“Christian” black metal band attacked by fans

by Brett Stevens
February 3, 2013 –

christian_black_metalAccording to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten, the Sweden-based “Christian” black metal band Antestor recently experienced black metal fans engaging in some real life activism.

The band left a successful gig in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, to encounter a crowd of about a hundred people who, bearing banners with anti-Christian and anti-Antestor messages, attacked the band, spat on them, beat them and kicked them. According to Antestor, if it had not been for the timely arrival of the Brazilian police, things might have gotten worse.

According to a local black metal blog that reported on the attack, WarMetalBR.com, Christian black metal is a “cultural plagiarism” that needs to be disposed of. Apparently the protestors agree.

Given the history of black metal, it is hard not to see the protestors’ point. Black metal was founded as a rejection of all that Western civilization considers sacred, including humanism, Christianity, acceptance of others, kindness, hope and even “fun.” Like metal itself, black metal is a realist reactionary movement that distrusts society because of its tendency to put human moral emotions before the consequences of our actions in reality itself. Black metal musicians pointed to the church, McDonald’s, pollution, cultural loss and rising stupidity as the result of us prioritizing human emotions before nature and the consequences of our actions.

“Antestor play extreme metal with a Christian message, while those who lay in wait for us are ‘Satanists’ — they lag ten years behind musical developments development in Norway. It is just not something new that some extreme metal fans ‘hate’ the Bible and Christianity. But it is the first time for us that there is such a thing,” said Antestor guitarist Robert Bordevik.

At the Death Metal Underground, we can’t condone randomly assaulting bands (or can we?) but we can’t claim to be surprised. Black metal is music of hatred and of hating humanist ideas including those in religion and its secular counterpoints. It is nice that people are well-intentioned. Black metal, like a predator in the dark Nordic forest in winter, is not. It is based on power and competition in nature and not on good intentions.

Most people go through life in a willful denial of the results of their actions and the consistency of reality that makes it so. People want to be aware of only what they want, and they invent happy stories to justify this. They manipulate others with these happy stories and the vision of equality that makes us all feel like there is no competition or need to exert ourselves.

Like the heavy metal generations before it, black metal crashed down on these fanciful illusions by pointing out that reality is shared between us and is the ultimate arbitrator of what is true. We can deny it, but then it just grows stronger as we bury it under prayers, propaganda, good feelings, alcohol, drugs, television and Big Macs.

For those who believe this, any form of humanist or Christian attempt to make “black metal” will seem like someone spreading the opposite message of the genre within the genre, so it’s not surprising they retaliate. Perhaps this will spur the black metal community to go back to its roots and analyze what it actually stands for.


  • Muinaiset

    To pretend black metal is still bound by hatred and intolerance is sad. Welcome to 20 years ago, “WarMetalBR.com”. Idiots.

    1. Metal Command

      What are “hatred” and “intolerance”?

      I bet you can’t come up with a working definition for these.

      People who repeat things they are taught in their public schools are true idiots.

    2. Slayer fan

      Metal is always going to be about all the evil in man, and how it’s better than when we try to do “good,” which just ends up with no results and higher taxes.

  • dust in your eye

    lol at the idea that black metal (or any other style of music) has to be specifically about x, and if its not about x then we will beat you up.

    what a pile of crap. your basically saying that if black metal is anything other than what you have defined it as, then expect protests (and possible beatings). you dont seem to think that it could possibly be people just wanting to beat up christians (occams razor)?? i mean, if a pagan got in there and sang in the style of black metal, would the same protests happen? how about islamic black metal? or athiest black metal, would the same thing happen. doubt it.

    lets face it, they had a successful gig (which means that there are black metal fans that like their message or songs), and do appreciate what they have to say. why not believe that it was some black metal bigots that have a rising level of stupidity that went and attacked, spat, and kicked them?

    1. Metal Command

      Your reply is semi-literate and barely coherent.

      Genres form around ideas. That’s how they conceive of their sound.

      Everyone else is an imitator, which explains why most black metal sucks these days and why most of it sounds a lot more like rock or punk than the original black metal.

