23 thoughts on “Thantifaxath – Void Masquerading as Matter (2017)”

  1. GVSM says:

    Thank for recommending, this seems to be less smugness than Deathspell Ohmyshit

  2. Thewaters says:

    Now this is a review!

  3. Spinal says:

    Can’t say I’m tempted to actually listen to this but the review was very well-written and informative.

    Great to have you on board, Jerry.

    1. Spinal says:


      Bonus points awarded for constructive criticism – pointing out what’s not so good AND where there’s room for improvement.

      1. Neconomeconomist says:

        This is good writing! Utterly ruthless, yet generous in its even-handedness. Not descending into gratuitous — wait for it — sadism. We need more of these, and less/none of the Mallrat-style “Thantifaxath should sit in their garage with the engine on and mouth sucking the tailpipe of their Mom’s ’97 Acura.”

        Thank you Brett for hiring this guy.

        1. Jerry Hauppa says:

          The positive responses to the review are very appreciated, but I wouldn’t say Brett “hired” me- I lurk here enough where when I have time I do want to contribute to the site. My schedule is almost entirely devoid of free time so my efforts here will be rare, but I miss seeing these types of reviews here and given the positive response I will be motivated to contribute more when I can.

          1. Jared Kushner says:

            Cover good music, not the shove into a Chinese gas van on sight shit like this. It’s obvious from the cover that this is doing to be some noisy dronecore crap.

      2. LostInTheANUS says:

        Agreed. While there is a place for reviews which are just complete sodomy, those should be used sparingly, repeating and forcing a joke again and again is a surefire way of killing it. Balancing it out by featuring stern reviews of music that isn’t good, but can be salvaged and throwing in reviews which are just shooting the shit for garbage music here and there is what would make me go check out the site as often as I used to.

        Now all of you can go fuck off before I shoot a hot load inside your succulent little buttholes. Faggots.

    2. All Muslims Are Inbred says:

      I think you would do well to listen to the embedded track at the very least, if you actually found the review to be interesting and constructively critical.

      So you can form your own opinion and all, rather than relying on a template from somebody else whose observations you identify as being reliable because of their method.

      Interesting listen – I doubt it’ll hold much longevity for the discerning listener but the nod to Alf Svensson is right on and a melding of this work’s rich albeit fatalistic atmospheric essence with a more rewarding and dynamic sense of melody and contrast (a la The Red In The Sky Is Ours) could yield an ‘album of the year’ level record.

      1. Spinal says:

        I checked out the sample. What I meant with “actually” listening was devoting the necessary time and focus to absorb it at least to the moderate degree that I can form a valid opinion. If there was more time available, sure. But for now it didn’t grab my interest.

  4. S.C. says:

    An honest assessment that relies on critical analysis rather than arbitrary character attacks on the musicians. inspite of all the hurt feelings surrounding the comments from disgruntled readers not tolerating shit writing, it seems the criticisms have been taken to heart and there is a return to focusing on quality and editing. Hopefully articles of this quality this will be the standard from here on out.

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:


      It’s much more interesting (and educating) to read about why someone doesn’t like something than people just sticking ‘witty’ labels on it. Not the least because the labelling always stronlgy suggests a superficiality of perspective. Chances are that a person who cannot describe a phenomenon in intelligible terms didn’t understand it himself.

      1. Shut Up Rainer says:

        Chances are people who often think they are describing a phenomenon in intelligible terms is simply being reductionist and fooling himself (e.g. Materialist Marxism, Jazz ethos, YOU, etc.).

        1. Rainer Weikusat says:

          Did somebody kick against your trashcan again?

          1. Flying Kites says:

            Haha, all while he’s angrily texting a reply.

            1. Rainer Weikusat says:

              Filtering posts composed on mobiles would seem to be a worthwhile noise reduction strategy.

    2. Titus says:

      You can tell these guys are poseurs playing worthless poseur garbage within a few seconds to a few minutes of listening. It’s not worth writers’ time to spend hours eviscerating such records as there is an ever-growing amount of them. Ultimately, all of Jerry’s time and effort here was wasted for nothing; the release he wrote about is worthless. TheAntifaFaxMachine will never release a competent metal record, yet alone an exceptional one. You and I both know this.

  5. whatever is dead says:

    i think this ep has some good ideas on it but this shit isn’t focused enough to be solid metal. it sounds like they would be good doing straight noise. i think it deserves another spin. thanks for the interesting post.

  6. atonalistic moshing says:

    It’s going to be a new genre of underground metal, most band using avant-garde techniques are just pretend to be complicated, instead of expressing content through music itself. Thantifaxath is not one of them.

    The new technique is a good thing, we should intoxicated here.

  7. Rainer Weikusat says:

    Hmmm …. now, what do we have here? Sounds like a not overly creative Descending Scales (Peter Green) variation (the bass is almost literally the same) with a generically sounding piano middle part, blastbeats and … tata! …. screamed vocals, just so much mixed down that this doesn’t jump out anymore. A similar scale movement is used on The Red In The Sky Is Our but there, it’s used a coloration of a metal track, not as building block. So maybe, if this is all mixed down somewhat more and some death metal riffs added to it, we’d get a sort-of death metal?

    One can presumably call this post black metal if being nice to it but the blast beats don’t make this anymore black metal than the prog rock chord variations make it prog rock or the screamed vocals hardcore. This is just bits and pieces of all of this in a primitive stew.

  8. neutronhammer says:

    Good review, boring album

  9. Sedsu says:

    What do you think about the previous release, Sacred white noise?

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