Sadistic Metal Reviews: WW3 Inbound Edition

We write; you complain; everyone else ignores us. Later on, the world catches up, and everyone hides how they read it here first. We call the metal trends by looking at reality instead of social influences, and this makes people feel like the small puny slave power bottoms they really are.

First up, we told you that the metal industry was dying of internal competition and too many albums were being released for anyone to get any traction, which means that — outside of a few big pop style bands like Tool, Gojira, and Silencer — good musicians are incentivized to stay away from the genre.

It turns out that publishing is dying from the same problem, too much supply and not enough big wins, as well as no long-lasting wins:

The U.S. publishing industry is driven by celebrity authors and repeat bestsellers, according to testimony from a blocked merger between Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster. Only 50 authors sell over 500,000 copies annually, with 96% of books selling under 1,000 copies. Publishing houses spend most of their advance money on celebrity books, which along with backlist titles like The Bible, account for the bulk of their revenue and fund less commercially successful books.

They staked their money on big pop wins like Fifty Shades of Grey, Twilight, and Game of Thrones, which drove away their core audience of readers and brought in the television-watchers, sort of like later Dimmu Borgir brought in the Hot Topic kids and drove out the metalheads.

Now they find themselves broken on the cross of their own humility to the crowd. What is popular is not good; what is good is not popular. Unless you focus on a goal like quality, you end up with the same old human entropy converting your genre into the same mediocre distractions as everything else.

What is God? Everything that humans hope will banish their fears. What is Satan? The knowledge that those fears represent necessary things: call it reductionism, nihilism, absolutism, realism, or some combination of the above, Satan is The All asserting itself against The Herd.

Life is struggle, not subsidy, but humans turn it into subsidy either through outright socialism or the consumerist version, where lots of idiots buy garbage and drive it to a mean of mediocrity, but lots of careers are made before people figure out that they have parasitized and destroyed an industry.

Metal needs hierarchy. Tape traders, zine writers, radio jocks, metal fanatics, and internet trolls shaped a hierarchy based around quality. When the herd came in, they brought big profits for dumbing it down but in doing so, made it so that no one could rise above the mediocre norm.

“Good” is bottom-up design. Whatever is popular, wins. “Evil” — and civilization! — require the opposite, which is promoting the good and culling the weak. This is the eternal pagan, realist, and aristocratic mindset: good to the good, bad to the bad, leave everyone else alone.

I keep describing myself this week as “culturally liberal, economically libertarian, politically conservative, and environmentally fascist.” If what you are doing harms no one, you should be accepted; harms, including low quality people, need to get on those boats and go elsewhere.

The same applies to metal. This site has long argued for Metal Darwinism, or promoting good releases and savagely sodomizing the weak. If you do that, metal rises. If you do what “everyone” wants, you get the same crap as everywhere else. You will be judged by your choice.


And now, for something completely different:

A founding member and former bassist of Saxon, one of the UK’s most successful heavy metal bands, has been jailed for assaulting a six-year-old girl.

Stephen Dawson, 72, was sentenced to five years in prison at Sheffield Crown Court on Thursday after he was convicted of four counts of indecent assault of a child under 14.

Dawson founded Saxon with Oliver in 1976 before Peter ‘Biff’ Byford joined on vocals and Paul Quinn came in on guitar.

The band that inspired Spinal Tap turns out to be too much like the parody and not in a good way. However, all the people on metal social media who are collecting Saxon albums now have a new fandom goal to add to their Reddit-tier list of sweaty mouthbreathing non-objectives.

If we could ask for a better future, it would be metal healing itself through joining the strong and discarding the weak:

Scientists for the first time have witnessed pieces of metal crack, then fuse back together without any human intervention, overturning fundamental scientific theories in the process.

“What we have confirmed is that metals have their own intrinsic, natural ability to heal themselves, at least in the case of fatigue damage at the nanoscale,” Boyce said.

Metal certainly needs to heal itself at this time. As you will see from the queue below, an endless stream of slick surfaced empty repetitive voids awaits.


Darkthrone – It Beckons Us All: Darkthrone fused the slower parts of their Celtic Frost appreciation with atmospheric 1970s rock and came up with something that trudges along, has some atmosphere, and changes riffs in patterns that make sense, but is evocative of nothing and creates an atmosphere of indecision and regret, which in the end turns out to be not very memorable or exciting.

Fearwell – Well of Fear: remember those Celtic knotwork style melodies at the Ren Faire? this combines an energetic power metal that sounds more like NWOBHM than speed metal but borrows precision riffing from the latter, aiming more for a rigid machinelike percussion and pace than the organic, athletic speed metal rhythms, but does a good job of internal variation in tracks although they never really move past echoing a theme and its contrasts.

Bloodcrusher – Bloodcrusher: when you were a kid, you probably drove somewhere far off with your parents and listened to the noise of the road under the car while landmarks flashed by, with the usual stoplights and traffic jams, and this album resembles that experience: very familiar, subconscious rhythms that build on another in interesting piles of riffs and variations that flash by like the layout of a city but in the end have as much relation as the layout of buildings in your average sprawling urban mass.

