Sentenced – Death Metal Orchestra From Finland (2022)

As death metal has matured into an income-producing property, a series of really informative compilations have emerged, with Sentenced Death Metal Orchestray From Finland joining the movement as the latest to show us the origins of death metal.

This CD release consists of three demos — “When Death Join Us” (1990), “Rotting Ways to Misery” (1991), and “Journey to Pohjola” (1992) — which show this band trying to escape from both heavy metal and becoming too similar to Amorphis and Bolt Thrower in its melodic riffing.

To appreciate this, you first need Shadows of the Past, the 1991 Thrash Records release with early Sentenced done up like later Sentenced. With that context, the struggle of this band to understand its identity despite powerhouse guitars, bass, and drums becomes more real.

In the end, this release shows us the birth of death metal: rejecting hair metal, trying to make new patterns out of speed metal, and inspired by a diverse palette of early influences such that escape from being typecast became a major burden.

If you enjoy Sentenced, this glimpse into their juvenilia shows both what they had to overcome and how they found their own voice by rejecting the past. It will not appeal to the Hot Topic or weekender crowd, but for the diehards and nerds this is essential listening.

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  1. Ombudsman says:

    That’s interesting, will have a listen. Good review.

  2. Every time I go back and hear the old bands I am bloan away by how much better they are than the crap coming out now or what was on the radio back then. If you try to listen to Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, or Foo Fighters next to these old bands it just does not compare.

    1. Hessian Murderer of Black Death says:

      Listening to the radio has always been depressing, except for the occasions when an Iron Maiden banger is played

      1. There was always *some* cool shit like AC/DC, Scorpions, WASP, Sabbath, or Priest on the radio *but* my tastes ran wild after I escaped the normie plastic world and heard Morbid Angel. They should play that shit in IKEA.

        1. Crionics says:

          No they shouldn’t. This stuff’s already more popular than it should have ever been.

          1. volcano tits says:

            incoherent fanboy

          2. * fuck cannibal corpse says:

            Besides Father-to-Son or The Older Cousin™ thing, all the uninitiated have is random imagery & Entry Songs on commercial / mainstream radio. Let there be hints. Proper Metal is consciously and systematically silenced & buried 55 annos now. Talk about ” butchered at birth “.

            1. Catboy 88 says:

              Cannibal Corpse is one of those bands that is popular because it is stupid music for stupid people. No one is offended by CC. If the fat pedo juden in Hollywood had death metal in a movie, it would sound like CC to make fun of its audience. Aren’t the metalheads cute, they’re so fucking stupid, not college educated and elite like us of course. CC is a walking sterotype. They join other comedy metal like Dethklok, Mortician, Pantera, Tool, Disturbed, and Ministry in making metalheads look like the trailer trash the Hollywood movies say we are. People who listen to these are not just idiots but slaves.

              1. Apeman Churro, Sped Protector says:

                they were in a movie

          3. True metal is always buried because true art is always buried, true philosophy and religion buried, etc. Do you get it yet? Most people like pleasant lies and this means filtering out all the true stuff. Same as political correctness, politeness, or the way you use euphemisms at the corporate committee meeting. White people are the worst at this because they are clever enough to hide the truth but not bright enough to find it again, and non-Whites are all just parasites living off the real Whites. Luckily the [EOL] Empire of Lies is fucking failing at everything it does and WW3 is about to break out, so whoever survives can kill off all the nitwits, bean counters, and parasites and then start over.

            1. Qwerty says:

              The greats weren’t buried – they were showcased and celebrated. Burying art on purpose began when artists felt “authenticity” was threatened. That whole esoteric idea is very recent, and trying to project it onto the rest of history is so fucking deluded, ignorant and self-absorbed I’ll assume you’re just another bean counter in denial.

              1. Wigtard 666 says:

                Were they actually celebrated? Most died in poverty. Many were unrecognized for centuries after their deaths.

