Macanudo – Inspirado : Red

Macanudo cigars were mysterious and expensive to the Greatest Generation, sought after by Boomers, and for the rest of us, now appear in grocery stores in sealed packs in addition to showing up everywhere else. At this point, they seem more a starter cigar, middle-of-the-road vanilla flavor and low strength.

In 2014, however, the company vowed to change that with the Inspirado line, which features full strength cigars with massive flavor, but nonethless aim for the middle-of-the-road causal smoker: they have all of what you would expect from a high-end cigar, but in a very straightforward package.

Inspirado : Red comes on with a strong chocolatey flavor in which the fermented taste of the cigar leaf emerges like Perique, a faint fruity or spicy flavor, enhanced by the Ecuadorian Habano wrapper which gives it a smoky, almost liquor-like flavor.

These burn well, smoke easily (about four hours), and provide enough nicotine to be just under the far side of full strength but without disappointing those who want to get whomped by their smoke enough that they rediscover the Buddhism they abandoned in sophomore year of college for a girl named Sara.

While the aspects that cigar snobs sneer at are still present — this aims to be an uncontroversial, plain, and enjoyable smoke without the quirks and excessive that make good pub chatter — these Inspirado : Red sticks are good enough that many of those same people will reach for one when they need a transparent smoke and their hipster friends are not present.

More information at the Macanudo site.

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15 thoughts on “Macanudo – Inspirado : Red

  1. Birkenhain says:

    My go to on New Years Eve

    1. They’re pretty tasty and available everywhere, but I might kick upward a few bucks for a Montecristo. These are truly smooth and gently flavorful cigars, not super-high strength but effectively so because they actually burn the right way, giving you over four hours of smoking time.

      1. Birkenhain says:

        Montecristos are immensely enjoyable. Paired with a fine drink and some Riding our Black oceans maybe? Imagine being a militant anti-smoker and missing out on the good stuff!

        Since we‘re talking about Genussmittel:

        If you can get your hands on this awesome brew in Texas, please do so. Highly recommended. Pack a fat pipe and enjoy.

        1. Looks tasty. I’ll check our local beer shack for it.

          Lately I’ve been listening to doom metal while smoking cigars… when one needs atmospheric wallpaper, it makes sense.

  2. Spaniard says:

    I hope I don’t see any Drew Estate on here. Now those are what hipster doofuses smoke.

    1. Never had the occasion to try one. Something was “off” about their pipe tobacco blends; I find that usually the advertising copy reveals the intended audience:

      1. Spaniard says:

        Based on your article, I think your issue with Sun Bear has more to do with your preference for Burley than it does with the actual blend. I’m not a mind reader (I’ve never claimed to be), but you seem to not be particularly fond of bright Virginias. You also seem to be partial to hard nic hits. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just that your tastes may cloud your judgment. This assessment is based solely on your words.

        1. I am rather fond of bright Virginias (and white Burley) actually. Just not Sun Bear.

          1. Spaniard says:

            You wrote that you found them too sugary. Is it that you don’t like bright Virginias unless they’re mixed with something else? You also wrote that you hadn’t tried Sun Bear. Has this changed or is it that you find the blend unappealing (no Burley in the mix) and you don’t want to try it?

            1. They are very sugary. I would not want to smoke them straight. When pressed and aged, preferrably with some strong dark fired Kentucky Burley, they are quite good! I still haven’t tried Sun Bear. It’s obviously designed for the social media pipe-smokers and not me.

              1. Spaniard says:

                Understood. I have some Sun Bear that I still haven’t smoked yet. However, based on what I’ve read, it sounds like a great after dinner smoke. To each their own.

              2. Birkenhain says:

      ändle Hipsters flee in terror when confronted with the mighty Lungentorpedo. Interesting for Hessians in search of a decent cigarette

                1. I’d smoke it, but in a pipe. If the tobacco is good in a cigarette, it’s twice as good in a pipe.

  3. Need movie reviews says:

    Where’s your review of Bill & Ted 3? By acknowledging the past, present, and future, Bill and Ted are more or less traditionalists. They do not try to rewrite history.

  4. Goatzied says:

    Go straight edge, spend the money you waste on unholy earthly vices on supporting quality music (or your bills, rent is due renthog) instead.

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