Witch Vomit – Funeral Sanctum: we live in the age of recombination since everything peaked in the 1990s and then began its graceful descent into oblivion, and this album hides SweDeath behind a New York style death metal facade rather convincingly; the riffs fit together, song structures are not absolutely cyclic, and all aesthetics are preserved, but none of these things add up to more than a general sound of nostalgia with melodic riffs hanging together like a pop song.

Ba’al – Soft Eyes: all this post-metal crap comes from the same factory and it stinks like 1960s rock with emo chord progressions and different pacing, since the guitar fans out at speed but chords change slowly, and each song features a mood between a verse and chorus that is then repeated in different forms to maintain an atmosphere of resentment of the world and probably life itself, but then they fake in an “inspirational” building melody which makes it all seem like hollow plastic politicized broken promises.

Vulcano – Epilogue: for years many of us have tried to like the Vulcano crossover between NWOBHM and early proto-death metal like Slayer, but in the end this falls too far toward the Hallmark movie bar scene where some really simple riff crashes into another and then there are wheedly bluesy solos until everything falls apart in chaos, at which point we are supposed to feel catharsis but mostly feel the emptiness grasping our testicles from below, even though this is massively instrumentally improved over early Vulcano.

Verberis – The Apophatic Wilderness: who wants to be first to admit that all of these sheep deep underground bands sound the same? This is basically post-metal that builds to a raging denouement which incorporates elements of black metal, death metal, war metal, and hardcore punk, but like most atmospheric post-emo stuff it is linear and develops through a verse-chorus like structure until the explosion which is about as surprising as a sticky floor at a glory hole.

Godspeed – Religious Death: if you wonder where speed metal transitioned into slam, this album gives you an idea of what existed before Exhorder and Prong got borrowed by Pantera and the whole metal world started to mix hip-hop and blues back into really basic bouncy metal, and although here it is executed with a faith in mission, it is still about as interesting as a later Exodus album played like early Exodus with more focus on basic stacking-boxes-in-the-attic riffs.

Quantum – Down the Mountainside: post-metal seems to be a great way to remake the music from fifty years ago but with more emotion worn prominently on its sleeve, throwing in metal riffs like a kind of periodic support structure as if this were a soundtrack where different bits get thrown in for different scenes, but it always returns to theme, which is the plaintive human voice wailing about its desires and fears, like primitive hominids screaming songs at the moon.

Pthumulhu – Tungum​á​l svarthola: unlike most of the stuff that flows across the review desk, a battered orange metal rectangle covered in stickers and cigarette burns, can be immediately determined as the usual manipulative narcissistic brain-marionette material that pop and politics are, but Pthumulhu serves up primal noisy doom which focuses on using two (sometimes more) power chords to make a basic formula on which it riffs in layers, doing a reasonable job but not particularly something one would want to listen to much.

Nithing – Agonal Hymns: some bands hope to distract you with what are ultimately production artifices piled on top of the usual, such as in the case of this band that uses ambient background guitar leads changing very slowly to produce a backdrop for the usual gurgling blast beat driven chromatic death metal pile, but while the riffs knit up okay it is too linear in internal commentary and consequently has very little development.

Ecocide – Metamorphosis: solid primitive death metal that borrows from Gorguts, Sinister, Immolation, and the Swedish bands while mixing in fragmentary bits of speed metal and early proto-death for a primitive but atmospheric sound, not many surprises but songs develop cleanly with internal tension so that song structure enhances content without supplanting it, but eventually much of it fades into too much similarity of technique.

Nothingness – Supraliminal: cool concept, great cover art, and brutal death metal that plays to a doom atmosphere with detuned emo chord progressions emerges for that sort of “Reddit mood” of futility, FOMO, and self-pity all at once, giving this album an aura of sweat and Ramen in a basement room with a 1990s CRT TV hooked up to a PS5 next to some kind of weird three foot long dildo and bong combination.

Morbific – Ominous Seep of Putridity: one can find a lot to like here in the faithful old school concept administered in an idiosyncratic way, but at the end of the day this plodding death-doom album moves forward like a peat bog in an earthquake, becoming both too predictable to avoid the entropy of repetition of form, and yet erratic enough that its bits hold together by the thinnest thread of plasticine, then collapse into a churning formlessness that resembles the mentation of a Walmart shopper with a half-dead gift card.

Purulent Remains – Stages of Decomposition: now that the Incantation clone season is over, people are rediscovering Bolt Thrower and how well it mixes with classic death metal, as in this short EP which despite the Carcass-era imagery has more in common with the early years of death-doom, making slow or mid-paced death metal with hints of underlying melody and a good sense of direct but context-sensitive structure.

Hemorrhoid – Raw Materials of Decay: metal hit Late Hardcore stage sometime in 94-96 and since then has been kicking around recombinations of good ideas from the past of metal and bad ideas from outside metal, but some like Hemorrhoid try for the older grindcore styles somewhere between early Carcass and later Dead Infection, ending up with decent but undistinctive riffs, straightforward song structures, and an album that despite being faithful is mostly unexciting.

