RIP Coolio

Rap today is known mostly as moron music since it has removed melodic continuity from music, resulting in a one-dimensional experience based around the words of human voices just like deathcore and other cretin entertainment. Coolio was one of the last to keep its R&B roots intact.



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Sadistic Metal World: Sacred Words of Praise (Hail Satan)

Musicians today have barely a chance in Hell of creating underground metal because they do not understand the cause before the effect. The music was the effect; the cause was a chance in thinking (throughout human history, the sane adapt or change their thinking to match reality; the insane demand that reality adapt to them, making external changes in order to regulate their internal mental state).



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Disma – Earthendium (2022)

Writing death metal requires taking the listener to the edges of coherent relationships between riffs in order to emphasize an internal dialogue in the song, where writing doom metal involves bringing the hearer to the edge of monotony and then introducing improbable forward motion. Doom-death does both.



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Sadistic Metal Reviews: Metal as a Service (Mucho, Mucho MaaS)

What happens when something succeeds? It fixates on that success because now it has something to lose. Forget all those stupid alt-right tropes about “hard times make hard men weak, weak times make weak men hard” because they are like most things Right-wing merely a prelude to the type of sodomy that Jesus does not mind. Metal reached its peak in the 1990s with underground death metal and black metal, but now the little people have come in to munch the carcass while loudly demanding attention.



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