                1. Qwerty says:

                  Yes, people like Michelangelo and Beethoven were recognized while still very much alive to be among, if not the, greatest artists of their time.

                  Who are all these great artists who were unrecognized for centuries?

              2. Authenticity just means veracity. The modern projection obscures how this was always important and esotericism was the wisdom of the ancients.

              3. Bean Flick Counter says:

                Okay it was cute to be cute but honestly losing pieces of freedom little by little is more heartbreaking than I know how to cope with so I don’t. I am not allowed to be left unattended, I can’t do too much or too little, I can’t say to myself everything will be okay like…those coming of age stories, that heartbreak I would trade for any day…lost love but the world at your feet; you feel broken in two but you know it will get better. Prinzmetal doesn’t give you that hope. When I scream to “You’re On Your Own Kid” by TS and she sings “you’ve got no reason to be afraid” I try to ignore that line cause it takes me out of that perfect song and I don’t want to think about that stuff. This Billie song just wrecked me. I have felt like a little toy for people since I was 6 and I’m 35 now and I broke. My body doesn’t work. My mind does. Rolling Stone named my album in a list next to Bob Dylan and Paul Simon of best albums of 2023 and I don’t have anything in my bank account. I am not allowed to fly at the moment so I’m applying to a school so I have a student visa and can get a real phone plan and a bank account for my no money. I post amazing photos styled and retouched but what was I made for? The wheelchair order from my doctor was kind the last thing I’d been avoiding. I’m not allowed to sleep if I have heart pain because that’s not safe. What WAS I made for? I am very good at art and telling stories but I must have earned something good. Some healing, some good news, some paycheck. I’m tired of keeping everyone’s secrets at my expense hence the last album and I’m not doing it for anyone else anymore. I’ve been a weird little alien for marketing but welcome to my human life because selling something that makes no profit or living wage is NOT what I was made for and I hate having to use a wheelchair if I’m really honest.

                1. Imagine a tabbycat with ______ says:

                  This is awesome. I wanna DMU to go deeper into this vibe, a hallucinatory/schizoid direction of ambient storytelling. I was on an airport shuttle from a shitty hotel to the airport, a Black woman got on and started chatting up my family about our cute infant. She said that she had a baby who was a Nephilim child, he’s 35 but not from her father or mother despite his and her close age. For some reason this didn’t alert me to her schizoid direction, though she soon asserted that she owns the United States, and my wife tensed at the thought the this bitch might flip the switch, perceive my infant as a demonic Nephilim, and would try to pluck the infant from my wife’s arms. Like we’d have a true “Butchered at Birth” vs. Fields of Nephilim situation— the latter of which I’ve seen, around DMU, touted as one of few good rock bands.

                  I haven’t checked them out though. Assuming they’d simply sound like Sisters of Mercy, whom are pretty dope, and I discovered because Tom G. Warrior listed one of their hit singles as in his Top 10 Favourite songs: “Blakk Planet”. I would like to know the discursive— recursive?— relationship between that song and Public Enemy “Fear of the Black Planets”. Both use a drum machine.

                  So any leads would be much appreciated.

          4. trad metal > death metal says:

            as it should be you low t beta male

        2. " ..I feel the urge, the growing need.. " says:

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          1. All of the problems on Earth today are the result of Western democracy. If the West stops feeding these people, they will die out. Muslims are too busy inbreeding to even fuck goats these days. Jihad is just their cope activity so they do not have to admit that they destroyed once great societies and turned them into third world shitholes like Mexico or Detroit. All of the third world subsists on Western money. Cut that off and you get a field of skulls. Humans are just afraid of natural selection “I guess” so we try for democracy every time and like Satan each time it betrays us. Christianity is just democracy in religious form for mixed-race people like Jews and Albanians.