Idle Ruin – The Fell Tyrant: we might call this soccer metal because it sounds like skinny guys in eurojeans wearing backpacks and kicking around a football in the field between the Ministry of Truth and the Pfizer building, meaning that it has good rhythms from hardcore, speed metal, and some death metal but basically generic riff forms and song structures that seem to be based around nothing but making the first riff really hammer itself into what is left of your central nervous system.

Fessus – Pilgrims of Morbidity: you get a solid B when you do nothing major wrong but also get very little right to the point of distinguishing yourself from the crowd, and this old school death/grind hybrid — sounding like Autopsy crossed with Terrorizer and Nunslaughter — delivers what one would expect in forms unique enough to be discernible but at the same time, not with enough spirit or elan to the point that you want to reach for this again.

Juha Jyrkäs – V​ä​in​ä​m​ö​inen: it is difficult to avoid smiling at any work which invokes the Kalevala but this collection of power metal tropes mixed with medieval festival melodies and tortured basement gimp vocals simply evokes a desire to avoid it; nothing is badly done here, but the result is not compelling nor does it have enough distinctive expression of something other than typical metal to be worth its mythological inspirations.

Hellpriests – Sermon: imagine someone took the first half of an Immortal or Darkthrone song, slowed it down and threw it into a verse-chorus cycle, then focused on the vocals and repetition, and you might realize why Americans are as bad at black metal as Germans are because both of them try to turn it into boring schlage music played on detuned guitars with rock ‘n roll posturing and the result holds together as well as Taco Bell and Natural Light in the intestines of an obese power bottom running home in tears.

Shroud of Despondency / LanzerRath – Split: when a genre dies, it gets replaced by carnival music for mentally underdeveloped people, and the comedic attempts at Marilyn Manson with more edge and doom pretensions that Shroud of Despondency flog are basically just boring unless the voices in your head shout really loud, while LanzerRath is more hair stylistic music that goes nowhere but makes pleasant strumming sounds while some dude wails his schizophrenia at the moon (actually the light in his cell) while dancing the rumba.

Plastique Noir – Dead Pop: if you wanted a Sisters of Mercy approach with Duran Duran mechanics, you might appreciate this relatively straightforward pop with dark aesthetics that manages good four-cornered radio songs that perhaps miss what the really great songwriters do, which is a crossover at the turnaround which leads to a new context and that frisson that comes with dynamic thematic movement.

Holycide – Idiocracy: the whole world keeps reliving the 1980s because that is the last time anything made sense, yet speed metal still makes my skin crawl, although this Exodus, Slayer, and Biohazard influenced band does not cause immediate vomiting because its members seem to enjoy bending old tropes, but still it is hard to want to listen to this stuff instead of either the originals or something that is not speed metal.

Electrocution – Inside the Unreal: “coordinated thuds” best describes this band who take the speed metal percussive style to an extreme with an energetic attack that like all repetitive things eventually becomes background noise, especially given that songs are very similar thematically and do not stand out significantly from each other, nor come to any particular point of conflict or synthesis, meaning that this is like the soundtrack to a frustrating life where every object is square and unbalanced.

Óðkraptr – Óðkraptr: did you want more of a post-metal and doom metal fusion that kind of rambles on, then unintentionally wanders to a point and then staggers off into repetition of contrarian responses to its initial direction to the point of being as organized as the duffel bag of a captive sex worker in the bilge of an international freighter sailing through an AIDS zone? well, maybe this will amuse you for a few minutes then.

Sog – Man Demonic: this type of speed metal moves between bouncy riffs and groove, connecting them with verses in the German style of really chanty stuff where all the instruments play the same stuff at the same time, making for a jostling experience of shuttling between the utterly predictable and the pummeling ironism that dances around like urban high school students after the rock drops during third period gym and all the lessons are about dead people and math.

Alwanzatar – Engsyre: nice attempt at minimalistic electronica with flute and vocals captures a good take on an ancient mood but ends up focusing too much on layers and not enough on developing themes, resulting in a musical experience that would be perfect for cleaning a whole bunch of artifacts in the attic but otherwise compels very little except a rhythm and a slight desire to spot elves in the “erotica” section at the local library.

Spiter – Enter the Gates of Fucking Hell: this reminds me of a lot of the late 1990s transitional black metal bands that substituted raw speed and pounding drums for atmosphere, and similarity it produces a very listenable high-speed romp with melodic underpinnings but soon the nearly unchanging dynamics and similar tempi cause this to form a fungible sonic liquid that simply pours over the listener like semen on a mouse at a glory hole.

Deicide – Banished by Sin: around the boardroom, everyone agreed on the plan, which was to make a heavy metal album but use the styling of old Deicide to give it an edge over the competition, and even the union representatives and the hippies from the commune agreed, this would bring in more income for the poor and disabled, so it was a moral good blessed by Christ and Buddha as well as more importantly the shareholders, but in the end it was just chanty chorus-heavy slightly heavier new Metallica and is painful to listen to.


Give praise to Satan, for He has won.

