, and not Show No Mercy, which is my fave LP out of them all.
        Debut albums usually are the best by most bands.

  2. C.M. says:

    Nice. This makes me think I know what parties are like.

  3. Roger says:


  4. Sisyphus says:

    Only depression is real.

    1. the world doesnt care about your depression. or any of your feelings for that matter.

      queue up some ripping metal and go for a run. perhaps in the fleeting clarity enabled by the combination of endorphins and metal you will realize how insignificant your petty concerns are.

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        Pain is also just a feeling. It’s just that people incapable of experiencing pain are very uncommon, hence, it’s considered a lot more noteworthy.

      2. Rental Obscurantist says:

        What is some good ripping metal?
        Kreator, Angelcorpse, Sammath, Possessed?

        1. Rainer Weikusat says:

          If you’re looking for something upbeat and thrashy, the current Revocation album is IMHO a good choice. I didn’t mean to buy that because – while I’m unafraid of turning black by careless exposure to non-European music – Deathless was too much ‘lone instrumentalist’ to be more than a somewhat interesting experiment[*]. The soloing has been condensed to the point of adding to the tracks instead of burying them and there’s some really interesting stuff to hear there (the point of a guitar solo is how it sounds, not which movements were necessary to play it). There’s too much prog plastic in some places and the male choir melodies could have been omitted but neither of both grows to really annoying proportions. The drumming stipluates movement and has also some noteworthy high points. Last track is a Slayer cover (Altar of Sacrifice) I like better than the original because it’s more driving.

          If you don’t have the 2014 Sammath release, get it. But that’s more raging beast than exuberant joy and as such, not very uplifting. It’s also more something to think about than just to experience.

          1. Rental Obscurantist says:

            Oh… and Dick Shittington, what do you think?

            Rainier, thank you but I’m not looking for something upbeat ‘n thrashy. Just some good ripping metal. Emotionally downbeat, i.e. imposingly abusive, and rectally explosive.

            An apparently recent Revocation track, ‘Communion’, sounded tech-spazz to me, with too much post-metalcore for my taste.

            1. POOP SUIT RIOT says:

              Altars of Madness?

            2. Rainer Weikusat says:

              I was unaware that someone meanwhile invented post-metalcore as a term. That should be something like post-post-hardcore and the prefixation starts to become really absurd as orders of magnitude increase: In the end, this means nothing but “not metalcore”. Considering this, you seem to be looking for metalcore capable of causing serious diarrhea.

              1. Rental Obscurantist says:

                LOL, in writing “Emotionally downbeat, i.e. imposingly abusive, and rectally explosive,” I meant to convey the desired sensation impressionistically. Put another way: your body wracked by food poisoning or ebola, a shark attacks ya whilst you puke and explode rectally.

            3. to me, death metal rips by default unless the band is doing something weird with it. Everflowing stream rips but Obscura does not. Effigy rips, but not Red in the Sky.

              1. Rainer Weikusat says:

                The main problem with Obscura is that they’re hardcore, major key consonsance terrorists (there are some minor problems, too). Great Is Our Sin has superficially similar melodic parts but the harmonic is generally different and they’re much shorter: Obscura became more annoying the more I listened to it, this one less. That’s not the music I was ideally looking for, just a stop-gap measure to get something somewhat listenable I could buy in the local HMV. It’s not really great but not really awful, either. “Can listen to this every once in a while” stuff.

                1. C.M. says:

                  Obscura – the band is shit. He’s talking about Obscura – the album.

                  1. Rainer Weikusat says:

                    But they play technically excellent reiki metal[*]!

                    [*] Or death reiki perhaps?

        2. Grand Phallus says:

          Ripping Corpse, obviously.

          1. Rental Obscurantist says:

            But I would call ‘Onward 2 Golgotha’ ‘rippling’ death metal.

            1. Grand Phallus says:

              What about some gripping metal?