    2. Gumby says:

      I’ve never liked the food fighters but when I’m in the mood, some of that old grunge stuff has grown on me even though I used to hate it or at least thought I did

      But far as the metal of yore vs today, there’s no comparison

    3. go away faggot grunge troll says:

      your music was made by low t males that killed themselves therefore their music doesn’t sound good in any era.

      Even gay ass Nightwish > Nirvana

      1. Dickhole Spelunker says:

        It’s not my music you little gremlin. It’s just another mutation of rock music, as metal is. Most metal sucks worse than Nirvana and night wish is no exception lol

        1. ¡Immigrant Crime Wave! says:

          Nirvana is simplistic bedtime music for children. That is what it is designed to do. It was created to pass on the Boomer disease to their children. Metal at its best reaches beyond that and so it is artistically and culturally more relevant than Kurt Nobrain and his little pop band.

          1. Venizia says:

            Nirvana’s energy, the truth of their music, the will to power of the band itself, is infinitely more interesting than this canned response to the context in which they arose, that you learned from some weak corner of the internet.

            1. Antikrist Kramer says:

              Nevermind & a couple songs outside it is good music and that’s it. Nobody pitts it ‘gainst Metal, they’re concurrent; not antagonistic. And this ” cobain likes Celtic Frost ” is irrelevant, though you might hear it in them if you know it. A stand for nirvana be 2nd best ‘mong their species, behind the Pistols, above the Doors.

              1. Nirvana is Joy Division and Discharge for poseurs.

                1. Antikrist Kramer says:

                  Below pistols, above doors. That their fans ( a portion of my company wayback ) die on heroin, argh, their business. Not the brightest, still, these don’t pose at all. Poseurdom took of with the rest of seattle ( all shit ), clean idiot radiomen, and of course, hipsters ancient & newer.

            2. no its not faggot says:

              interesting stories and energy and all that other chuck schuldiner aids crap doesnt make the music good

              1. Raver Saver says:

                I know what I like. I know talent even when I don’t like it.

                Edgelord drones like you often don’t and just need to externalize your self loathing for your inability to live a life as urgently and powerfully as a guy like Kurt. Dude played his hand like we all do, and did it with honesty, creativity and integrity. All you give a shit about is politics.

                Faggot derrr

                1. All you give a shit about is politics.

                  Name one area of life not influenced by politics.

                  For my generation, Nirvana was the corporate substitute for the underground punk, metal, techno, and noise music that was the actual resistance and futurist overcoming of a rotten time.

                  The root of that rot is likely biological, not political.

                  1. " my Mind the Horror lives, to feel Death deep Inside.." says:

                    1. Yes, it’s all politics, powerplay, antagonism, live-and-let-die anytime everywhere, in person or collectively. 2. Corporations are not Conspiracies, though everybody is conspiring. 2b. Often, They Control Us better be simply Not controlling us at all 3. Resistance, all, is aspiring new Tyrants – Oligarchs. 4. Name a time that wasn’t rotten, seen realistically & in depth. Idealizing a Past is only a Tool, or getting Blinded by A Few Bright Beacons. 5. Biology / Matter is All

                    1. "..In my mind the horror lives / to feel death deep inside her.." says:

                      Edit above:1b. Sometimes They Control Us Better Simply By Not Controlling Us At All ( In part, could be how north amerika beat soviets ).

                    2. Either that, or freeish markets outperform centrally managed economies.

                  2. dehydrayed says:

                    Yeah politics are implied in every sphere, downstream from philosophy which necessarily exists to antagonize chaos, but hating a band for ever being on mtv is lazy and still manages to also be virtually unheard of now, since we now lack such a gallery of popular culture and see some value in it, possibly.

                    nirvana isnt a hardcore punk band. they listened to the stuff, sure, but they probably also listened to morbid angel. theyre just a rock band to me. catchy, well written, soulful, charismatic, thought provoking, honest enough to be an antidote for alienation. it goes beyond music as many artists do. id rather listen to motorhead before nirvana most days but to dismiss them as no talent slobs…well theyd probably have appreciated that but i think thats more of a self serving view of nirvana rather than an honest critique.