As time reveals that religion failed to hold off “evils” and in fact simply incorporated them in its business plan, people are turning on the false Abrahamist faiths which plague our modern world:

Isaac Jordan Soto-Olivarez, 27, was booked Thursday in El Paso after police say he was “observed on video surveillance” trashing the Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church 10 days earlier.

Cops say they found holy oil poured throughout the church, as well as crosses turned upside down — and “666” scrawled on a rosary candle, mirror and prayer-room tabernacle.

If you wanted to vandalize a church, the best thing to do would be to deconsecrate it by burning human bones on the altar. Then they have to get the funny hat people out there to do some kind of ceremony involving adrenochrome and the sphincters of young Haitian boys.

This floated across my email the other day:

Save up to 30% off select packages and bundles! Or if you purchase the Decibel package, you will get a Free Gold Bundle or get a free Decibel package with the purchase of a Total Devastation Bundle!

(Sale ends tonight at midnight!)

The issue we are currently working on, will be #230, going to subscribers in mid/late October, on newsstands approximately November 14th). These fill up super fast! Secure your spot today!

The best thing about getting into Decibel is that you are getting in front of not only the eyes of millions of music fans but also everyone and anyone in the industry like promoters, managers, labels and other bands that read it!

Metal is now an industry. If you follow the procedures, use the right methods, avoid the bad words, and do something “edgy” like set your own feces on fire, you too can get promoted to the level of being a part of the funderground.

Then your album will sell a thousand copies and go on the shelf, utterly forgotten as the herd runs off to something new.

In other words, it is an inverted market: if you make something good, it gets ignored, but since everyone is equal you get a participation award, essentially.

Remember that metalcore is inhumane and therefore prized by those who have no faith in life, only a desire to exert power over others through peer pressure:

The orcas left them alone. But his second encounter with the animals in November was less civil.

This time, to deter them, the crew also tried another idea that had been passed along: booming a curated playlist of heavy metal — titled “Metal for Orcas” — through an underwater speaker. But the animals had moved quickly, targeting the rudder and disabling the boat’s steering.

It is hard to blame the Orcas for attacking a moronic species with its moronic music, knowing that this species sacrificed everything good in order to avoid evil and make everyone feel special, winding up with equal mediocrity instead.

Typical human logic.


112 thoughts on “Sadistic Metal Reviews: WW3 Inbound Edition”

  1. Michael says:

    Did you know that Aleister Crowley was a power bottom?

    1. Gabriel says:

      Do you have his number?

    2. Brown Pride Christian Homosexual says:

      Organized Religion is dedicated to male on male orgasm. We love kvlt femboys and so does the Pope.

      1. Michael, fallen ( on all fours ) says:

        The previous one did, the current one preferres third world meat.

        1. Gabriel (drunk under end table) says:

          More warm bodies means more votes and profits. Praise Jesus!tm

  2. heavy metal > death metal says:

    “Metal needs hierarchy. Tape traders, zine writers, radio jocks, metal fanatics, and internet trolls shaped a hierarchy based around quality.”

    Bullshit. if anything the internet troll was fucking the hierachy up. I’d say the troll is the reason metal is in the terrible shape it is now.

    1. Internet Troll says:

      Bullshit. We are the only thing saving your cosmopolitan ass from totalitarian censorship leading to a permanent corporate-communist superstate!

      1. Troll crusher and(pussy crusher of their mother) says:

        Die of AIDS faggot. You fuckin virgins cry about normies, but you need normies to slap you around and curb your autism.

        1. Die of AIDS faggot.

          And so what if I do?

  3. Battles In the North is a classic of wipipo says:


    The new Darkthrone surprisingly doesn’t suck and Brett is still autofellating like a man possessed

    1. I would not reach for it to listen again. In addition, it is not very metal. More like three weekends in a studio and what sounded acceptable enough to record.

      1. Battles In the North is a classic of wipipo says:

        I already have and will again. It sounds like a jam but the riffs are good (if not innovative) and flow well together. It’s metal like 70s stuff mixed with Hellhammer. I think you take issue with the newer Darkthrone stuff because you’re still salty that they’ve regressed to their influences.

        I also don’t meditate on the holistic benefits of sodomy for 12 hours per day while sucking myself off so maybe I just don’t get it.

        1. It’s metal like 70s stuff mixed with Hellhammer. I think you take issue with the newer Darkthrone stuff because you’re still salty that they’ve regressed to their influences.

          No one minds a Celtic Frost influence.

          1. Battles In the North is a classic of wipipo says:

            Obviously I was saying that you mind the regression, not the influences themselves. And to clarify, I meant the early heavy metal aspect of their sound as well, since “Nobody minds a Celtic Frost influence (unless it’s Cold Lake)”.

            1. You know I do not believe in progress, or really care about style. The problem with this album is that it is boring. The mood it aims for is that of eating the last fries with ketchup after a huge meal capping a long day of doing taxes.

            2. Tupac shot Biggie says:

              Does anyone actually believe Darkthrone were listening to Iron Maiden and Cirith Ungol in the early 90s? They were clearly playing Celtic Frost, Morbid Angel, Bathory, Slayer and stuff like that.

