Xysma – No Place Like Alone (2023)

For years many of us have told death metal bands that instead of trying to mix hard rock into their death metal, it makes more sense just to cast off the underground metal aspersions and go full hard rock. With a mix of Motörhead, Iron Maiden, and AC/DC plus their own melodic and prog touches, Xysma do that.

No Place Like Alone uses empty spaces to great purpose with much of the album being the silence between chords played for rhythm placement, with choruses bringing out the Iron Maiden melody and influences from progressive rock not just through instrumentation but slightly angular melodies.

The greatest part of this album however fits within the AC/DC range of highly motivational hard rock, hook-initiated but rhythm driven, with songs nicely expanding in three to five parts for another progressive touch. This is the album this band always wanted to make.

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76 thoughts on “Xysma – No Place Like Alone (2023)”

  1. :D says:

    Molested – Stormvold got a reissue. Looks like a jewel case edition this time as well.


  2. Beating off a dead horse says:

    Who is the target market for this shit again?

    1. Nuclear Whore says:

      Not me, for real. And Xysma violated the non written rule of “you change style -> you change logo”. No Xysma no, you fucked it up. AFAIK you did not use the logo since First and Magical, which was an acceptable record.

      “The past is alive… And it pesters you” :D

      1. In my view, this was what they always wanted to be, so the stylized 70s logo fits more than before.

        1. T Malm says:

          their grind stuff blows this weak-ass shit out of the water

          1. Hard disagree. Their earlier material seemed really obvious; this newer stuff at least plays with musicality even if the genre is not my preferred one.

        2. Nuclear Whore says:

          Good point, frankly speaking. Thanks

          1. Concerned citizen says:

            Shit sucks sounds like acdc with aids old xysma is cool but what do I know I’m listening to satyricon

            1. If someone handed me a record and said, “it sounds like AC/DC with AIDS,” I would be immensely curious to hear it.

            2. I would rather be the lisping fruitbag in a suit made of dildos than listen to Satyricon.

            3. Old Xysma is more predictable. This album has nuance and personality, even if in a style I do not personally like. I can handle AC/DC in small doses, but for most rock-based music, to this listener it goes like this: “OK, a verse, sort of filler, but okay, and they’re doing something interesting with harmony, kind of a neat drum pattern, and it leads right into the chorus, okay now we are down the scale and back, so what happens next? oh, I see, the verse again… and the chorus again… and repeat… wait, there is a harmonic change, and a solo, but effectively they are just reversing course, like a boat caught in a current, and now we get the verse and chorus again a few times, then the fade out… well that was good music to buy stuff or work for the State to.”

  3. Metal Flotsam says:

    In other news, A Perfect Vision of the Rising Use of Metal Aesthetics in Pop Attire:


    Four superficial fragments from Burzum, Behemoth, Cannibal Corpse and Slayer used in an edgy dress, illustrating the clueless pop mentality often found in recent metal bands. It’s almost too good to be true.

    1. What is hard for people: a singular idea that unites reality and the human need to be significant.

      What is easy for people: a collage, diversity, or other intellectual charcuterie onto which they can project their own neurotic disorder.

      1. Warkvlt is High IQ Music says:

        What is really telling is that NONE of these four bands have anything in common.

        Burzum: Solo black metal project about Tolkien & European mythology.
        Cannibal Corpse: Juvenile humour mainstream death metal bands.
        Slayer: proto-death / extreme metal. Once a good band (when Hanneman was in charge).
        Behemoth: crypto-Gravelandclone turned into Arch Enemy for some reason.

        It could become a sort of game… find the most improbable combination of four bands. I’ll try playing: Demilich, Peste Noire, Motörhead, Bullet for my Valentine.

        1. You are looking at it from within metal. That is good, but you are missing the branding to nörmies. They like simple symbols. Harley-Davidson = outlaw chic, Jack Daniels = depression or good times, Ford F-150 = rugged individualism, transgenders = we are all one, Jesus is coming even if in secular form. To them, “metal” means being edgy and brainy, basically like Goth music in the 1980s, so they figure if they signal hard with that, their audience will say “oh she’s done with her advanced anal whore period and is moving into her cerebral courtesan mode.” That is the way normies speak, in categories and SKUs.