      It has been absorbed into the mainstream.

      However, those who aren’t TV-watching BigMac-munching drones know that black metal is not just another “flavor” of rock music.

      It is a movement of art, and with it, a set of ideals, much like happen in any other artistic movement.

      You may not be able to perceive this; then again, you’re an illiterate from a trailer park somewhere.

      1. Noctus

        You could argue this about any genre whatsoever. Do you have any idea how pretentious you sound? “it’s not music, it’s ART!”

        Art shouldn’t be limited, music shouldn’t be limited. Black metal was formed around a sound just like any other genre. Hell, on Venom’s Black Metal, the album that coined the term, there’s a track about wanting to have sex with a teacher, does this mean that all black metal should comply to that ideal?

        You could argue that the second wave of black metal was formed around rebellion and what’s more rebellious than getting a few self-righteous purists angry because their precious ‘art movement’ is being moved in upon?

        1. Time Curator 23

          You are correct in that 99% of so-called elitists are actually mere self-impressed snobs. However, they don’t matter. Instead of gossiping about people, let’s talk about ideas.

          For starters, has your mind really been so trained as to not register the obvious connection between artistic, cultural, and political movements?

          To my mind, their connection not only makes logical sense, but appears throughout history — Romanticism a fine example.

          1. Noctus

            Black metal wasn’t a political movement outside of a discontent for organized religion and general modern live (second wave) that most people within the scene quickly disassociated themselves from very quickly. I’d be weary to call it a cultural movement, as well, especially considering cultures from all around the world take part in black metal. There was a trend in Norway for a while, yes, but this was more coincidental than anything.

            Even if they were, Antestor have claimed to not be a part of this several times – they simply make music with black metal instrumentation about their own beliefs. This isn’t an intrusion on the black metal movement, they should be allowed to make the music they want to without such a ridiculous backlash, that’s the only real point I’m trying to approach here.

            1. Metal Command

              Oh come on, this is getting silly.

              If they just want to get their message out, why not some other genre?

              No, they want to attack the enemy.

              Further, even first generation black metal had a clear ideology. Bathory, Sarcofago and Sodom all made it very clear where they stood regarding Christianity and other incursions on the Europagan tradition.

              Are you a Christian?

              1. Noctus

                Because they like black metal and want to play it? It’s a very simple concept, people like to play the music that they enjoy.

                What the first generation bands (or the second, third, whatever) stood for is irrelevant – it’s a musical genre and anyone is free to play it with any message they damn well please. Again, Antestor claimed not to be a part of this. They don’t refer to themselves as a black metal band, that’s what you guys have done, it’s not their fault that stylistically they resemble black metal. That’s just the music they want to play, who cares?

                Also, no, I’m an Atheist.

                1. Noctus

                  Also for the sake of answering the questions I know are mulling in your head, I’ve been into black metal for years and years and I’m European. I’m in no way less of a metalhead than you. I’m also Anti-Christian, and pretty much all religion for that matter.

                  I just happen to think that anyone can play the music that they want to and if you don’t like it, just ignore it instead of treating it like an intrusion on your puritanical standards.

                  Also, no, I don’t really like Antestor, either.

        2. Metal Command

          Everything is limited.

          Your ego wants nothing to be limited, but what would you use without those limits?

          “Christian metal” isn’t an innovation. This is some clowns from Norway recording bland black metal and putting an anti-black metal message into it.

          That’s the equivalent of going into Harlem to sing David Allen Coe songs at the locals.

          It’s not different, it’s not new, it’s not a freedom. It’s just contrarian bullshit.

          You and everyone who thinks like you suffer from a mental disorder. The exception proves the rule, and that pisses off your fragile egos.

          1. Noctus

            “This is some clowns from Norway recording bland black metal and putting an anti-black metal message into it.”

            I guess we’ll just have to disagree that Christian is inherently anti-black metal. Black metal is a genre of music, anyone should have the freedom to combine it with whatever message they damn well please.

            Also, saying I have a mental disorder? Nice, dude.