              I kind of get what Fenriz has been going for these past 20 years, even though it stinks. The problem is, he’s reacting to the scene and playing some kind of disassociation protest music rather than looking inwards for ways to express himself with his influences as a language.

              1. Battles In the North is a classic of wipipo says:

                That stuff is just what they “always liked” even when they were obviously jamming the other shit.

                I’m not going to expect them to be reaching too far creatively at this point. After 5 classic albums I would probably just want to get drunk and hang out too. I can see the new effort (if you can call it that) being boring for some people but I still say that Brett is a salty bitch and I enjoy it for what it is.

                1. Any excuse to lower standards so that everything is equal so that the individual does not need to rise above the bourgeois mental stasis?

                  It could be.

                  Also, could be desperation for something from the review queue that is not immediately recognizable as the pandering hipster/nerd trash it is.

                  1. Autismal Return says:

                    It’s both…and more…just a little more baby I’m gonna transcend

                  2. Battles In the North is a classic of wipipo says:

                    An neverending battle for dominance between Asperger’s and homosexuality?


                    “Current shit is crap”?

                    Well, duh…

                    1. “Current shit is crap”

                      Repeat from 1994 onwards.

              2. Everyone was listening to Iron Maiden in the 1990s. Most underground metal musicians liked a lot of 70s rock, prog rock, 80s heavy metal, and weird stuff like Kraftwerk or Tangerine Dream. Some even had cultural backgrounds in music which gave them a sense of melody in instruments instead of vocal recombinations.

                1. Fried Pig Penis Deluxe app says:

                  Have you ever listened to the German synth band Warning? They dressed up like Darth Vader dildos and were very odd, Pungent Stench covered them in the 90s. But check out the song Magic Castle, and really both of their albums but especially Electric Eyes is pretty fucking great, this band had to have some type of influence on metal, seeing as it was probably something a lot of 90s band musicians saw on TV as a kid as they have a lot of really silly videos. I take them more seriously than the new Adversarial I’m listening to right now which just sounds like the Star Wars prequels formula for success “there’s just so much detail going on the screen in any given shot”. Sort of how I watch any gore footage from any conflict going on now and see the movement, feel nothing, wonder why people are still going for this faggy civilization thing. Same with how I watched Joe Don Baker drive a power boat around a rocky Malta coast, and think how a giant piggy man can power over the sea in one boat, and how it used to be a fine craft involving wood, manpower etc, just you know, shit in a toilet. SHIT IN A TOILET.

                  1. Civilization is like respiration: produces huge benefits but is fragile. Feces is one of the challenges to civilization; if you do not segregate it and compost it, you both die of preventable diseases and have poor quality soil.

  4. • skynet • says:

    Metal build itself back.
    Quantum intelligence.
    Au become self awea..

    1. There’s nothing here for us in their world of love and trust
      We vomit in their eyes and face them with disgust
      We are the tyrants of the darkness as they say
      …And we will never obey

      1. Mr. Coincidence says:

        The exact lines I mumble as I fill out my W-4.

        1. I just do the classic Havohej lyrics. “Rip the sacred flesh… pay the fucking taxes…”

          1. Linda says:

            What’s the best metal album to play in the background when doing taxes?

            1. It’s not metal, but I used to always listen to Led Zeppelin when doing taxes. Good plodding stuff, like most blues, just sort of music to clean the kitchen or fill out paperwork to.

              1. syd barrett says:

                Mine & mom’s accountant listens to our first two ( the consistent ones ), and stooges’ third. If insist for metal, darkthrone post ‘ninety five; all of it.

                1. For metal, I find it hard to justify the time for the also-ran releases. I like through Total Death, but to be honest, I rarely listen past Panzerfaust.

  5. raped in demonic lust says:

    I only like them fresh

  6. .. .black blood.. . ( the oath of ) says:

    She softer when cured .

  7. O'Brien says:

    It is of major good fortune that many misread – misinterpreted, and as many sought use them as tools for politics, both superficial & one dimensional, that Socrates, the Antichrist & 1984 got widespread enough to reach. That on middle aged women & like minded teen readers supporting less comm. writers.

    1. 1984 is a Socialist apologia: “this is what we do, but maybe now that I’ve warned you we can go ahead and do it.”

      1. O'Brien says:

        It’s about reality only, and Orwell is smart enough to be unable to hide it. Idiots lie, because they “don’t lie”. The book is plain honest, perhaps more than the author judges he can afford be to himself, and others in person. Take it subjectively, and you either lack experience or wits, take it objectively and it’s just like observing wolves, ants, trees, or that goddamn flu.

        1. No, because I think he leaves off the interesting part: people in groups choose totalitarianism through democracy because of their fears. It is not an organized thing like Big Brother; it is the neurosis of all of us in groups that choose the lowest common denominator.

          Huxley hit that with his earlier book, and Orwell was trying to argue for the Leftist system.

    2. oh! Bryan.. says:

      Meant: ..indirectly, also supporting..