          1. bassist says:

            i dont think anyone expects this chick to be listening to these bands. nothing more than fashion. having fun with an aesthetic. i guess that just makes the gesture even more vapid. fucks up her whole getup anyway

            also i wish i knew about good goth music

    2. Nuclear Whore says:

      I hope they get royalties. I saw a super expensive brand like Louis Vuiton in a super posh shop in the most expensive place of Barcelona, showing a dress that featured a mockery of the Thrash logos from the 80s. Hope they did not sold a single one!

      1. 1960s rock is no longer edgy enough, so speed metal is the new Jack Daniels, Harley-Davidson, and Marlboro of the normie semiotic landscape.

        1. T Malm says:

          oh god this is so gay

          1. “Touch me there,” said T. Malm in a soft falsetto. “You know where… the pink ring of pleasure.”

            Extending his eight-inch tongue, Brett teased around the pulsing sphincter, savoring the flavor of day-old Taco Bell and coffee. Working in concentric circles, he stimulated every nerve until the organ that resembled a slice of pineapple in cranberry juice opened against its own will.

            “Oh my god, I can’t take it any longer!” T. Malm cried out.

            Brett depressed a button the fob in his hand. The wall behind T. Malm opened — a secret door! — and in trooped Morbid Angel, slowly removing bults, bullet belts, and hidden camisoles.

            “This, my friend, will be a night to remember,” said Brett, dragging a 55 gal drum of organic lubricant from behind the door.

            1. T Malm says:

              not quite as gay but still very homosexual

              also managed to incorporate my love for Evil D & the gang

              8/10 would tug again

              1. We’re just going to turn this site into a death metal slashfic node.

            2. Your mother says:

              This behavior isn’t tolerated in our household, you’re grounded for the week little mister!

  4. Tony Sarkka says:

    I haven’t heard the whole album, of course, but based on this one teaser track, this shit is corny and not executed well.

    Always seems like continental Europeans and the Fennoscandians have an elevated difficulty playing hard rock because they lack these Anglo-American qualities: 1) a rebellious attitude towards government/authority/class 2) a history of a lawless colonial frontier (freedom, swagger, violence) 3) a symbiosis with southern American music (the blend of British isles and African).

    Some can pull it off, but more often the result is a constrained, stilted version of hard rock, played by people who live comfortable lives with an omnipresent safety net. The Hellacopters are a prime example of this…

    1. Gnarly says:

      Then how do we explain Scandinavian death metal?

      1. Starters: it’s not hard rock.

        1. Gnarly says:

          Agreed. Which is one reason why Mr. Sarkka’s argument on hard rock seems faulty to me. We’ll see what he says.

    2. It is interesting because continental Europeans have trouble just rocking. In my view, the secret to why this is so is also the secret to why British music has fallen off hard in the last couple decades.

      The classics of the 1960s came out of WW2 babies who grew up in somewhat dark financial times. There was an urgency, and dysgenic practices had not yet cut into the raw material, plus they came from a time when it was expected that you would learn music theory at high school along with other basics of being civilized like literature. They had a lot more going on in their heads. However, they also understood the nature of rock ‘n roll: canned rebellion.

      In their understanding, government was crap but there was a society itself of culture and people that rewarded the good and was forgiving to the naughty. So they were naughty, meaning doing relatively inconsequential wrongs. The world does not end if you rail six thousand sluts and toss a hundred televisions in swimming pools while doing lines of cocaine off of the hood of your dayglo Bentley. The UK had a rich tradition of this cultivated but restrained eccentricity going back to before Shakespeare.

      As far as rock ‘n roll itself goes, it is a forgery. It is German waltzes plus Anglo-Celtic-Germanic folk music. The Americans simply standardized it, and no this was not a Black thing so much as a White and Jewish thing, since coming up with a set of rules like pentatonics in 4/4 with a standard pop song format made it the perfect product. Commerce made rock ‘n roll, which is why it is canned rebellion, and remaining such really until giants like the Cro-Mags, Discharge, Skrewdriver, and Slayer walked the land. Rock was always fake. Europeans do not like fake, and they do not really “do” rebellion, since the revolutions in Europe were not only no joke but are always a possibility if the dole check is late.

      Obedient rule-obeying Scandinavians, for example, see rock ‘n roll as an art and culture product. They read about the African-American “founders” of the genre, and listen to the “classics” of maudlin and histrionic nonsense, and try to make their version of it despite this attitude being anathema to who they are. Americans, British, and other groups accustomed to a loss of culture in the crosswinds of diversity see rock ‘n roll as just as fake as it is, realize that it is a product not art, and puke out randomness that obeys the cardinal rule of “be interesting” in the sense of “be enigmatic like a hipster or the girl you want to nail.” This is prole music for stupid people; why complicate it?

