Static Abyss – Aborted From Reality (2023)

All post-metal is basically a ripoff of what Godflesh did on Streecleaner mixed with what bands like Ras Algethi pioneered, and when you combine post-metal and modern metal — a hybrid of speed metal and death metal with influences from late hardcore — you end up with something like Static Abyss.

Walls of punkish riffs close in on a primal rhythmic pair per song, aiming toward atmosphere with vocals as secondary, creating a sensation of descent into darkness and then minimal two-part development sort of like wandering around the dystopian wasteland looking for the Holy Grail.

While this album has a great deal going for it, it is hard to imagine selecting it for repeated listens; the lack of riff interchange causing compositional growth makes it seem thin, and the mood it creates is too close to the modern metal mentality of lounging in the basement waiting for Armageddon.

Despite those deficiencies, Aborted From Reality avoids the true vocals-oriented repetition that seems to blight all post-emo music and keeps some solid aggression and dark moods, but like most post-metal, focuses so much on the surface it misses the essence and broader picture.

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15 thoughts on “Static Abyss – Aborted From Reality (2023)”

  1. Warkvlt is High IQ Music says:

    I wish they would abort the band Aborted… it’s literally the sh*ttiest band ever made, even worse than Cattle Decapitation, Gojira, Kreator, Anthrax, etc… I really wonder who are the people behind it and if they have any self respect. or any form of respect. or anything really… are we sure they are even human?

    1. Are most humans, even humans? I am not talking about the Negroes or Irish here; I mean as individuals, are most people human? As Kam Lee says, “talking monkeys with car keys,” and as Alan Watts might say, zero actual individuation: they respond to stimulus but have no direction of their own, basically complex rationalizing yeast with rape and victimhood complexes.

      1. Karcharoth says:

        Not to say they were ever good, but there was a time Cattle Decapitation were tolerable, back when they were a really mediocre grindcore band. In direct proportion to the critical acclaim this “band” receives, the albums have descended further into self-parody, and I’m fully expecting a veggie-themed Stryper covers album soon. The new one belongs on episodes of Total Request Live.

        1. Eternal thrashing says:

          They were part of the initial phase for me but totally boring to my ears now. Too cerebral.

        2. Onion Dip With Freshy Juiced Ingrown Hair Dressing says:

          I don’t know the difference between and Pig Destroyer, I know that both are Relapse bands and after Incantation the label was pretty much worthless first wave of hipster underground metal, with their shitty alternative rock inspired bands, bland grindcore, faggot shit in general. You can tell the people in the bands or their fans because they look like homosexuals with flat brimmed death metal hats, large plastic framed glassic and general pussyish, hesitant, cowardly eyes, feminine eyes that show miles of hurt at having a small penis.

          1. n1g says:

            Nice description of yourself.

            1. Deny Resurrection says:

              The internet is for faggotry. Some day we will gas, spatchcock, barbecue, and cannibalize all of these NPCs. Die bourgie liberal faggoths!

              1. If humanity puts into place an IQ filter where veryone under 115 dies quietly and painlessly, we might have a chance as a species.

        3. Most bands have little to say, but once they cultivate an audience, might as well milk it for awhile before getting to their ultimate destination as Verizon store managers.

  2. Bobby Newmark says:

    Brett, did you know Dolly Parton wrote both Jolene and I Will Always Love You in one night?

    1. She done well for normie music.

    2. Niggardly Nuggets says:

      Jesus F man, don’t listen to that stool, it will turn you into a normie getting ur neurolinguistic programming from CNN and thinking that all races are equal.

      1. I do not recommend viewing CNN or Fox. This is fear porn for people who do not intend to do anything about their fears.

  3. Fuck Christ says:

    Its not bad but I cant see myself reaching for this after a long day and bein psyched for it.

    1. I think it might be better than that, namely that it captures the sound of the present day, but it is not yet reaching for something beyond the tangible which makes it unlikely to endure as a listening experience.

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