                    1. theyre just a rock band to me.

                      Me too, but normie pop is an argument for normie thinking.

                    2. funky drummer says:

                      perhaps, although i think normie is a vague and silly word, perhaps to describe vague and silly people hmm. but so called normal people dont have what it takes to be a rockstar. so they cover nirvana songs but its fucking lame because they dont live it. just more of the poser infection.

                    3. Normie = bourgeois = civilization-dependent = individualist = rationalization hamster = jobber.

      2. Dead says:


  3. White Power Bottom says:

    Can we go back to talking about Bathory and Sodom? More hopeful days 9 years before everything went to shit and 7 years after “Freebird”

    1. " ..Pray to the Moon when it is Round.. " says:

      Not before it’s stated that 2nd nirvana does compare, and it was a banger. That one record, plus two – three of their other single songs is the only thing labeled ” grunge ” that’s listenable in any way. Alt – rock as a whole, and aside the seattle thing, does produce a good song every now and then, same as rock / hard rock, pop & various folk ( global ).

      1. Nirvana is pop music. It is actually an attempt by Boomers to control the next generation. Kurt Cobain was almost certainly a child abuse case and he self-destructed like his Boomer masters wanted. They beat him down until all he could do was bitch and moan, emote, and suicide. This is what the children of Boomers always do because the Boomers really got in their heads and convinced them that they were worthless. All of that grunge music is worthless, the Disney plastic Potemkin distraction for other buttraped children.

    2. " A passion grows to feast upon.. " says:

      Sodom is only going through the motions since day one. Get hardcorish speed, then just add Venom, and voilà, Sodom is one of a thousand possible, but not very distinct, end results. What makes T.t.V. ’92 stand apart is that even a limited use of deathvox frees it’s song building & structure in a way that probably Sodom themselves is totally unconscious for ( it was more intended as an off – hand ” why not try it once? ” ). If you need a display on how Death succeeds where Speed fails, play that one.

      1. Venom is irrelevant for the most part. Motorhead was the band with the raspy vocals. This has a long tradition in blues and rock, the husky smokers’ voice and the howl of anguish. It’s basically monkey speak, but Motorhead turned it into something so normal it had internal variation, so it became the opposite of monkey, like a new way of being outside the normie monkey cage. All the hardcore bands did it too, you can’t tell me that Wattie Buchanan and Iggyberg Popstein had nothing to do with this. You write Sodom off too early, “Persecution Mania” is the album that speed metal should have been but it went for that buttfucking chugging like Metallica because it made idiots feel like this was the real shit.

        1. Crionics says:

          Motorhead’s more than just the raspy vox. Overkill is sewn into the tissue of all subsequent metal and Discharge-d hardcore. Drums, strumming, intent, everything!

        2. Lay Down Your Soul to the Gods' ... says:

          ” Venom is irrelevant for the most part “. Relevant in part then :). Motorhead + Iron Maiden ( + Venom’s posture, not so much its music ) = Show No Mercy. Venom in imagery, sound production, and yes, music, but better – truer – different too, = early Bathory, Hellhammer & Sodom, much of it. Tell me that a young Fischer doesn’t try imitate Cronos’ vox, from hilarity, to Frost’s masterpieces. + Motorhead is by far the biggest influence for hardcore punk, they may just don’t like to admit it.

      2. What makes T.t.V. ’92 stand apart is that even a limited use of deathvox frees it’s song building & structure in a way that probably Sodom themselves is totally unconscious for ( it was more intended as an off – hand ” why not try it once? ” ).

        Interesting. I agree this was their approach, but this album is mostly very similar to Agent Orange. “Watchturm” sounds like RAC. “Bulled to the Head” feels like a lot of Slayer influence. Going between the bouncy trudge/chug-style riffs from the speed metal days and attempts at death metal texturing causes this album to have an oil-on-water effect. The title track is pretty impressive.