            Also by limitations I mean there shouldn’t be artificial rules around what you can and can’t do if you want to play black metal.

            1. Steve08

              Black metal is inherently Christianity because Christianity is based around teaching humans to “be good people” by blindly following the inane laws of heaven, which are based around principles that appear “safe” and “good” to all humans– the problem with this is that we don’t live in heaven, but rather on earth, and earth is governed by an entirely different set of laws than heaven; Christian ideals are so bent around egalitarianism that it’s impossible for them to ever truly surface in reality for a reason, namely that it does not have a place in it.

              Black metal is the exact opposite of this, thematically rejecting tolerance, egalitarianism, and even mundane notions of “fun”, spitting upon the pillars of modernity. Christianity “seems” conservative and yet, its true values coincide with that of modern leftism, so they are actually the same system of belief. Thusly, black metal (as in true black metal bands that started the genre, which began around the late 80s and stagnated heavily around 1996) seeks to “conserve” the lawlessness of reality, where things can be great, but also harsh, unforgiving, cruel and savage. As a result, black metal music is extremely harsh in terms of aesthetic, because why play soft music to iterate such a nihilistic message?

              Thusly, Antestor are preaching a friendly, humanistic message on top of music which, historically, has not only been about the EXACT opposite of that, and the point of using “black metal instrumentation” to express that is retarded. If their beliefs are so nice and friendly and as unthreatening as a box of kittens, then why not play music like contemporary Cynic? That kind of soft, gentle sound is FAR more accessible to ANYONE who would actually appreciate that sort of value in music, namely a Christian. Nobody who is unaware enough of reality to be a Christian would EVER listen to true black metal music. Antestor literally play black metal that is against itself, but your problem is that you do not have an adequate understanding of black metal’s history to understand this, so please, just shut the hell up.

      2. WAR METAL BR

        I agree that Metal is and always has been so black and demonstrations took place here in Belo Horizonte (Brazil). For those who do not know how big bands came here Sarcófago, Sepultura (old), Mutilator among others.

    2. Slayer fan

      Reggae isn’t about black empowerment, it’s about whatever we want it to be. Religious music isn’t about religion, it’s about my girlfriend’s lost puppy when she was young.

      Yep makes sense to me.


  • Some guy

    Does it realy matter about what the bands beliefs are? I mean I can’t believe half the shit that comes out of Dave Mustaines mouth and think what Varg has done in the past is despicable, but I still love the music they make.
    Metal is metal.
    Couldn’t the anger be given to someone more deserving, live Bieber or any studio that barfs out the shitty songs plaguing every radio station?

    1. Metal Command

      Quick, let’s form a KKK reggae band or a Jewish NSBM band!

      Of course the beliefs matter. It’s what ties together the music. It is a specific worldview and vision of existence.

      Now, in generic rock music, beliefs don’t matter. But if we wanted to listen to that, we’d just throw on some Black Eyed Peas.

      1. salinesolution

        Quick, let’s form a KKK reggae band or a Jewish NSBM band!

        Ssshhh, don’ tell Southern Lord!

  • Dominating Fucker

    Christian black metal is an oxymoron! I would make an effort and try to support my statment but Vijay Prozak already wrote lengthy essays on the matter. Besides I don’t give a shit about elaborating complex opinions on the matter when I prefer to go out there and beat the crap out of Christian “black metallers” simply because I can!! If you don’t like it then that’s fine, FIGHT THE FUCK BACK! Because I will continue cracking some christian black metallers’ heads with my bat!!!

  • Noctus

    I don’t care what a band’s beliefs are, assaulting them for it is beyond stupid.

    Black metal shouldn’t be some dumb, elitist thing where only certain people can play it and enjoy it. If there are Christians out there who like and want to play black metal out there, who on earth are we to stop them?

    1. Metal Command

      This isn’t about “certain people.”

      It’s about correctly creating the music. Like any other artistic genre, it has its conventions.

      Why you think those don’t apply to you is a mystery. You’re not that important, neither are they.

      The genre is bigger than its parts, and definitely bigger than its imitators and their defenders.