      In my view, this release does a good job of making hard rock that is more musically advanced than the norm without crawling up its own rectum in search of Buddha. It is not top-grade like AC/DC because that level of music-making requires both an advanced knowledge of melody/harmony and an insistence on the simplest, ear-kidnapping rhythms and hooks possible. Xysma like most continental European bands are simply not cynical enough about humanity to write the dreck that the proles listen to while trying to drone out the buzz of their own inconsistent thinking.

      1. Gnarly says:

        The world does not end if you rail six thousand sluts and toss a hundred televisions in swimming pools while doing lines of cocaine off of the hood of your dayglo Bentley. The UK had a rich tradition of this cultivated but restrained eccentricity going back to before Shakespeare.

        Do you have more about the pre-Shakespearean history of English eccentricity? Is it (historically) unique to that island? Is Chaucer an example? Thanks.

        1. Chaucer has some good examples, although because it is an allegory might stretch those a bit. However, any of the ancient English poems and tales should be instructive. People are simply more accepting of a wider range of behavior. If someone started acting like many medieval and ancient English characters did but in our modern society, they would be asylumized immediately.

          1. two-bit gray matter says:

            I love some of the ancient poems and epics, but it seems a lot of it is just too much work to be worth the hassle. To properly understand all the references in even a single text, it appears I first need to earn a very specific history major, or else keep looking up the notes section every two words. And I doubt that’s the way any piece of literature is supposed to be enjoyed.

            Worse still, if I don’t know the language well enough and have to read a translation, I won’t have access to half of what actually made the text a classic in the first place.

            1. Not necessarily. Many of the epics are relatively accessible, like Beowulf and The Odyssey. The Arthurian legends are written down in prose form, as are most of the Greco-Roman tales and some of the Nordic-Germanic stories. There is a decent translation of the Mahabarata and you can find the Kalevala floating around as well. Each of these is a reasonable way of entering into this world and can be read approximately like you would any novel.

              1. Væta says:

                Beowulf is interesting. It may be written down by Christians, and they may try to represent Beowulf as a Christ character whose cowardly disciples leave him alone with evil (the dragon). But the pagan theme of fighting for one’s tribe is so pervasive that they’ve had to go all the way back to the Cain and Abel myth (killing kin is bad) to find a biblical connection.

                1. They put a Christian spin on it, but the story is ultimately the same. Beowulf when pure of heart wins, but when defensive and compelled by treasure, is defeated. Defending the tribe is part of it, but even more, the soul of the hero-warrior must be kept pure from earthly influences and superstition. The original authors would have probably regarded Christianity as an Arab or Jewish superstition.

    3. Doug says:

      Vandenberg’s 1982 debut was so good it was equivalent to like 5 albums from some other hard rock bands, but they blew the wad and that was pretty much it. Hold on to a couple tracks for the 2nd and 3rd albums for Christ’s sake!


      1. ((( VANDERBERG )))

        1. Doug says:

          It’s still a great rock album even if that was true.

        2. If the Jews bring the solid rock, who cares?

          I mean, diversity is a failure so the Jews must leave everywhere but Israel, this is clear.

          But they are not alone.

          * Asians/Amerinds -> Asia (goodbye Mexicans)
          * Africans/Dravidians/Aboriginals -> Africa
          * Semites/Irish/Italians -> North Africa
          * Eurasians/Slavs -> Asia
          * Irish -> North Africa (immediately, quickly)

          1. Metalheim says:

            Why can’t the Irish just go to Ireland? They are not African and Ireland seems to be pretty remote.

            1. Their origins are in North Africa, and their presence among Western European societies has been nothing but destructive. We are going to have to send them back to where they came from.

          2. Warkvlt is High IQ Music says:

            The sort of “elephant in the room” problem with Israel is that it keeps expanding. Not just territoriality in Arab lands, but also in the West through diaspora lobbying/warmongering/lobbying & what the French would call “ingérence”. See the (((Zelen))) thing in Ukraine.

            1. Historical Israel was bigger. What would Darwin say? Middle eastern people, like other Semitic groups such as the Irish, are assraped by miscegenation. They are trying to build back. Israel is leading the way with the highest-IQ most functional people, sort of in parallel with Dubai and Lebanon. We want more of those, and less of the 93-IQ jihadis who specialize in bacha bazi and suicide bombings. Those people are fucking useless even if they have some great nasheeds and a few really inspired attacks like 9-11, which gets ignored as the military masterstroke that it was.