  4. Since Bathory & Sodom are spoken of.. says:

    ..Bathory are totally on another league, that of Maiden, Metallica, Slayer, Burzum & Immortal ( The Big Six here ). ” The Return.. ” alone demands a household library’s worth in written word to attempt flesh it. First proper Industrial album. Best take on Futurism ( the real thing: neither utopian nor dystopian, since Futurism is about the ” Now “, like Horror is as much thematically Escapism as it is total emotianal Realism.

    1. Ted Cruz says:

      Futurism, maybe, or just realism after we finally got the Gay Jewish Christ out of the way. Bathory was one of the greats for sure but you can’t cut out the early death metal stuff, it was prophetic too. They wanted to look at what was real and figure out how to build empires out of it, sort of like Lucifer awakening in Hell and deciding that it was better to have his freedom and make for himself a new Creation than to serve God who was Jewish, gay, Christian, and probably a Republican.

      1. Teenage mutant ninja turtle says:

        Futurism nailed is this Flesh Meet Metal thing. This exact point on, one may design an abundance of different takes, ” The Return ” be a sound of it, one of several. Futurism ain’t prophecy, we are born in Future now, really. What binds it all, man, beast, demon, bioengineered mutant, Machine, is Life; Survive & Procreate. Think an engine that ” consciously ” conceives , and reproduces. It lives, doesn’t it?

        1. r/toasterlovers says:

          oh yeah baby keep going Im almost there

  5. " ..the Frozen Blood Inside Her.. " says:

    ” Shadows of the Past ” is very good Gutter Metal, a variety easy to do but hard to leave a mark. Speakin’ of it, that 2nd Rotheads record did stay. Couldn’t get by without dropping this one. There’s something of the gutter in Romanians themselves too..

  6. Your ( ham ) ass - my Johnson :) says:

    Get Mexit Done!

    1. Nigel Farage ( show my true colours after all.. ) says:

      Mexit stands for Muslim+ peoples over here. That was the whole point behind the Brexit thing. Economics, of course, had nothing to do with it. It’s just that one has to go a v e r y long way to express that which, had it not have been for Censorship, wouldn’t take more than a momoment or two.. For Norte Amerikanos, Mexit stands for, well, fuck it, we’ll mind our own only.

  7. I have to disagree on Sodom. They took a lot of lessons from hardcore and almost none from Venom. They brewed up their own style, like Blood a generation later. Those early demos are an attempt to produce a type of Black Sabbath style ominous atmosphere with hardcore punk and something innately and sui generis German, like their weird techno and pop, a type of dark mood that channels energy to intensity. Sodom is music for rebuilding your house after the allied bombers destroyed it. Bathory was another European regeneration project, basically an attempt to find the melancholic mood of romantic poetry in a Nietzschean post-Christ world. This is why bands like these are going to outlast Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and even Mercyful Fate. They are talking to history instead of just giving pop culture the finger with one hand while accepting a beer from it with the other.

  8. * Naomi ( Amy! ) Biden's Spirit says:

    I watch over my Sister’s shoulder through every single one of her Eyes Wide Shut – Exclusive Gentlemen’s Club anal endeavors. She ain’t no Barren I can tell. Just workin’ her way up The Ladder only as she sees fit. Free Will, Freedom of Choice, you all been tought that in daycare already!

  9. ' Amytiville Horror ' says:

    The True Story takes place in a sex party – venetian masks Mansion, haunted by the Souls of the Aborted. The smarter Receiver Participants do Turn, or just tie their ovaries. It’s reversible anyway.

  10. Melissa Cum Late '83, same as 1st Slayer.. says:

    Never really cared for Mercyful Fate. I can only get them backwards through Hell Awaits. M.F., if precise, were more of a bystander – ” also flavour ” bands ( like Master’s Hammer ). Sorta like standard Coke with cherry added, ran a while then withdrawn, only mind cause Kerry or Jeff list it.