        3. Rental Obscurantist says:

          Alright, boys; the archetype of good ripping metal I sought was DEICIDE ‘Legion’.

          SUFFOCATION ‘Effigy of the 4got10’ probably as well, though that scooped production makes it too muddily warm. Like these niggas nowadays who insist on using only the purest all-tube, analog, vintage, germanium-diode recording equipment (see Wolves ‘n the Throne Room ‘Black Cascades’, Grave Miasma ‘Odori Sepulacrum’ or what ever the fucking Latin is).

          Burzum mic’d his Sears amp with a TELEPHONE, remember?!

          1. Billy Foss says:

            You already seem knowledgeable enough, but perhaps you should give these a listen if you aren’t already familiar.

            Destruction – Sentence of Death
            Massacra – Final Holocaust
            Merciless – The Awakening
            Necrophobic – The Nocturnal Silence
            Pestilence – Consuming Impuse
            Poison – Into the Abyss…

            Your taste seems to run a bit different than mine, so I may be wrong, but I would describe all of those in such a way. I agree though that most death metal tends toward that direction. Have you ever listened to Immolation?

            1. Rental Obscurantist says:

              Thanks, Billy Foss. I’ve heard the Massacra and Pestilence LPs only a bit, and the others not at all, but curious to now. I’ve listened a lot to Immolation ‘Unholy Cult’ & ‘Close 2 a World Below’. In case you mention them in relation to this question of ‘ripping metal’…I find them ‘disorienting’ before ‘ripping’, though this is a delightful quality.

              1. C.M. says:

                Final Holocaust is the hardest ripping album mentioned yet. Get on it chump.

          2. Rainer Weikusat says:

            With a headset, actually. And “all tube analog germanium diode” is surely an impressive combination of term which make no sense together.

            1. Rental Obscurantist says:

              Rainier: that surely IS an impressive combination of term which make no sense together. However, if you leave in the commas as I wrote it, you may realise that it’s a sensical list of descriptive terms.

              Or, try enjoying such a combination as impressionistic and evocative, versus perfectly exact always!

          3. Rental Obscurantist says:

            Another archetype of ripping: Incantation ‘Impending Diabolical Conquests’

            Fuck, man.
            Ripping, throttling, lacerating, and — you guessed it — rectally explosive whilst a tsunami abraids you upon the reefs off the grim and frostbitten shores of Blashyrkh, New York USA. (Please don’t upbraid me for blending Thailand, Norway, New York, and an imaginary kingdom.)

      3. Rainer Weikusat says:

        “Ignorance too appalling”: Depression means something’s out of order with your brain’s metabolism and this causes worrying about or being afraid of all kinds of more or less irreal subjects, not the other way round.

  5. haven’t heard a clone band this shameless in a while.

  6. The tag: “Show No Mercy”

    Show No Mercy is a great album. I hope that you are not implying any thing else but that this album is in the same style, without being good.

  7. Count Ringworm says:

    Is that album art intentionally terrible?

    Reminds me of Toy Machines’s Welcome To Hell. Which was skateboard gospel back in the day.

    1. C.M. says:

      It’s only ironically shitty. Reminds me of that skull dude on the cover of Krabathor – Only Death is Welcome.

  8. BZNZ MTL says:

    ‘It’s ten thirty, you’ve just park your primer printed Ford Escort next to a mail box.’

    I think the proofreading standards on this website have slipped a lot recently.

    1. We are preserving Lance’s stream of consciousness generating during his shift at the gas station.

    2. Billy Foss says:

      My first thought was that he was trying to establish his setting and that the character is so very dedicated to authenticity that he somehow managed to 3D print a first generation Ford Escort.

      1. This is most important says:

        But is it a US. or EU Ford Escort?

        1. Billy Foss says:

          US. The EU versions look too highbrow for Chevron metal.

  9. Belisario says:

    Lucky you for going to such parties where “terrible music” is third rate yet bouncy fan metal instead of MTV stuff!

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