          3. Doug says:

            Not much solid rock going on there. I just googled it and found The Ramones, and I think Frank Zappa is one. Apparently the king daddy is Kiss who unfortunately are very inconkisstent, with maybe ten top notch tracks spread out over however many albums. The music was secondary for them which is a shame for USA, although we sure made up for it later! (and yes, my first hard rock album was Kiss Alive II back in ’78)

            1. Kiss knew how to rock, but then fell short on anything but the catchy tunes thing. Nasheeds are the songs of cantors are similar to rock music, sort of an east-meets-west fusion that naturally simplifies and sugars everything, not unlike Chinese restaurant food or Parisian street kebobs. AC/DC is the better band although after Back in Black they sort of fell to emulating themselves, although still more musical than Kiss. Ironic that Iron Maiden produced one great album for the ages in Killers and then did sort of the same thing. Bands have limited ideas. Fusionism of cultures produces spice, sugar, and salt at first but eventually regresses to the mean. Diversity in rock is just as much a bedshitter as in civilizations. But, I think the Jewish tradition of religious music lends them to write some of the best movie soundtracks and that 1930s-1940s jazz-style popular music that relied on more complicated melodies than rock while not really dicking around with key and harmony like jazz did (something that, like diversity, eventually proved too distracting and made most jazz tunes humdrum at their core, since the only lowest common denominator that could hold it all together was thump music held together by soda pop, sort of like how all great postmodern novels stitch in lots of metaphors that barely relate to a center which is eventually made super-simplified in order to tie together the chaos).

              1. Doug says:

                Well there comes a turning point where it’s like holy crap, this band thing is really taking off! If we play our cards right we can quit our jobs, increase the hottie percentage at our shows, avoid becoming a target AND retain some integrity for the history books, after which without exception all subsequent output becomes fertilizer. Most pulled this off to various degrees while some who shall remain nameless (Def Leppard) were a swindle from day one. Anyway agreed on your jazz point, hope yall will do another jazz review some day.

                1. Def Leppard always wanted to be Led Zeppelin, which meant including a commercial motive. That can be understood; they want to be pop stars, albeit a hard rock version. The worst is when underground bands are sold on dreams of rockstardom despite making a type of music which will never appeal to more than one percent of the population at the outside. They thus shit the bed by making a hybrid which, by the nature of being neurotic, becomes inconsistent and simplistic, resulting in your usual late-career death metal album.

                  1. Doug says:

                    Just rediscovered the king of all bridges from rock to metal, the breathtakingly consistent Holy Diver. To be 12 years old again laying in a hammock with the walkman causing permanent hearing damage!

                    1. Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin were roughly contemporaries, with The Who and Cream in the mix as well as lots of prog influence. The NWOBHM years blended all of this together, and then speed metal brought it back toward the metal side, at which point death metal vaulted as far away from rock as possible. Now hip-hop/motown dominates most music, and newer metal is probably going to sound like Ildjarn played in a Dodge van fleeing the police in San Bernardino.

          1. They are everywhere. Jews invented emo and Communism, what more do you need to know?

        3. Steffi Roth says:

          Don’t know if that was a joke, but if not: Is there an assumption among people outside Germanic countries that any person with “berg” in their surname is Jewish?

          1. In the US sure is but that is because most people who were not Jewish with -berg or -stein in their names changed those names quickly. Ofcourse none of these illiterates know who Alfred Rosenberg or even Lasse Rosenberg were.

            1. Steffi Roth says:

              Oh, that would explain it. Gold turned to Gould and whatnot.

              (Can’t say I know who Lassie Rosenberg is, but of course I know the Nazi mastermind intimately.)

    4. Sullivan O'Shaunessy says:

      I remember there was a 80s hard rock/hair metal revival in Sweden some time ago

  5. tiny midget says:

    Brett please review the new SATAN album “Earth Infernal”. It’s pretty awesome.

    1. Best of midgets, I will give it a listen.

  6. Yes says:

    IKEA metal. I’m not bored though.

  7. Knifed says:

    Brett, would it be possible for you to set up a downloadable archive of this website (and the others, if possible) so that readers can keep a local copy in case something unforseen happens? I, for example, made a personal backup of Return of Kings (which has now been taken down by Roosh, as it was to be expected, considering his conversion) using HTTrack, but since I’m not well versed in these things, it had a few problems, mostly related to navigation.

