Solitvdo – Hierarkhes (2016)

Article by Lance Viggiano.

Solitvdo are yet another epic sounding sing-along, rootin’ tootin’, arm swingin’, marble-pilled good time with yer ole partner melancholy. Think Vikinglider Veldi with riffs about a quarter of the length, half the inspiration and none of the thoughtful placement. Riffing on Hierarkhes is mostly inspired by nu-Rotting Christ but with triumphant melodies echoing swords and sandals epics, song structures are mostly sing-along vocal driven black ‘n’ roll about the Romans, culminating in solos by someone just learning to play whose guitar god is not Jupiter Optimus Maximus but Slash from Guns ‘n’ Roses.

Solitvdo want to tell us that the Romans were ruled by white people who had marble, alabaster skin given to them by Venus herself. The Romans gorged themselves on the blood of their barbarian enemies. The empire’s strong militant legions conquered the known world in the name of their sky-father and protector mystery deities, the last of whom was Jesus. Solitvdo probably hate that fact. The legions’ primary virtue was manly courage which equaled authority. Unfortunately unlike the Roman legions with their iron-fisted virtues of righteous, methodical conquest, Solitvdo are incapable of writing proper black metal songs.

The most melodic continuity on to be found between the guitar and keyboard which merely carry over motifs started by one instrument and carry over to the other. Otherwise, these songs begin with an intro which then cycle between A, B & C before ending on an outro of sorts. Further betraying its conceptual schemes, the drums give a performance which is anything but martial causing the whole work to feel more like glitter than gloom. Everything is rather canned, bland and demands the sort of head nodding – from side to side- one is inclined to do sitting at their desk. It’s a curiosity that so much of thematically militant, imperial or fascist metal bands end up sounding like lengthy depressing pop music. The emotive content is rather flat as it dwells in the middling field between triumph and loss. This is further accentuated by one-note vocals whose patterns and delivery neither portray any sense of drama nor heighten suspense. Never does Solitvdo apotheosize themselves in triumph on Hierarkhes but at least Solitvdo have the swords and sandals riffing down to hopefully go somewhere in the future if they can get a compositional clue.

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24 thoughts on “Solitvdo – Hierarkhes (2016)”

  1. this trip is turning into a bit letdown says:

    Should’ve been a SMR.

  2. Volkisch Triumphator says:

    Clearly this Lance Vagiano is a Jew… Why else would he be disparaging a band that supports European Identity? Any band that stands up for our glorious heritage is superior art.

    1. Kalki the Kosmik Korrektor says:

      No it obviously isn’t you LARP:ing pleb-fuck! Shit is still shit and what is worse than blatant garbage is garbage masquerading as something sublime by cloaking itself in a garb of grandiose associations hoping it will carry crappy material by means of “bask in reflected glory”. You can suit up a mongoloid, yet it’s still just a mongoloid, albeit in a slightly better outfit than its regular overall and bibs. But sure keep polishing your turds in hopes of them eventually turning into gold.

      On the topic of the album at hand: it’s mediocre at best, here’s to hoping that they will improve.

      1. Syphilis says:

        Word up, homie!

      2. Volkisch Triumphator says:

        Thanks, Kalki the Kosmik Kike. As if we needed more proof that higher planes of spiritual existence are inaccessible to Semites…

        When a band lends their voice in support of The Cause, they are — knowingly or unknowingly — channeling the vir of their forebears into sonic magick that stimulates the pineal gland, which in turn releases endogenous DMT that awakens the listener to realms of Metaphysical Reality undreamed of by lesser races (This is the “Key to the Gate” that Burzum alluded to). Unless the ancestral animus is present in the music, the vibrations created are much to crude to properly energize the pineal gland. This is a scientific FACT but you would never hear it from the ZOG media and their puppets.

        Thus, we can unequivocally say that bands who support The Cause are objectively superior those who do not. QED muddafugga.