  8. O'Brien says:

    1. Anything alive, from a pair upward, is totalititarian. 2. Even the, seemingly, inanimate universe looks absolutist, with gravity centres & all else in reach orbiting around them. Random in intent, ordered in shape? 3. For one to take joy in sadism, another must suffer, aggressor & victim can only switch one of two positions, like korea’s flag or 0101, there’s no inbetween.

  9. O'Brien says:

    .. 4. Indeed, mediocrity is pushed, to hammer everybody down and promote ones self. It also rings right to a very central instinct of Life: Give as little as possible & take as much as you can get, like in Market. 5. In the nineties, me did feel like things going towards Huxley, turn of the millennium onwards, while loose underneath, the major moves above felt more heavy handed, more like the violence on Orwell.

    1. I - Vlad The Terrible says:

      True, after My Ascendancy, Eurasia did ally with Eastasia against us, just like The Party had predicted and warned all along. Those who control the future control the present..

      1. The Orient has always opposed the Occident.

  10. O'Brien says:

    In 1984 at least, he does admit that: there always must be a Ruler, and that, we always want to Control, and mostly fail. That’s why he doesn’t stand so much at woeing, as much as describing, the tortured’s suffering, neither he insists too much in condemning the joy, and methodicism, of the torturer. Bland, or Implying, sees: the Goal is Survival – its signal is Satisfaction; whence, the Aversion is Death – its signal is Pain..

  11. • gashing anus • says:

    A Man’s Pain Is Another Man’s Pleasure …

    1. × cenobite × says:

      pain IS pleasure

      1. we have such SIGHTS to SHOW you

        1. Linda says:

          “We’ll tear your soul apart!”

          The most metal movie ever!

          1. That or Apocalypse Now!

            1. transmissions from Kurtz says:

              The ending on apocalypse leaves me kinda hollow, can’t quite define what it is that l don’t like in it. Though, reading about pol pot & his quest, plus as much as l could stomach from french / hippie concurrent radicalism gave it an additional angle. Hellraiser needed more sex, had the makers didn’t mind bans & poverty. And l just love the soap opera backdrop; cheating, my brother’s wife, etc, just works givin’ it even more an edge over others of its time.

              1. The reason Conrad is one of the steps toward postmodernism is that he refused to do magical endings. That is, until the situation in the country changes, the situation for the characters does not change… so the best you can do is complete your mission and then get back on the river. For Conrad, colonialism represented Western man externalizing his animal self so that he could handle the Christian, liberalizing, and modernizing force of social pressure. As a result, he treated the poor third world morons like an animus as well as like Kristi Noem’s dog, and this made him more cruel and less effective. Kurtz is the exception; the mission is never a good one, only a restoration of bourgeois appearance-of-stability.

                1. I think .. says:

                  I like her, better / saner than Palin. Husband, Noem, is he european – american?

              2. KKK@$$HH says:

                I think apocalypse now is supposed to leave you hollow.

                More sex would ruin hellraiser. One of the very few perfect movies imo. Maybe the most perfect of all.

                1. More sex would ruin hellraiser.

                  I thought about it, and I have to agree here. The point of the movie is the manipulation, and sex would distract from that.

                  1. Pork Titty says:

                    I think the movie would have better with a scene of the skinless guy forcing the evil stepmom to have sex with her, and he has a pale wiggly skinless penis she is terrified of but has to take. It could be a great analogy for the horror genre itself.

                    1. Almost seems like it could be a great spinoff. Wiggly Skinless Worm Penis Horror!

                    2. Black Combat Boobs says:

                      Too raunchy for hellraiser. It’s a soap.

                  2. Linda says:

                    The story of Hellraiser was ahead of its time. At least in the standard of cinema. The 80s had a lot of horror movies that push boundaries. Videodrome also comes to mind. All of these directors had ambition, even if the films turned out to be low quality.

                    I also want to add that Clive Barker, the writer and director got the idea of Hellraiser and the Cenobite characters from frequenting gay sex clubs/dungeons, and what he saw there inspired him. Clive Barker is a homo himself, but it’s pretty cool that the Hellraiser concept spawned from the degeneracy the gay community loves to participate in. Very metal, in my opinion. Delving into topics like this the same way metal does it with its lyricism.

                    It’s almost as Barker is giving a cautionary tale about the depths of depravity, and how far degenerates will go for some stimulation. He covers a similar topic in his film, Rawhead Rex, which came out before Hellraiser. The monster in that film is literally a representation of a living, breathing, killing boner. I love that movie, too.

                    1. In my experience, homosexuals are on a bell curve like everyone else. The smarter ones go for longer-term stable relationships. The dumber ones end up getting played in the clubs until they turn into sad old queens (analogue: “cougars”). I did not know that Barker claimed to be inspired by gay sex dungeons (man that is a term I have to work into more casual conversation) but for me the movie speaks very much to both yuppies and casual sex: people using each other, and damning their souls in the process. If you want a healthy soul, have one sex partner and love them until you go into the ground. I doubt that homo/hetero distinctions matter much in this regard.

                    2. Also, in my view, Hellraiser and Prince of Darkness are some of the horror films that are not just archetypal, but genre-summarizing.