  • Time Curator 23

    There is nothing wrong with Christian black metal, as long as it is celebrating the 1% realist strains of Christianity (Jesus, Eckhart, Kierkegaard, Neitzsche, Emerson) and oppressing or ignoring the remaining 99% of Christianity.

    This is because the problem is not Christianity it self, but stupidity, ego, irreverence, oversocialization, relativism, and liberalism — traits which of course can be found in the lower 99% of anti-Christians, Satanists, and other religious reactionaries who do not have the answers they imagine they have (their anti-social amorality turns into individualism which then actually supports oversocial morality — oops!), as well as NSBMers and other political reactionaries who are not the extremist overmen they fancy themselves to be, but mere feel-good thugs who honor the nation or state more than truth, and a “might makes right” pseudo-realist ideology that just means “me before reality” hubris which leads to short term, explosive conquest, but long term, unexpected, disappointing decay (there is a reason the Romans, Nazis, British, and now Americans lose — oops!).

    You can deny this, but then you would be denying reality, and consequently, be of the unconscious human herd. Remember: humanism includes anti-humanism, and democracy includes Nazism. They destroy via tolerating intolerance and including exclusion.

    Only way forward is to have black metal be evolutionary, aristocratic, futuristic, and conservative, and do the most essential thing which is to celebrate the truth, regardless where it is found — Christian, anti-Christian, Nazi, anti-Nazi, or otherwise.

    Anything else is a lie.

    1. Metal Command

      Someone finally typed an intelligent comment into the comments section of this post! Are you sure you’re not lost?

      However, I disagree. Black metal should never be Christian. It should be about those esoteric beliefs in their raw form.

      1. Noctus

        Why limit music? If someone wants to make a black metal band around ducks why should they be stopped?

        People can make whatever kind of music they want. If some christians want to make a black metal band, why on earth not?

            1. Stay

              Musical taste is not relevant. You are an idiot. As to your previous post, we don’t consciously limit music. It imposes limits upon itself by its very nature, like everything else.

            2. Metal Command

              The test in life isn’t “Does someone not think this is stupid?”

              The test is reality, including the history of a genre and its reasons for being.

              You’re trying to genericize it for your own fragile ego, and that is how genres get destroyed and replaced with generic shitwater music like USBM and Antestor.

              1. Noctus

                “genres get destroyed”

                Are you serious? Like, really? You’re pretending that some dudes playing music that they enjoy is imposing on some special sanctity?

                One type of music doesn’t cancel out another. The bands you enjoy are still out there, a lot of them still playing live and making records, along with new bands also making music, USBM aside – black metal isn’t dead, and just because some Christian dudes decided to make black metal doesn’t mean it’s dying, either.

        1. fallot

          “Why limit music?” Doesn’t make sense. Music is art, and good art is not just a certain form but also an idea, its content. If some Christians want to make Black Metal then good on them, but if instead it is Christian propaganda using the sounds of black metal then that’s terrible. It turns into parody.

          But if to you music is just a collection of sounds in a certain style then there isn’t anything wrong with anything at all! Metal has a spirit, and denial of the spirit while embracing its superficialities is the definition of hipster behaviour. Acquire form, discard content.

    2. Ksatria

      Thing is, guys like Eckhart and Emerson wouldn’t be into black metal, or if they were, wouldn’t add Christianity, ’cause the two don’t mix. If Eckhart decided to be a dick and add it anyway, we’d execute him w/o trial, because the result would be a kind of plagiarism, as per Liturgy or the cunts above.

      1. Metal Command

        I think Eckhart would find it ridiculous to be in a Christian black metal band. He was simply start a black metal band with his transcendental ideals intact.

  • Metal Command

    Christianity and liberalism are what black metal opposes.

    Everything else endorses what these two have in common, which is a belief in the equality of the individual as the most important principle of society.

    Now, as Time Curator 23 said, there are Christians who realize that this isn’t even part of Christianity. In fact, both liberalism and Christianity have been assimilated by the individualist movement. This is a movement designed to deny reality in favor of the fragile ego (pardon me if I go full on Buddhist here for a moment).

