Wiking 1940 – Destruction of Dresden (2017)

Review by Lucius Vorenus.

Wiking 1940 is an act I would generously describe as some genuinely confused crap. Even adjusting for the fact that they have a session member named Lord Himmler, they’re still really effeminate.

Destruction of Dresden is the kind of album that could only be written by someone whose most sacrosanct fantasy involves the crew of a Avro Lancaster flying a suicide mission with a deadly payload into his lubed up airspace. It’s standard fare for the genre: riffs that better bands let fall out the arsehole of history surge and slow under throwaway percussive transitions to showcase a thematic direction that’s significantly worse for wear 77 years on, punctuated only by the occasional drum fills that sound like the bald guy from Cradle of Filth exceeding the weight limit on the assisted dip machine at the gym.

It’s pretty clear from how the post-black screamo vocals and the unconvincing shouting parts are granted undue prominence in both the arrangement and the mix that this is not an album for people who like music for fundamentally musical reasons, it’s a riffless talky for the nascent alt-right inversion of the garden variety atmospheric black metal dullard: deep cover egalitarians who listen to extreme music in an act of self-aggrandizing juxtaposition and gleefully patronize their own mental image pageantry of dead and unworkable beliefs about post-Christian ethics couched in a thick melange of reblogging tank pictures on Tumblr and passive-aggressive redditor suicide memes. The remaining tracks appear to be uninspired martial ambient pantomime for people who heard Douglas Pearce prolapsing and thought ‘well, ain’t none of us getting any younger’. The comparison to Death in June is actually really apt insofar as Wiking 1940 also wish Russian 23 year olds would run a train on them the way their Slavic unibrow granddads ran trains on German women after Hitler lost the war because he was stupid enough to trust a bunch of fucking Italians.

Now that I get to talking about it, what’s with these wops engaging in Nazi cosplay all of a sudden? At least Mortuary Drape dug up some old lady’s grave instead of the graves of the Waffen-SS. Those dudes died by the sword and all these guinea pretenders can do is sit at home getting spit all over their iPad. These guys are one Les Légions Noires castle away from a Pasolini film about gay fascists eating shit and sodomizing boys. If you think Mussolini is proud you swapped the rosary for the reacharound, you’re in for a soupy fucking pizza my friend.

I dunno, man. I just question their commitment. Maybe it’s impolite of me to prognosticate, but I feel like they’ve got about three years before they switch sides, though I suppose in this case that would mean that Fettuccine 1943 might eventually make a good album.

Luckily for them, they’re dealing with the least discerning demographic since unmarried mothers of multi-ethnic children. Oh yeah, speaking of British people, I wanted to reiterate that the people who support this expendable plurality of influence retread acts on Bandcamp are the kinds of dudes whose top 10 albums change depending on both their audience and whether or not they have a good rapport with Jobcentre Plus. It doesn’t matter that you were in the Blood & Soil Discord, you’re a Xanthochroid listener at heart. No, shut up. Listen to me. Things will never get better for you. You will live in Croydon. You will die in Croydon.

Metal is about force, not fashion. This isn’t a joke. Nazifur war metal convention goers fundamentally misunderstand the power dynamics at work here. If Wiking 1940 thinks Jon Nödtveidt wouldn’t have stabbed them in 1997 for pledging to Shädman’s Patreon then they need to get the fuck off the computer.

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19 thoughts on “Wiking 1940 – Destruction of Dresden (2017)”

  1. Burn the Quran says:

    Shit band. Shit review. Shit reviewer (who obviously lives in Thornton Heath).

    1. fallot says:

      Jokes on you, I live on hospital grounds.

  2. Perturbator = trash (like everything else on blood music) says:

    After the Darkthrone track Ravnajuv and the Sort Vokter album, black metal is dead. By extension, all metal was dead before that but that doesn’t matter since it’s all rockstar fever dream bs.

    Phrenelith and Desecresy aren’t good enough and Serpent Ascending is trash. Imprecation cares about their social media – now that’s funny. Black metal early 90s and that’s it.

    1. Syphilis says:

      Metal needs to be euthanized, among with a number of other things.

    2. Marc Defranco says:

      There are a few releases scattered in the later years that to me seem worthy. Like Kaevum’s full length but really not too much else. Things now usually range from good but not after several listens to pure copy cat shit

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        Current supply of sanity:

        That’s a French band which has been existing for ten years before releasing an album. Calls itself death metal but is it only in the Massacra sense. They seem to be more down to earth than Massacra but since Massacra tends to be to sophisticated for their own good on the lesser tracks, that not necessarily bad. The drum sound sucks because it’s too processed and the vocal one takes some getting used to. The lyrics have a strange, otherwordly-satanistic-religious quality making them well worth a read. Reportedly, there are individual tracks on this but it’s more 43 minutes of chaotic riffs over fast drumming with a few synthesizer interludes (church bells etc).

        The last track is notably different. It was written by the Antaeus guitar guy and employs multiple interacting voices instead of the straight-forward barrage otherwise dominating the album.

        I’d like to see this live some day.

      2. Seth says:

        Paul Speckmann’s new project Cadaveric Poison isn’t bad at all. Sounds like Master.

    3. Marc Defranco says:

      Also I don’t really see the next logical step for metal in general. Now it seems labels go for rehash after rehash, and bands adding significant amount of nonmetal genres. When a decent album is released it usually relies heavily on several other better albums. It’s really dissapointing.

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        1920s jazz dressed up as rebellious noise

        Jazz has quite of a history after its beginnings in the 1920s and the musical style changed significantly since then. Specifically, insofar metal jazz exists at all, it would trace its lineage back to 1960/ 1970s fusion jazz/ jazz rock, not to big bands playing swing (already a post-1920s style).

      2. Marc Defranco says:

        I’ve been listening to Isengard a lot, what do you think of this Fenriz side project? I enjoy the tunes but the first “album” has the best “clean” vocaled songs but the black/death demos aren’t so interesting to me. Second album I suppose is more consistent but the songs don’t top the songs Vinterskugge or Naglfar

      3. Svmmoned says:


    4. Rainer Weikusat says:

      By extension, all metal was dead before that but that doesn’t matter since it’s all rockstar fever dream bs.

      The “metal rockstar” (also the ‘Full metal!’ rock fan) was a 1990s aberration. These times are – thankfully – over. The idea that bands publishing self-produced albums with less than 500 copies would secretly dream of “rock stardom” (as defined by the popular cliches about that) is grotesque — even the most retarded imbecile would understand that this will never work in this way.

  3. Claudia Roth says:

    I get the feeling the writers of this site have lost their balls and spend their time attacking easy targets. Review the new Blood album if you got a pair.

    1. chwee says:

      oh but but .. muh promo

  4. Cok Power says:

    Better idea, review power metal from the 90s like Blind Guardian !

  5. Gadget of gag says:

    This guy is the future of metal music reviews !

  6. What the hell is this crap? says:

    The only writer worth a shit left is Johan

    1. desu metal says:

      Johan is my waifu… like all the other good writers though he probably has a reasonably successful social life and other responsibilities so we don’t get many of his posts.

  7. autist says:

    wtf is with all the hate 4 luscious vagensus? it was a funny article with the kind of irreverent, unconditional vitriol that young men crave.

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