  11. About Time to Break the Oath • says:

    Mercyful Fate throw it all they have to accommodate their Glam Rock to a, by the time, already fixed newborn extreme metal formula. They really vibe off a David Bowie suffocating in a strictly male outfit. Or, Arena reaching down to the garage folk, ” we are as you are, so you too buy us! “. I take it ok, tis a bit as Paps hangin’ with ” you kids nowadays “. Tired, like an updated Alice Cooper 56th Comeback. Try hard, yep. Important, meh, if Emperor say so.

  12. # Fascist # says:

    To be fair on Futurism, it was originally conceived as a conjunction of Classical Idealism & the marvel that is Industrial Revolution, perhaps as well as a proper Aristocratic Reaction to the ” what about us mice, too! ” egalitarian takes on Modernism that springs as if trying to drag it all back to the Bonobo to defend its pathologically egoist entities. It’s halted right after it’s born by the mid 20th century till now, soldier on to make this but a break to be laughted at.

  13. True Metal AIDS Warrior says:

    Admit that Manowar are based, right now.

    1. Mario & Luigi says:

      Manowar is the Ramones just out of a Conan the Barbarian movie theatre. They only wanted to do Biker Rock ” but for new yorkers ” before, then they had a Revelation sort of experience after that film. BTW, one Ramones drummer was in Rush, bad stuff but there was a little candle in it.

  14. Erectshyrinol says:

    Ah Finnish death metal. Low tunings, a bit heavier than other scenes, many younger bands too like mid teens young. The music evolved differently over there, many tempo changes also. For some reason the riffing in early Sentenced music reminds me of early Blind Idiot God, I heard the demos last night, the band certainly has unique chops and it’s noticeable how most of the songs exceed five minutes length but the time passes quick listening to them with that one of a kind drummer. Many people call the whole sound of Finnish metal doom-influenced but it has too many tempo changes for that imo just the Finnish idiosyncrasy.

    Thanks for the recommend

  15. ## Fascist ## says:

    Speakin’ of The Future, Futurism [ the artwave that died ( or at least plays dead ) young ] and all that, ” North from Here ” is in many ways the sound of Technology reaching Finland. That expert sonic combination of Naturalism & Industrialism displayed on this album does stand to affirm that:” Yes, We Are Born In Future! “.

    1. ### Monarchist ### says:

      The naturalism is the vital part. They got back to the nature in their souls. The rest of modern society has never forgiven them for this.

  16. ## Another Fascist ## says:

    North From Here, if you have to describe it in Colour, would be Green meet Silver [ and that’s, also, why album covers does matter ]. Like grass and beard growing while Iron is smithed, that moment when cables & night lights reach the last village of the Finish Far North, a Power Plant erected right next to a woolly flock grazing carelessly while their pastor watches it’s Brutalist posture in awe, his track full of them new shiny tools that, nevertheless, will do the same old work. Green Growth, if anyone gets it right, gonna be Of Up There.

  17. Orange Army says:

    Kaeck shoot for, and do strike, that very same spear on soil sound. If their 1st was as mighty Warrior standing his position summoning Battle Demons, or Saruman throwing the forces of darkness upon the enemy,out of ancient caves, the 2nd is more of a travel in the back of a Druid or Gatherer through moisty clouded eternal Forests of Europe and North America. Just guessing, this Dutch project did listen to a lot of I.t.N.E & N.f.H, and perhaps strives a combination of.

  18. # MV 33 # says:

    Just guessing, metal smithing, bronze – iron – steel, large horses breeding, etc. might have come from these same roamers / barbarians. Sewn animal skin, tool & weaponry, tarr, drawings of coal and red dirt. Future comes unforewarned, been here more than a while.

