Hate Mail (#11)

I dug this gem out of Daniel Maarat’s constipated inbox. “J” from a beer metal rehash band called Chain blew up at Daniel’s Sadistic Metal Review of his uninspiring demo.

what is this some fucking fat retard who lives in his basement? no we dont want to be in your pay to play magazine foad. sell your fuckin magazine elsewhere dude.

Maarat fairly criticized Chain’s demo for its lack of musical content and gave J good advice that he didn’t take. J’s band band is less real than Wyld Stallyns from the Bill & Ted movies. Chain will never make a triumphant video and open for Iron Maiden.

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8 thoughts on “Hate Mail (#11)”

  1. I listen to Burzum's new ambient music and watch Thulean Perspective says:

    Hopefully this is not indicative of what is to come under new management.

    I DID NOT masturbate.

    1. Titus Pullo says:

      We have your cam sesh on video!

      1. I listen to Burzum's new ambient music and watch Thulean Perspective says:

        Who is your daddy and what does he do?

  2. GGALLIN1776 says:

    Your mission is simple.

    Piss off David Vincent enough that he sends in hate mail.

  3. national geographic nipples says:

    wait, this reads like he’s replying to something you sent. did you mail this guy your review? because that would be pretty LOL

    1. Titus Pullo says:

      Maarat emailed out all the reviews:

      On Wed, Mar 22, 2017 at 12:48 AM, Editor wrote:



  4. Xavier F says:

    “Time is a flat circle.” So says Russ in True Detective. For him, as for Nietzsche before him, this observation is a nihilistic conclusion about the the ultimately meaningless repetitiveness of life. Within the context of the narrative here, the meaning of this statement is diametrically opposed to that of Chain. Rather than the circularity of time being a feature of its meaningless, it points to time’s “liturgical” character, and the infusion of eternity into each moment, if we open ourselves to it.
    The cyclical nature of the days, months, and years, serves to draw us into an eternal present where there is only communion. Time thereby sanctifies time itself, drawing itself up into the stability of the certain.

  5. ZerSpeg88 says:

    I hope J can get the band back together. They’re alright aye just need to rehearse the songs a bit more and get the chugs to sync up harder with the blasts maybe throw in a hyperblast or two around the chorus and make the melodies less medieval and more like voivod then it’ll rip rectums aye

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