                    3. Linda says:

                      The novella was largely inspired by Barker’s own experiences with sex, sadism and masochism and queer culture in the ’70s. While not everyone thinks of The Hellbound Heart as an example of queer horror, the book is influenced by Barker’s own sexuality as a gay man and is drawn upon from his time working with kink.


                    4. I guess it should not surprise me, since Burroughs draws on similar themes. So does Houellebecq for the heterosexual version.

                    5. Linda says:

                      I personally feel that Videodrome and Hellraiser are related thematically, and offer a dark perspective of what pushing limits can bring forth. We all love a little excitement, but crossing certain thresholds can open up certain avenues we may, and may not enjoy. That’s just my opinion.

                      But you’re right, Prince of Darkness is another gem that slightly touches on cosmic horror, and dark matter. I’m surprised Carpenter was able to touch on a premise that’s so deep. The screenplay for the film itself is basic, but the characters touch on some pretty interesting topics that I was unaware Carpenter would even be interested in.

                    6. I have never encountered anything he has done that was not thoughtful. Not all of it turned out, but even Dark Star is worth watching (and better than Star Wars).

                    7. Barfbreath says:

                      Brett’s obviously never watched Ghosts Of Mars

            2. Nastassja " in eternal sleep " Kinski says:

              I’ll never tire reminding people my dad was better than Brando, he was just discriminated against because he was butt ugly! And that fucker coppola ripped off my dad’s man herzog from aguirre “twog” ’72!

        2. The Normie says:

          What’s so good about Hellraiser? From what I can recall it’s just a soulless 80s movie with an ugly actress about how cheating will tear your soul apart.

          1. The road you’re on goes straight to hell;
            Your life is yours to give
            His fantasies of all of you are much too great to see
            This world you’re living is so unreal, perfected just for me

            1. The Normie says:

              Oooh, now I get it. It’s just like:

              We are what we’re supposed to be
              Illusions of your fantasy
              All dots and lines that speak and say
              What we do is what you wish to do
              We are the color symphony
              We do the things you wanna see
              Frame by frame, to the extreme

  12. Spurspright says:

    [quote]Metal needs hierarchy. Tape traders, zine writers, radio jocks, [b]metal fanatics[/b], and [b]internet trolls[/b] shaped a hierarchy based around quality.[/quote]

    Wow, when I told some poor asshole that Dissection is not equal to Sacramentum or that Korn isn’t metal, I was actually contributing to a sacred order all along. That’s what hierarchy means: holy order.

    1. curio says:

      Nu-metal fans are proof that nature is begging us to return to eugenics.

      1. If this civilization dropped all of its useless people and remigrated the threats to its culture, we would live in an honest and actual Golden Age.

  13. * Spread The Word . * says:

    a. Ignore already metal, or ” metal ” fans, they mostly have fixed tastes anyway b. Acquire hundreds of copies, CD only, of the very best, and the most accessible of the best c. Do not mistake hard rocking ( sing along-able ) for accessible, mainstreamers / oblivious / uninitiated fucking hate hardrock even more than metal d. Make use of these middle of the night piss disruptions, don’t fall back to sleep, if you can afford to e. Go out on a backpack & a pocket knife / iron fist, and leave 2 – 3 records every 30 metres or so, anywhere visible & protected f. Take it that most will be picked by junkies & try and be sold for fixes, adult normies will ignore & leave ’em there unless wiped as garbage g. Best choices: streetcleaner for alternatives, hvis lyset for electronic / chill out – elevator, hammerheart for pop / folk people h. Pray. I never got any affirmation it works, neither bothered.

    1. Best choices: streetcleaner for alternatives, hvis lyset for electronic / chill out – elevator, hammerheart for pop / folk people.

      I use the Beherit ambient albums as well. Your average open-minded normie — not full NPC, of course, since meat-suit people are pure stimulus-response and so music is only valuable to them for its social status — can dig Summoning as well.

      1. by design says:

        Yep. These 3 + 2 on those already into music ( or any other margin ). For them born metal, the absolute best ( show no mercy, ride the lightning, pure holocaust ). They’ll get it a minute into, if not at sight.

        1. It often takes time to drift to that point. One has to get past all the social hype, then the newness of music. Life is a process of accumulating wisdom, and we start out with nothing, or in the case of kids from abusive homes, less than zero.

  14. all hotties eat the jizz says:

    “What is popular is not good; what is good is not popular.” pedophile faggot cope

    1. Pedos are probably just mute load plus child abuse. Popularity rewards promiscuity in all forms.

      1. " Respectable Community Member " says:

        Now who’s a mute? I can speak just fine. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t though …

        1. mute load = mutation load, my nilla

          1. Silicon Chav-ess says:

            vanilla tsoklet carmel. tsola baut da leidiz man

  15. K-Drama Lawyer says:

    “We write; you complain”

    Projection, Your Honor!

    1. “We bitch; you moan”?

  16. Deathcore Lover says:

    Suicide Silence showcases superior songwriting with nuanced lyrical themes and, notably, breakdowns that surpass the dated norms of traditional death metal. Instead of disparaging our community, appreciate the evolution and innovation it brings.