  19. 2nd Fields o.t.N. ( '88 ) is a masterpiece says:

    Picked from higher above the thread. Yes, Goth & Metal are as cheetah is to lion, and metalheads do listen to them ~less than 10 bands / records worth hearing. If you think about it, goth reaches the Overground ( Hollywood etc. ) at the very same time Metal + adjacent does in late ’80s – early ’90s. Sisters no1 + 2 rule. Run listen to ” some kind of stranger ” or ” the torch ” in your undies even. They’ll be tattooed on your soul as deep as a nail on a coffin. And they’ll ruin your day, and your mood for days. Stick J.D.’s ” new dawn fades ” as well..

  20. Cities in Dust says:

    Further on, 3rd Dead C.D. completes Goth’s Triumvirate. To save time, Pornography, Siouxsie’s Tinderbox, Clan of Xymox’s Creatures ’99, maybe 1st Bauhaus LP. Fields is the closest to Metal due the vox ( perhaps lifted from early black/death, or films, dunno ). T.G. Fischer unfortunately chose be influenced by sth like Christian Death, he was worse than ’em even. Corrected it with 2 tracks on Monotheist, that, Hell, still sound like 25+ years of the same song over on.

  21. No Mercy on Mercyful Fate :) says:

    1. The riffing on their classics is good in that they really work their way through the song, Point to Point, like Knitting. Maybe first to do this. 1b. I think l hear Ambient Riffing too on the demos? 2. Perhaps Iron Maiden did that first anyway ( think ” Prowler ” ). 3. The Let Down is that the riffs, for all the work, aren’t, like The Band in all, TASTY! They win some relistenability, loose ” can’t live without ’em “. 4. Layering K.D.’s vocals over the guitars hits Heavens in Emperor layering Keys + Vox over Their Guitars, plus later bands layering Multiple Tracks. 5. If one digs New-Wave, K.D. does ” The Cure+ ” too. I like it & part of his rest. Part though shows, again, a if not bad, at least peculiar / annoying ear on aesthetics. 6. Bands do lie on Influences, Especially when concurrent ( therefore sales antagonistic ), or in defence ( ” Copy, Fag! ” .. ). 7. Here, they are just a strand ( astray ) of, Already There both pure Heavy Metal ( Maiden I / II ) and death / black metal ( if still on clean vox ). I hear that melo-on-heavy strand made good in Necrophobic, Sacramentum, almost good in Dissection. It did take it’s while to develop.

    1. It took a generation and death metal song structures for people to appreciate its power. Many of those song structures could have been condensed from the more proggish Iron Maiden tracks.

  22. All this Merciful and Goths talk says:

    .. somebody should drop in total un-Stevens-ness, well, Cradle of Filth II and IV as True, Nailed ( mostly.. ) Best and Only Black with Various Others, all after separated & solidified, Mergers. They really travel you to England & this countrie’s feel: forest, victorian, slum. C.o.F. have a lot of Mercyfulfateness on their song structuring too, plus speedy Maiden. Tristania’s II also, again only & best death / goth / neo folk, classical, synth, whatever. These 3 records do beg a listen. All due respect to the moderator :).

    1. Phil says:

      Everything Cradle released up to and including Midian is worth listening to, the quality is highly sporadic after that.

      Brett and his acolytes are just biased against value-added heavy metal that borrows attributes from certain holy forms (and also gym metal like Pantera, because most of the underground here have bodies like old onions).

      1. It’s all poseur music. Your standards are just low.

      2. |^| Me Above |^| says:

        1st CoF is directionless Mansonite crap. There’s some showing of potential in that they attempt metal, not rock, but tossable overall. The consequent EP is almost there, a fail though. 3rd Album is terrible. It’s not Music in any Sense. I can’t tell if it’s very bad ear on music or drugs. It’s basically a piece of plastic with drawings on it, good luck if you find any music. 2nd & 4th Albums are clear victories, somewhat less musically and more in establishing a Convincing Atmosphere. They take you places and succeed where myriads trying the same crushed & it’s not on personal taste nor opinion. They gathered a batch of relative sub-stuff, concluded gothness+ was a thing asked but not expressed/achieved, and stitched them in clearly over a Pass. Not perfect, worth a mention as a nicely worked body of a metal subgenre, Gothic Metal.