    I think that if it is easily available, more people, even those not used to keeping backups of this sort, would become more engaged in these conservation efforts. For the mean time I download my favorite articles using a Firefox extension that works better than the default “save as” functions.

    1. nuff said says:

      shit man all you really need is a screenshot of the DLA bands

      1. We have a plan here, it’s long term though, because time is short in the near term. The short answer to “can’t you” is NO these days.

      2. Knifed says:

        I’m going to learn to use HTTrack better to avoid the navigation problems I got before, then place a link somewhere once it’s ready (torrent would be good but my connection is bad). Since the website is well designed it shouldn’t weigh too much.

        1. Thank you for noticing. The site is designed to be low resource consumption on both server and client end.

    2. I would volunteer this, but time is difficult at this point. I have a future plan here that awaits more time. Send tobacco, money, and ammo. Thanks! Good idea however.

    3. fago tree says:

      no it has to be a podcast, that is what the trendy kids do these days u fagot

    4. T Malm says:

      yeah and an archive of the forums if one exists

      1. Knifed says:

        I have visited some forum posts through the internet archive, I was very young when the forums were active (It seems that I’m one of the youngest here), it seemed really good. I do wonder, if there is an effort to bring something like it in the future what would be the best approach? As Metal becomes evermore just a shell, finding ways to nurture a true underground presence become more important. Towards the future I think Metal will die off, but the spirit it carries may come again through convergence.

        1. These are important questions that need answers but not now.

          Forums got replaced by social media. No one wants to moderate a forum except the power-hungry, so it is hard to find anyone to do the job.


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      can i replace the hamster with a cellar rat or is it too dangerous?

      1. Better HIV test the rat first. Most of them will fsck anything that moves.

      2. Animal Lover says:

        Thanks to Fist Christ for all this wonderful information! My family would this all the time when I was growing up in Dublin. I just use whatever rodents I can find around the house (don’t throw out those used ones, they’re great as bait). I also have HIV and considerable colon calluses, which has some downsides but in my opinion totally worth not having to test your rodents or always clip their nails (put one in your mouth for a minute to see if it will do excessive damage once up your ass). I also like to feed them a little meth before insertion. I know it seems like a hassle but don’t skip the sterilization!

        1. I was growing up in Dublin.


  9. Who are the artfag hipster metrosexuals on this cover? These guys look like they rape amoebae.

  10. Gay Music Is Gay says:

    this is the gayest music i’ve heard in years

  11. The J man says:

    Just some trivia here from a Scandinavian. We don’t view ourselves as ‘continental Europeans’, even though technically we’re connected via a long trip above the arctic circle and down through Finland. We refer to the rest of Europe as ‘the continent’ or ‘the mainland’, and in practice we’re more isolated from the rest of Europe than e.g the UK is.

    This of course has nothing to do with the discussion. A century or so of relative prosoperity, and actually no feudal or caste history post the viking age, has made us quite trustful of authority. We have an ingrained belief that if you trust the government (or the crown), things will work out for the best for everyone. That’s why any attempt to emulate punk or rock’n’roll sounds disingenuous.

    Not that you’d want to be rock’n’roll anyway, but there you have it.

    1. This seems right based on what others have said over the years. It seems like for the most part, government was actually functional in Scandinavian countries, something that seems absolutely bizarre to Americans.

      It turns out we need those feudal and caste systems. Most people, when confronted with competence, will simply offload all of the work to it and then go on their own flights of fancy, obsessive desires, maudlin self-withdrawal, or simply defensively greedy neurotic and obsessive acquisition of wealth, power, and status. This is the same problem with corporations: every employee wants to make everything as inefficient as possible so that they keep their jobs, every shareholder wants to squeeze out the last bit of wealth without dealing with the bloat, every manager wants people who are yes-men so he drives away the competent over time, and every CEO just wants to get known for accomplishing something so he tackles easy problems and new market acquisitions and lets the rot continue. It turns out that we need kings, aristocrats, lords, and the “good old boys club” because when we throw the question back to the masses, they bedshit compulsively. Leftism is just one of the many forms of this bedshitting.

      It is sad because this means that humanity tears down its highest hopes and best civilizations in order to please the whiny neurotic many who do nothing but destroy. It is this that a caste system confines.

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