    But music is ideology. Punk’s ideology was originally a rejection of modern society. Then the liberals got in there and turned it into individualist music, and whammo, soon you have Blink-182 and other anti-punk punk music. Just there to make a profit. It’s for the money and nothing else.

    Some genres do not have ideology. Pop and rock don’t, because they are generic.

    But metal is a wild beast, and everyone wants to tame it, so they can make it “safe” and individualist like EVERYTHING ELSE IN THIS GODDAMN WORLD.

    It’s amusing to see how many weak and fearful people have come here to try to “argue” against what is obvious to anyone with a functional brain.

    Obviously, they have excluded themselves from that category.

    1. Unblack

      Music does not revolve around ideological beliefs, if that was the case, then what revolved around pop, reggae or better yet, classical music?

      Music itself has no ideologies, elitists and morons are the ones that give them. Face it, you’re a moron.

        1. Metal Command

          This guy. This guy is smart. Listen to him.

          Not only does the music itself bear the ideologies of the Songwriters, but the Songwriters are just a means to an end.

          The ideology creates the music. The songwriters are just a tool to that end.

          Unlike “Christian black metal,” which is just tools.

      1. Metal Command

        Beliefs are what cause the music to be formed and the creators to choose the elements they did.

        The idea comes before the incarnation.

        You’re in denial of that because you’re an imitator and should be mocked, scourged, raped and nailed to a cross.

    2. RIP Black Metal Culture

      Right. The intentions behind Black Metal were the opposite of commercialism. Black Metal was formed by elitists, for elitists. Twisting the ideologies (or completely ignoring) for your own personal gain automatically establishes it different, thus shouldn’t be held to the same creative fire that Black Metal derived from.

      People may use ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter’ in substitution of butter, but at the end of the day it’s an imitation.

      If True Black Metal were the dairy industry, it’d be true to itself and proclaim ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter’ as poseur-ish and wimpy. Go straight to the udders and bypass the false.

  • Dominating Fucker

    The “Filosofem” album was my first attempt to distance myself from the “Black Metal” trend, and was in reality an anti-Black Metal album, just like my first few albums had been anti-death metal albums. Unfortunately nobody understood this, and instead “Filosofem” just set new standards for what was to be defined as “Black Metal”. Of course “Dauði Baldrs” and “Hliðskjálf” really made my point clear, that I did not play “Black Metal”, but by then it was in a sense too late.

    **The parody of so-called Black Metal that we today know as “Black Metal” had already become a huge sub-culture and a genre in itself. ***

    source: http://www.burzum.org/eng/library/2012_interview_metal_discovery.shtml

  • War Metal

    The brazilian blog WAR METAL don´t organized the attack, but supports the manifestation against all “Christian” black metal. Remembering that we support the demonstration and not violence

  • christians Go Home

    This is quoted from the above article I copy/pasted a link to in my previous post.

    Both Romanticist art and metal are therefore in conflict with Christianity as 99% of its audience practices it, and they have run into additional conflict through Christian propaganda trying to emulate the original art forms. When a Christian or secular humanist (atheistic version of Christian morality) sees metal, which is a value system that not only denies their own but makes it look like an arbitrary fantasy into which people escape their fear of mortality and failure, they have a tendency to do what any good propagandist would do: make their own version of the art in question, and then point to that new creation which did not emerge from the artistic movement but was imposed upon it, and use its existence to claim that consensus does not exist in the artistic movement.

    Look at the earlier comments that were posted, it’s the exact same damn thing that they are doing!

    Fuck off and die!

    1. Time Curator 23

      The problem with this is that it is wrong.

      They don’t need to impose Christianity into black metal, because black metal has already had Christianity in it, with very few exceptions, from its very beginning.

      By Christianity, of course, I mean egomania, whether in the form of arrant individualism, humanism, feminism, and so on.

      I am all for rejecting Christian black metal, but we should not make it a priority, lest it become a distraction. We must first reject the falseness that is already well established within the black metal community.