        1. Don’t let this distract you from the fact that in 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit.

          These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune.

          If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team.

        2. ^me too says:

          First album is a little childish and wonky, yes.

          Cruelty and the Beast was much upgraded with the 2019 remaster. Standouts being the title track, Twisted Nails of Faith, Bathory Aria, Lustmord and Wargasm. Plus it has the best cover of Maiden there’s ever been.

  23. ~ Crimewave ~ says:

    Darkwave. Aptest name, more promise than actualized, but that’s on them anyway. ( + ) Goth this & that, Metal is goth as it stands and the more it develops the Gothest it becomes. First Mutilation anyone? [ Remains of.. is the actual 1st, don’t go mislead by release dates and disappointed on ” trie, and fail ” Vampires of.. ].

    1. # Mütiilation # says:

      If what is stated is true, that ” Remains of.. ” tracks 1 to 5 ( 6-7 are later & suck & it’s immediately audible and recognizable ) were ready and recorded 1993 then, man, this guy is one of the Gods of 2nd wave black metal. Each one of these five songs opens up one, and several even, whole new chapters in extreme metal. Such that a. Much of it went wasted in that it wasn’t heard, and where it did wasn’t adequately developed b. Had that kid have an overdose right then & there he’d be cast in bronze in a French big city square, or many. c. Just mindblowing how an addict punk preparing shots & fixes in abandoned buildings will go on to offhandly create ” Reactionary Metal ” all on his own. Talk ’bout music from the heart. In any case, he both predates & bests Norwegian 2nd wave that tried in very similar niches ( forest, folk, dep., medieval.. ). All that if this is indeed ninetie-three, excellent anyway, no way knowin’ it, wasn’t aware at all of any metal from France before ×× CYFAWS ××

      1. …Massacra was not mentioned?

        1. ## Reactionary Metal ## says:

          Badly distributed, off live shows, unmentioned, nowhere in original or copied. Massacra, Averse Sefira, several others only came here, or revisited anywhere, only when The Web came about.

          1. I was lucky to be patched into tape trading, Wild Rags, indie radio, Sound Plus, zines, Sound Waves, bulletin boards, and Sound Exchange.

  24. Antikrist Kramer says:

    6. From far up |^|, on ‘Vana. Addicts are fun to hang out with sometimes, others are criminal/psychopath to be shot at sight. Hippies ( the ‘tarist ) are either mislead kids ( patience on these ) or lifetime stupid. We’ll never know on him, made it big young & disappeared. Plumbers / Garbage Men / cleaner crews ( the drummer ) are useful when limited. Avoid talk to ( they’re small deaths ), execute & turn to fertilizer if they start planning ngo/tax fed Antifa Revolutions, Domination in Class Wars, Infiltrating & Overthrowing The System From Within. 7. Good things can come from bad people. The exception that affirm The Rule shouldn’t fool anyone, it’s only >1% of what they have to offer. Bad people on the whole will only injure, or even destroy individuals – companies – societies/tribes.

  25. Tax Evasion says:

    I bought this CD recently, I had to order it from Finland and it seems nonexistent in US distros meaning not a lot of death metal pizza plumpkins will own this one. It is great, I can put it on and I don’t think about modern gayness surrounding death metal and the bazillion different little pieces of what was stolen and repurposed for what. Very nice to have something you can just put on and enjoy.

    1. It caused me to go on a listening binge with the first Sentenced album, which as I recall was also hard to get in the JCSA until picked up by a major distributor years after North From Here.

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