Not Digging the New Cynic Single

Received a transmission of a new single by Cynic. Feeling a bit disappointed in this tune, called ‘Humanoid’. While it has the great active warm fretless sounding bass-lines, and Y. Malmsteen styled solos, the vocals are a completely different style than on Focus and Traced in Air. Normally their vocals have the flanged-out robo. voice. On this new track, the vocals don’t sound metal enough. They are too Pink Floyd or Lincoln Park-ish for me. The guitars have tons of solos, but leave the bass to carry the rhythm, and this doesn’t work. It makes it too light. The whole thing comes off sounding funky rather than heavy. I would like them to go back and at least out a flanger on the vocals and add another heavier rhythm guitar tracking along with the bass.

When they first came out they were a mind-blowing novelty. Over time the question has become whether its a band that simply gets old once you have heard them a few times or not. Traced in Air was a solid album, very interesting from a percussive and rhythm perspective, but lacked emotional impact, due to not being as mind-blowing as the original. This band walks a fine line between being too light, and still being metal (in a Bill and Ted’s of DM type way). Some of the jazzy breaks sometimes come off too much like a deodorant commercial, where they are walking on the beach smelling the fresh ocean air. The problem with most of Cynic’s releases are that they are overly showy, with too much sauce and not enough meat. Where’s the beef?

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20 thoughts on “Not Digging the New Cynic Single”

  1. Svmmoned says:

    They should transition already many years ago.

    1. Rusty Knife Surgery says:


      1. Svmmoned says:

        Sure. At least then they would be passable in some way.

  2. MAGA says:


    1. S.C. says:

      Transmetal is great but their name could give off the wrong impression.

      1. NWN War Metal Tranny Rapist says:

        Yeah dude, trannies! Rape!

        1. S.C. says:

          perhaps they should be called Trans(rape)metal, so people aren’t confused about which side of the rape they’re on!

    2. RIP DMU says:

      They won’t because that takes effort

  3. Weak hipster shit says:

    Better than what passes for prog metal (math rock w/ syncopated chugs) these days but that’s not exactly much of an achievement.

  4. Robert says:

    Cynic members are gay. Who cares about their music since they came out as gay? Nobody.

    1. NWN War Metal Tranny Rapist says:

      Making shemale music but afraid to go tranny!

  5. canadaspaceman says:

    Cynic’s FIRST demo with “Weak reasoning” was excellent power/thrash/death metal. Everything after has been pure shit, just like all DEATH after Spiritual Healing.
    Do all of you that think jazz and death metal belong together ? ? ?
    You are all mentalcases !!!
    Just because Megadeth pulled off combining metal and jazz on their debut LP does NOT mean everybody can do it too.

    1. canadaspaceman says:

      and NO, i am not implying Megadeth are death metal before any nerds try to re-word what I said.

      1. ass donuts says:

        There’s no jazz in any of those album.

    2. dead butt dreaming says:

      Unquestionable Presence too

      1. canadaspaceman says:

        I will never understand the appeal of Atheist albums.
        Seen them open for Candlemaass in Toronto and the bass player had the jaws drop in amazement of the 20 of us in the audience, but, it is a huge difference witnessing them live and listening at home.

    3. Inherited Bowel Levitation says:

      You’re a hipster.

    4. Duck says:

      Jazz is probably the reason why Death Metal came from the US.

  6. ass donuts says:

    Fag music by and for literal homosexuals who like penises in their buttholes

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