32 thoughts on “Protervitas Zine First Issue”

  1. desu metal says:

    This is the jewiest postmodern hipsterism I’ve ever seen in all my years of ranging the webs.

    1. S.C. says:

      Yet your usage of “postmodern hipsterism” somehow tops it.

      1. desu metal says:

        Postmodern; the narrative matters less than the technique and method of description of events within the narrative; reductionism applied to tropes and archetypes

        Hipsterism; inverted autism; lack of courage to take a moral seriously for fear of being looked down on by social peers (other hipsters who engage in intellectual group fellatio); DMU readers who through overanalytical labyrinthine muddling have become so distanced from matters of the heart and soul that Brett can push this kind of ‘zine nonsense and it’s unquestionably taken seriously somehow


        1. Facts and more facts says:

          It sounds more like you’re trying to say “I don’t get it.And I’m a total wuss.”

        2. JohnnyReb says:

          Your paraphrasing of an Urban Dictionary definition is cute. However, I think your comment is far more illustrative of postmodernism than the content of this zine. And no one here needs you to clarify or define your hyperbolic and incomprehensible statement.

          1. desu metal says:

            At least you are here to remind me what everyone needs. I almost felt lost for a moment.

            1. JohnnyReb says:

              What everyone doesn’t need. Clearer?

        3. S.C. says:

          I have not read the zine so I can’t praise or hate it. I wonder if you have. My comment is in response to your own “hipsterism” as I would define it, which is being contrary for the sake of seeming more intelligent and/Or of higher authority (this being only an aspect of the anti-culture that is hipsters). This website has become rife with it, and you blend into the crowd.

          1. desu metal says:

            We’re all spiritually retarded fags – astutely noted.

    2. The Real Adolf says:

      Jewiest = “I do not understand it, it confuses me and it scares me.”

      The Real Adolf does not approve of your mental weakness.

  2. Rainer Weikusat says:

    Not-so-random theory: Dreams are a mechanism the mind employs to revisit disturbing/ troublesome situations in detail in order to make sense of them/ put them into the proper place in relation to external and internal world. Topics are usually recurring but the set of topics changes over time as past events become increasingly known and thus, less and less threatening. Eg, a fairly long time ago, I used to have recurring dreams about swimming through a vast network of dark tunnels filled with water alone and about having to pass through much too small openings head first which worked although I never believed it would until trying.

    It took years after the dreams stopped for the obvious intepretation to suggest itself to me.

    1. What is the obvious interpretation, if you don’t mind?

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        “When this misery started” — birth and some unspecified time before that.

        1. Rainer Weikusat says:

          If you have reason to think that you could remember such a situation from the position of the dump, something I’m not going to call into question, there are superficial similarities.

          The earlier situation would be more something like “Once I was a happy part of a large, slimy and smelly mass of organic waste which – as I and all the others believed – would forever fester and prosper until all of the world would be covered in us. Imagine the greatness of this our vision! Unfortunately, something strange happened with our home, a terrible earthquake came and we found us and all our high-flying plans suddenly forced out into a cold and bright world we were never designed to live in and hence, oxidated away quickly while trying to uphold the stink for as long as we could.

          Game over.

          That’s more the “parable of the wrong-headed, anerobe gastrointestinal bacterium” than a dream, though.

    2. Marc Defranco says:

      Very interesting. I’ve had recurring dreams involving dark city settings, violence, mad people, attempting to protect or keep nearby a few people which usually ends in failure. Also much chasing and running away which I awake tired after. Have no clue about the meaning ha

      1. S.C. says:

        I have similar dreams. I feel pretty sure that it relates to some sense of lack of control in my life

      2. Trashchunk says:

        I had a dream this morning that Tracey Ullman was jacking off this giant cock named “bigfoot” and she was slowly tickling and stroking it until it swole so large it spewed a load inside of the condom that adorned its mighty frame.

        1. S.C. says:

          Powerful stuff

  3. I Am The Black Men says:

    Nice recs, dude. Daudi Bauldrs is some of the best weeaboo “metal.”

  4. Bill Hopkins says:

    >Neptune Towers
    >Alex Jones


    1. Attention Defecate Disorder says:


  5. Flying Kites says:

    Wandering the city for several days, not using drugs but having a feral caution at everything around me, then spending two days standing awake in a holding cell in jail waiting to get to my cot allowed for the most intense dreaming I’ve experienced. It was like being the torpedo man on a sub and both the torpedo, one of those old seeking kinds tethered to the sub, or maybe a fisherman with live bait, casting myself out and reeling back, but enneringly getting to the “stuff” of it all.

    That meditation piece is silly. You don’t listen to music to meditate and you don’t track the clock. I can appreciate the word on Nietzsche though.

    1. JohnnyReb says:

      When you say “you don’t listen to music to meditate,” who is “you”? I would agree that most death metal is not ideal for meditation. But I would argue that there is much black metal that is very conducive to meditation, whether or not that was the intention of the composer. Its construction lends itself to wide open spaces of thought, where the listener can not help but be stimulated, not by the music necessarily, but by the clean surfaces of contemplation created by the music. Personally, it was not my intention at first to put on, say, Worship Him to sit and have a thought or clear my head. But over time, it became exactly that.

      1. Flying Kites says:

        ‘You’ is/are nobody.

        1. JohnnyReb says:

          Then, if we are dealing in absolutes, I’d have to say you’re definitely wrong, and you don’t know everyone, obviously. But, fair point, based on your conversational standards.

  6. Flying Kites says:

    Far from opening my mind, that Satanic meditation would only open the pores on my pebbly dick.

    1. Inexperienced Pretension says:

      Assumptions you make that are not contained in any reference in the zine:

      1. That it is a “meditation” (at least in the conventional NEW AGE sense, what are you, a hippie?)
      2. That the point is to “open your mind” (seriously, what are you, a hippie?)

      Also, plenty of practices have minimums and maximums for specific concentration exercises and the like (AND THE LIKE).

      In your defense, it is not your fault that the DMU post did misunderstand the exercise as a “Satanic meditation”, which is potentially misleading to people like you.

      1. Flying Kites says:

        A meditation will open your mind, as in clearing out a stuffy room. Waiting for the clock to reach 3:33 is some New Age Satanism though. They’d do better by suggesting to count blood pulse. Isn’t this all ego masturbation anyway? Perhaps psyche experiment #001 sucks.

        1. Inexperienced Pretension says:

          Again, who said the purpose here was to open your mind.
          Who said this was meditation?
          Relating the use of time frames to egotism is haphazard conjecture at best.
          Your reading and thinking skills are quite poor.

          1. Flying Kites says:

            Uh, well, no. So what is it, an initiation for n00bs? This is an exercise in emotive fellation.

  7. Bill Hopkins says:

    Rejecting the enlightenment might seem all well and good for some. Yeah yeah, the likes of liberal democracy, bourgeiose society, positivism, and rationalism are really boring, you say. Instead, you’d rather worship the romantic, the parochial, and the intuitive. But how to avoid sliding too far: from romanticism into fin de siècle: i.e. pure emotionalism, irrationalism, bullshit mysticism, subjectivism and ultimately nihilism, decadence and what historically results from this chaotic cess-pool: anarchy then inevitably totalitarian mass murder.

    1. Inexperienced Pretension says:

      Surely, we must move away from both. The correct word should be beyond and perhaps even above, not just away.

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