Interview With A Tobacconist

Our world has submerged itself in functionalism because it fears the inequality involved when some people enjoy themselves and others have to work or suffer the consequences of their abilities or decisions. This has created a kind of totalitarian worker’s commune where pleasure is demonized, except for certain forms which help people go back to work, and work is praised as a type of new religion. As part of this ascetic dogmatism, pipes and cigars have been hunted to near-extinction by regulators, complainers, private businesses and whiny NGOs. A London woman named Shorty, one of the rare breed of independent tobacconists still extant as an endangered species in the modern world, agreed to answer some of our questions about her world of pipes, tobacco and Brexit…

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Trench Warfare Prepares Split Album Paths to Victorious Perversion

Necrotic war metal band Trench Warfare recorded four songs in late 2016 for appearance on a future split with Goatdusias and Bestial Karnage entitled Paths to Victorious Perversion. The band recruited drummer Lee Fisher (Commit Suicide, Psyopus, Overlord Exterminator) to record percussion for the upcoming release. Titles on the album include “Twisted Lies of a Wretched Pedophile,” “Astral Projection into the Shapeless Abysmal Void” and “Hatred Prayer.”

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Visiting The Tobacco Barn (Brenham, Texas)

When one traipses through the country outside of the lock-step conformist big cities, it behooves the pipe smoker to look for those varieties of tobacco favored in the less “civilized” areas of the world. This might bring one to Brenham, Texas, where the Brookshire Brothers grocery store offers up a unique and wonderful American tradition: the drive-thru Tobacco Barn.

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SJWs At Y Combinator Ban Startup Founder Andrew Torba


Internet startup incubator Y Combinator, which specializes in discovering new and useless dot-coms to give money so that its members can profit off of re-selling the stock after the IPO, banned founder Andrew Torba after he typed “build the wall” on Facebook.

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Rotten Copper – Toxic Wasteland Jams (2016)


Former Dawning/Nothing Left composer and periodic Death Metal Underground writer Steve Cefala has unleashed his latest project, an attempt to synthesize metal, industrial, punk and post-apocalyptic roadhouse improvisational rock into a soundtrack for the decline and collapse of human civilization.

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Further Thoughts On Goatcraft Yersinia Pestis

goatcraft - yersinia pestis

Although this album has already been appropriately reviewed, a few notes come to mind when contemplating it after having it in rotation for a few months: this is the best Goatcraft release so far, and fans who defend it as intuitive and critics who say it lacks epic and distinctive melodies both make good points.

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Fourth Monarchy – Amphilochia (2007)


Some rarities of excellence get skipped because they are misunderstood, and others because they are hard to write about. Amphilochia may be one of the latter: a black metal band that is difficult to describe except as a series of sensations organized around an unstated but pervasive theme, like mysticism in a technological age.

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