Intolitarian – Suicidal Allegiance (2016)


Back in 1995 someone cut metal’s balls off. Underground metal (death metal and black metal) had gone to the furthest extremes: denying rock music, smashing down mass religion, and finally, endorsing a Nietzschean natural selection against the will of the herd. There was nowhere left to conquer, except perhaps politically.

As the odious and 99% horribly boring and pointless NSBM movement showed us, however, Nazism was not just captured by a group of unibrow SJW types, but it was boring and not very extreme. Nazism was an attempt to stop the collapse of our civilization, its breakdown by good intentions, and as a result was like a nagging Nanny albeit one that committed horrible genocide, even if relatively mild compared to the USSR and Genghis Khan (elite company).

Metal needed to push further. When war metal combined the dark primitivism of Beherit and Blasphemy with the unrelenting forward drive of high intensity rhythmic death metal bands like Angelcorpse and Hate Eternal, it reduced the “busy” tendencies of those bands but created a type of monotonic texture music that was both comforting and violent. Intolitarian pushes things a step further by using the war metal model to incorporate a more technical version of early Napalm Death style grindcore, and harsh industrial noise.


Starting songs with samples and feedback, Intolitarian then launches into a song pattern like that of war metal but with more idiosyncratic internal structures, eschewing the darker riffs in favor of pure deconstructive chaos riffs in the Napalm Death From Enslavement to Obliteration style. From harsh industrial noise it takes a ton of guitar feedback, fuzz and abrupt samples, but even more importantly, the tendency to hang on a squeal or shriek and then let the chaos surge in again, like waves on a beach put on fast forward before a storm.

Much has been said about the political dimensions of Intolitarian, and nearly all of it is painful nonsense. If this band wanted to be Nazis, they would have just joined up with the usual crew of basement-dwellers who have made “white nationalism” a walking joke like their liberal counterparts for the last fifty years. Intolitarian want to be worse than Nazis. There is no safety in politics with this band. Only a raw need to destroy the walking dead that is our society, and replace with with a feral and atavistic struggle for survival.

Suicidal Allegiance was recorded in 2012 and finally saw release last month through a yet-unnamed van-down-by-the-river underground label. If anything, it is too short; these songs feel like a window into a different world, and one that is more structured than industrial noise and more focused than grindcore with the easy engagement of war metal. Let us hope this provocative and stimulating band continues to refine its attack.

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15 thoughts on “Intolitarian – Suicidal Allegiance (2016)”

  1. Robert says:

    Glad to see you back, Brett. Antichrist Kramer is really putting something unique out there. I love the controversy behind him and his label and I’m glad to see he’s been able to overcome the bullshit that has been thrown at him these past few years. I’m going to listen to this tonight while receiving anal from a long thick cock getting my prostate stroked. Hail Sphincter!

  2. Can you survive the blitzkrieg says:

    This sounds exactly like me fucking around on a 4 track when I was a teenager, damn how’d I miss my chance for that coveted underground hype? Past that I love what this band preaches, the spoken word parts are great.

  3. Thick Veiny Schlong says:

    Guys, Ripper just released their new album and considering this band’s first release made it into the “Besto Of” lists here at DMU, I thought you might want to check it out.

    full album here:

    1. OnlyInDeath says:

      I bet after four or five more hints someone will review it. Don’t give up.

  4. Roger says:

    Sounds like someone got behind a drum kit and recorded himself having an epileptic fit. He didn’t have a bass drum so decided to stomp on a distorted bass guitar to make up for it.

    “Bit we’ll push it because their ideology is all ubermenchen and shit”

  5. Motorized Sucking Anus says:

    Hello guys.
    I was wonderin if Krallice is a good black metal band and which album is their masterpiece? Is anybody on this site is up for a rim job marathon anal fisting fuck fest?

    1. C.M. says:

      I *strongly* recommend all of their albums but the most recent one is easily their magnum opus. However fisting is a bit too extreme for me yet… I like drum sticks and Sharpies though!

    2. SpeedFuckWitchingBlack says:

      Why care would you care about fake ass shit on pure site as this?? You must be fake poser to care about such shit as krallice. That is fake metal fans for those who can not be true Metal. Fuck off from Columbia, fag poser. Hail Antichrist kramer and Intolitarian. Real non poser fag shit. Hailt true metal of Power from Hell and Perversor and Sarcofago and Nifelheim and truest bands such as. Any fags posers who listens to shits as Krallice and Krieg and Wolves in throne room are fakes. Die fakes. Power from Hell and Kramer are true metal shit.

      1. Poser Patrol says:

        Intolitarian is a sonic stream of fecal matter made by guys who grew up in broken homes (hence the edgier-than-thou misanthropy). The other bands you mention are three-chord ‘tard rock for basement dwelling vinyl collectors. And finally, you’re a gigantic faggot.

        1. C.M. says:

          Sarcofago? No. INRI is excellent.

  6. Orogenesis says:

    I don’t think you should have posted this if you missed the April 1 date. As such, this is just going to leave your reader-base confused.

  7. All that remains in “metal” (if the new shit can even be called that) is advertising. So what if someone makes an album “better” than Onward to Golgotha. Too little, too late. You should recommend classical music and books to break the cycle of nu-death and Lovecraft worship. Phobocosm and Blood Incantation offer nothing worthwhile to the reader base here who by now should know about Darkthrone’s early 90’s releases and old Morbid Angel.

    Here’s a suggestion to all – get Demilich’s Nespithe here for free:

    1. vOddy says:

      I’ve started listening to this album. It already seems very good. Thank you for this.

      1. vOddy says:

        I feel strange.
        Normally, I can not recognize good music as good the first time I hear it.
        I don’t know why it’s so good for the first time. I also have no idea what it’s describing or expressing. All I know is that I like the polyphony of the guitars, the rhythms of the vocals in relation to the guitars, and the fluid drumming, and that regardless of whatever idea or thing inspired the music, I am instinctually drawn to it without understanding it.

        Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hr├Žsvelgr says:

    Now, that is a proper voice of steel. Thanks, Brett, for these little grindcore injections!

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