        1. Rainer Weikusat says:

          higher planes of spiritual existence are inaccessible to Semites

          Considering that one of my grandfathers was a Wehrmacht soldier and the other worked in the Koenigsberg administration until 1944, I’m a certified Aryan. Nevertheless, I consider this plane of existence a load of bull.

        2. Vigilance says:

          My bitch is bad and Jewry
          Cookin up matzah with the usury
          My nigga she’s Savage ruthless
          We both thirty celebrate Hanukkah too

          She a four but we dropping muddy kids
          She lie when she say she love me
          Introduced me to her bitch ass rabbi and we know she corruptin
          Broke whitey down nutty Jew butty now Europe be cuckin

        3. Kalki the Kosmik Korrektor says:

          Apparently Triumph the Insult Comic ZOG over here is trying to tell us that she and her mystery meat fag friends are somehow channelling the spirits of our ancestors by LARP:ing about the Æsir in their downtown rec centre. This is why lowly Shudras/trälpack shouldn’t be allowed to speak on topics outside of their ranks.

          Come to think of it, with very few exceptions I’m not even sure anyone besides us Nordics should be allowed to produce, listen or even comment on this type of music. Sadly Solitvdo aren’t quite there yet. But I’ll bestow them a solid B for effort.

          To reiterate: A retard in a SS uniform is still a retard, not your next avatāra. It simply isn’t enough to just plaster some aesthetics or superficial appeal (image/lyrics) upon the music.

          Quite the opposite to this lackadaisical and literally liberal standpoint, the music (i.e the essence) has to first and foremost contain the element of vir. When those structural — and not just surficial — components are fulfilled then, and only then, transcendence can be achieved. That is the meaning of elitism. Class dismissed.

          1. Volkisch Triumphator says:

            You claim Nordic ancestry, but your sympathies for a race of shifty liquor and tobacco store proprietors betray your inner Jew. Worry not, I shall give you benefit of the doubt and assume you are part of my “extended family” but your pineal gland is simply too calcified from vaccinations and ZOG media for you to perceive reality correctly. Now a couple of points:

            LARPing is a venerable and time-honored tradition that will only resonate with a chosen few, usually descendants of the Warrior caste in ancient Germania. That you lack the courage and fortitude to participate and instead mock it means you are probably bitter about being born with, ahem, “less than gifted” physical attributes. Know this, though: there are pursuits that do not require physical hardiness but are nonetheless honorable, such as playing non-
            live action roleplaying games.

            Regarding your rather coarse opinions on aesthetics: Structure is a vestige of the material world and is of tertiary importance when it comes to art. Vir does not arise out of structure, just the opposite in fact. Vir is a feeling you get deep down, a feeling that words fail to express adequately. It is something that has to be experienced to be understood–I can tell you speak of it not from the heart but through secondhand, over-intellectualized, and most likely Jewish accounts. Do not worry, though. Listen to enough NSBM and read up on Esoteric Hitlerism and you may one day exit the cave and bask in the glorious light of Sól.

            1. Kalki the Kosmik Korrektor says:

              This “lady” is obviously rustled. Settle down your down’s mam.

              We have a monopoly retaining system for alcohol and shop owners in my parts are generally ethnically homogeneous natives, so that’s a rather moot point. However, by that statement alone I assume that we’re are dealing with a prime cut of Homo Americanus mystery meat.

              “A time-honoured tradition”, yeah for preteens and adolescents. LARP:ing is LARP:ing and NOT THE REAL DEAL. It is a pastime for kids. Any grown man — or in your case “woman” — participating in such activities should rightly be ridiculed and mocked for their obviously infantile escapism (to paraphrase Herr Nagell). Martial arts and fencing; Shooting and archery; Camping and hiking; Lifting weights and exercise are the only valid options for a man. You could always stick to knitting though. Come to think of it, go make me a sandwich and a lusekofta, din slödderslyna!

