North Coast Brewing – Brother Thelonious (2018)

Brother Thelonious
750ml, $7
North Coast Brewing

Upon opening, this beer smells a lot like 1980s Dos Equis, namely a rich dark beer with overtones of molasses. Once decanted and tasted, however, this brew reveals quite a different flavor: like a plum-scented wine mixed with a sweet dark beer, it has a fruity undertone to a rich taste.

The slight vinegar surface flavor gives way to a medium dark beer richness, under which a plum or strawberry flavor bubbles to the surface, letting the beer slide down more smoothly. At 9.4% ABV, Brother Thelonious provides both a beer experience and a drinking one.

At first, I was put off by the “cute” name and trendy graphics, but this beer proved reasonable for the price. It will never be a great beer, and the fruity aftertaste makes me disinclined to seek it out again, but for an afternoon of quiet consumption it seems to fit the bill.

Its wine-like attributes come out over the course of a bottle. The warmth of beer finds itself replaced by the acidic sweetness of wine, and as the brew warms, it gives off a dense multiplex of flavor analogues.

Brother Thelonious might hit the top ten if it were less fruity and more focused on developing the dark beer flavor lurking in this medium-colored brew. It delivers a good experience, but not a distinctive one.

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12 thoughts on “North Coast Brewing – Brother Thelonious (2018)”

  1. Cynical says:

    North Shore is always a reliable brewery. Old Rasputin, in particular, is a favorite.

  2. whatever is dead says:

    try the scrimshaw from these guys. it’s the beer i always drink if i can’t think of anything else. and it makes a great beermosa.

    and the old rasputin.

  3. (((The Echo))) says:

    Been a while since there was a decent beer review on this site. I’m certainly in the minority of readers who actually enjoys them. What’s everyone’s thoughts on Coors Banquet?

    1. Hayduke says:

      If it’s good enough for Johnny Lawrence it’s good enough for me.

      1. Korrektor says:

        Coors Banquet is the best domestic and reliably cheap.

  4. NWN War Metal Tranny Rapist says:

    Good for when me and the lads throw on some Conqueror and rape trannies!

    1. whatever is dead says:

      hey natty daddy is some good buttraping beer

    2. whatever is dead says:

      hey natty daddy is some good buttraping beer. 15 packs because daddys thirsty

  5. Flying Kites says:

    All domestic beer is shit unless you put Northcoast Old Rasputin in your mouth.! This beer is three dollars and maybe more tax in gigantic liquor outlets. Drink Polish beer, have a better life.


    >Coors Banquet
    >Modelo Especial(sometimes the [African] variant)

    >Bud Ice
    >Michelob Ultra, Michelob lime cactus
    >Corona Familiar (regular corona/corona extra is nauseating and causes immediate hangovers)

    >Busch copper lager(malted fucking dregs for bums)
    >dos equis
    >any IPA
    >lone star bock
    >not your whore mother’s root beer

    1. I enjoy Negra Modelo and Corona Familiar, and can tolerate Shiner beers although they are vastly overpriced. Rolling Rock deserves a mention. Steel Reserve, recommended by a user of this site, is decent also. But the rest? They are like sugared mare’s urine and you can get a better buzz by watching C-SPAN.

      1. >not praising Grolsch

        Geez Brett, you know most of the time I respect your opinion but then you fumble horribly on such basic things haha

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