    1. trad > deathcore says:

      Then stop dressing like a faggot, you emo faggot.

      If anything deathcore is dated now

      1. Kraws Drescher says:

        There is no such thing as ” traditional death metal “. What is there after it?

        1. OSDM über alles.

    2. Spurspright says:


      It’s not romantic, epic, noble, scary, or powerful so I don’t like it

      1. Transcendental excellence or bust.

  17. Fukuyama(s) just want to fit / sneak in says:

    Death metal sits at the Modern state / status because nothing succeeds it. Black metal stands, in all, a twin current to death.

  18. Evrynomos says:

    Kristi Noem is as norwegian as Oystein Aarseth.

    1. While I like dogs, I also like her eugenic approach. “This dog is useless, so I’m going to shoot it.” Now do humans.

  19. Evrynomos says:

    The dog was criminal, so it was executed. It’s a pro death penalty political stance, pertained to that < 1% transgressor demographic. You imply it is broader than that? / Also, and due to be stated afore that Norge black metal wouldn't kick in without him, Aarseth was only part Norwegian.

    1. Animal Rights Watch says:

      a. By ” broader ” l mean Kristi’s ( if veiled or unspoken ) innermost fundamental root convictions. b. Where is she r e a l l y from? Just out of curiosity, may not matter at all.

  20. Evrynomos says:

    The guy’s dumbness using a misspelled moniker throughout his career is likely unparalleled. Talented at coming up with great riffs, not so good at figuring how to elaborate though, which left most of his songs incomplete & essentially unfinished.

    1. Cheffocation says:

      Oh, but mistakes like that are a charming side-effect of being an intense teenager. Who can forget Ihsahn singing about frozen “nature chili”?

      1. * * * €uroFighter * * * says:

        Euronymous ( l still can’t help myself going into a spastic laughter with his alias ) wasn’t really set to grow into anything functional as an adult. And ( scorn accepted ) Ihsahn’s vocals at places were the only weak link in his band’s performance at ITNE, though Pytten was unarguably the major liability there. Alas, youth is a rushed affair, as if constantly running out of time.

        1. At the time, ITNE production was baffling until I put it on a boombox style stereo. There it sounded perfect. On a higher-end stereo it was hard to hear the chord changes.

        2. Cheffocation says:

          It would be interesting to hear ITNE with the more batshit crazy vocals he performed on the demos.

          Speaking of ITNE, isn’t the guitar composition in the middle of “The Majesty of the Nightsky” just brilliant? How it twists and turns in call and response leading up to the synth breakdown? Mm-mmm.

  21. Radioactive Clouds says:

    The german synth project Warning is as good as Fenriz’s empire algol thing ( not good ), plus the vocals are downright awful, you can tell they’re not taking their stuff seriously. Electronic music is almost entirely skipable, Kraftwerk’s RadioActivity, maybe Tangerine Dream’s Rubycon and definitely Beherit are rare exceptions. Danceable electronic rave goons probably deserve something like what befell them in the october seven funfare.

    1. DJ Thunberg says:

      HOW DARE YOU !!

    2. Shredded Ravers says:

      Neptune towers is some of my favorite bath time music

  22. Dr. Freddy Patel says:

    Any opinions on ´Black Metal Cult’ by Mutiilation?

    1. • Imperial Blood • says:

      Mutiilation. Well, both Remains of… , ( most of which was recorded in ’93 ), & Vampires of… are full of potential, little of which was really actualized. They are one of those acts that are more soul than skill. Remains… does manage to shine, in that it functions like a photographies collection or a video tape of an era in one’s life. All else after these 2 are just going through the motions, half hearted money makers.

  23. I will pay a Kat dennings lookalike one hundred to sleep with me and get a job ok?


    Must be without kids

    No mad Nazi father who kills black men for banging his daughter ok?

    Must love peeing bottomless and sixty nine sex

    Must love drugs porn and farting

    Contact me at


    1. You know I like free speech, but I think we should be careful about posting personal information onto the intertard. It would bother me if someone got hurt because of something posted on this site, except for Jesus Christ of course I want him nailed to a cross of pork with three giant herpetic dicks.

      1. Spurspright says:


      2. IisAblackMOLESTER says:

        I have big beef chungus broiling in pantaloons for you Big briskety bump, against zipper bulge so big, circle thine hands round meaty mound, thrush forways

      3. No one believes in diversity, Jesus, or Keynesian economics anymore. At least, among the clueful. The clueless are the masses of NPCs who do not have souls. You can throw them out of helicopters and Zeus will merely laugh at the delightful flailing of limbs and appalling SPLAT!

        1. God is love says:

          The havoheJ lyrics are pure hypocrisy. What it’s really saying is “let Jesus fuck you”, which implies by default you enjoy it, and thus you love him.

          (let me tell you a secret, nothing is more Satanic than Christianity, because the best way to destroy a movement is from within)

          1. Blasphemy affirms the importance of the Abrahamist idols. This was less true back in the 1990s when much of the West was still religiously Christian (as opposed to culturally Christian and wtf “Christian Nationalism” is).

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