              “Her” comprehension skills are really lacking and full of straw men fallacies. Listen, aesthetics are great but once again, they have to reflect the inner essence of the compositional achievements (internal quality), not trying to make up for the shortcomings therein (superficial quantity). Regardless to the inclusionist standpoint it’s simply not enough and nothing short of a sham. One could compare to talking about the esoteric and actually being esoteric.

              In conclusion: contrary to their innermost wishes, Folkilsk Masturbator and her tranny posse aren’t females just because they dress in drag. Nor are they wizards when they LARP in the backyard (, nor is shitty pleb-tier gypsy punk great transcendental art just because you adorn it with Wewelsburg paraphernalia.

              P.S. Savitri or Serrano? You mean those fellers talkin’ about them avatars of Kalki ‘n’ sich? Never heard of them, obviously, but by the looks of it I reckon they’re just infatuated with some race of clerks or sumthin’.

              1. Volkisch Triumphator says:

                It seems as though the flame of your inner child has been squelched from living a life in bondage to the ZOG overlords and their false idol of “manliness” (a true virtue, but one that has been corrupted by Semitic forces). I see no other way you could view LARPing in such a negative light; it is a pastime rich in both imagination and strategy. It has the potential to unlock genetic memories of real combat experienced by your ancestors and thus bring you closer to the undying spirit of Mother Europa.

                As for your unfortunate “mystery meat” comments, I can’t seem to understand your animosity. White America has accomplished more in the past 100 years compared to any other nation. Were it not for our efforts, you would be — assuming you are European — living under the tyranny of the ZOG-controlled Soviets.

                Your views on art are equally misguided. This talk of “inner essence” and esotericism is all very Jewish. I suggest you throw out your Kabalah and get your sorry skinnyfat ass outside. Mother nature has many things to teach us. One such being that what is, is. Thusly, if a band claims they represent European Identitarianism, then they must mean it. That is what their music is about. Your over-intellectualized approach to music appreciation is obscuring what is right in front of you.

        4. Rainer Weikusat says:

          Scaled back into less contorted English, that’s “Laudable intent justifies any quality of the outcome”. And that’s anti-elitist participiation culture par excellence.

    2. his balls, your chin says:

      Thanks Daniel. This must be you…

      1. I banged out the second paragraph…

    3. Lance Miscegianno says:

      I’m not Jewish but my daughter is. She’s never heard of Thule or celebrated yule.

    4. Rainer Weikusat says:

      »Stand up for our glorious heritage«, IOW, grovel in imaginary remnants of the past, isn’t the most interesting thing to begin with. It’s also seriously odd to do this and then call the result ‘black metal’. What’s black of about ‘the glorious past’? Leaving this aside, celebrating something by pissing on it doesn’t work.

      1. Necronomeconomist says:

        True, dude; they should just call it like “blackened power metal”.

        Or my ol’ favourite: power-worship by the powerless.

        1. Grand Phallus says:

          Dick-worship by the dickless.

          1. Incipit Ballerinaism says:

            Haha, yaas, that’s the spirit!

            “Rectum-worship by the rectumless”

  3. Rainer Weikusat says:

    I suggest Chris Rea instead of Slash here. Slash is bad enough but not someone who caresses one’s soul to death by beautifoodling. Maybe even Zucchero.

    If you managed to listen to a whole album of this than, “Mr, you’re a better man than I”. At least a more durable one. This is incredibly awful.

  4. Phil says:

    I would have preferred if the song was 10 minutes of fire crackling. The riffs may as well not change.

  5. nigstomper88 says:

    this is like the third time DMU mentioned Slash to imply that something is bad rock music. Slash isn’t the only rock guitarist you know!

    1. Syphilis says:

      Theres also that heroin guy from Van Halen.

    2. Necrotic Phlebotomism says:

      Slash ended up with the shittiest lead tone of all the famous shred guys. His shit sounds too full, round, and tubular. In the early days, it was pretty sassy, acerbic, and ferocious. Then he was totally fucked up and they had him playing imitation-Prog AOR 12 minute songs and his shit went downhill. I just fucking hate it.

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