Anal Vomit’s Peste Negra, Muerte Negra Out Now


Peste Negra, Muetra Negra, the new album from  Anal Vomit, is out now on Gates of Hell Records, the new Cruz Del Sur Music sister label. Order the album on CD and vinyl formats at this location.

The release comes after a nearly six-year period during which only a live EP and a compilation from the band were released.Anal Vomit are influenced by old thrash metal and by legendary acts such as Sarcófago, Holocausto, Sexthrash, Vulcano and Possessed.

You can stream “Savage Fornication” at this location.


  1. Brebaje de Muerte
  2. Valle De Tinieblas
  3. Obsessive Sexual Slaughter
  4. La Muerte del Papa (Interludio)
  5. Dios Muerto
  6. Venganza Obscura
  7. Savage Fornication
  8. Estado Comatoso
  9. Pact to Kill (Outro)
  10. INRI*

*LP-only bonus track

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7 thoughts on “Anal Vomit’s Peste Negra, Muerte Negra Out Now”

  1. Might as well cover Goat Semen too

    1. Good idea. They did release an album this year. Should review it.

      1. David Rumbero says:

        How’bout some MALEVOLEN CREATION too?
        Now that yer in a fast streak of reviews might as well review these great death metal legends.

        1. If they put out anything new, I might…

  2. Christopher says:

    I thought “thrash metal” didn’t exist.

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