      A few “Christian” bands at the gates of the metaphysical (conceptual prototype) black metal kingdom are not a real threat. Brush up on your Plato, my fellow Hessians. The rot is always first from within…

      1. Metal Command

        I support blaming Christians for as much as possible, but it’s not fair to blame them for liberalism. Most liberals are in fact worse than Christians, and more dogmatic, and equally unwelcome in black metal.

        Black metal vamped its imagery and contents from two things: European Romantic poetry and Nietzsche. Like Wordsworth, they love ancient ruins, darkness, melancholy, nature, storms, torment, and escape from society. Like Nietzsche they hate the weak and believe the best society is one where constant conflict purges the stupid and cowlike from among us.

        Black metal supports everything this society fears. They don’t care if you’re Hitler atop a heap of dead Jews so long as you uphold the ancient vision. They don’t care if you’re killing babies, slaughtering billions, or kicking the impoverished in the shins and gassing them. Black metal is not personal. It is not about the value of human life. It is about the process of nature and conquest. It is more Darwinian than humanist. Fear it, because it probably hates you.

        1. Time Curator 23


          Yes, I welcome its seething hatred — the more it gives, the more I channel.

          But even more, I welcome its cold indifference — just to think: my rotting corpse, long forgotten by all mankind; nay, all mankind, long extinct in an uncaring cosmos… ah yes…

          I love Nietzscheanism, Darwinism, and anti-humanism too, not only because they remove the weak mob at the bottom, but particularly because of the Leibnizian justice and humor that often plays out as those among the weak oligarchy at the top who misunderstand and misapply these ideologies for their own benefit end up ruining and killing themselves, as history has shown: Persians, Venetians, Romans, Nazis, Americans… the play goes on.

          Forget self, and man…

          Stick to truth, and nature.


          … ahem.

        2. Time Curator 23

          Regarding Wordsworth, I agree that he was an inspiration for the best of black metal.

          However, just like Coleridge, Wordsworth abandoned the Romanticism of his youth, gave up, became bitter, and ended up a political reactionary.

          Kinda like this once brilliant “Brett Stevens” guy who was telling people to vote for Mitt Romney.

          Really unfortunate.

  • Cargast

    Black Metal was frequently an expression against the perceived tyranny of Christian culture (that is, modern culture). The aim was to secede from such a way of life, and to create Art that, if not directly attacking, would at least journey far away from the “parent culture”, such as it were. I find it amusing that these protestors have turned Black Metal into the same kind of dogma against which it was originally pitted, though I certainly understand if they want to be militant anti-Christians in a Christian country.

    There’s nothing to stop someone with an apt understanding of Christianity from using the medium of Black Metal to sing the praise of God – after all, that’s exactly what Black Metal did, though they recognised that the Christian term “God”, as commonly understood, was divorced from God-as-Nature, God-as-Universe, etc. (that Romantic ideal we keep talking about); as such, it became an object of revulsion, representing the aspirations of the callous, shallow, and undignified modern soul. Antestor would probably agree.

    1. Archibald

      Ever thought that your christian god became an object of revulsion because the first premises of the faith easily lead, rationally speaking, to god-against-nature, god-as-outside-universe. It must be hard living with such an outsider interpetation of your christian faith. It can’t be good for mental wellbeing.

      1. Cargast

        @Fail: I certainly aspire to love the wicked, the idiotic, and the self-interested, though not from a Christian but an Indo-European perspective: every part is necessary for the whole, and I already love the whole; necessarily, I must love the parts.

        @Archibald: Christianity is a religion of the heart; it is thinking that has distorted it so woefully. The principle premise of Christ’s teachings is this: we are all Children of God, being nothing more than That in disguise (i.e. the Advaitin view). It is the first distortion of that premise that led to the distinction between God and Nature, God and Man, and Man and Nature (namely, “Christ was the Son of God, no-one else!” XD).

        I find I can’t hear “rationally speaking” without feeling a twinge of amusement, nowadays; truly, many of us have yet to fully surpass the excesses of the Enlightenment philosophies.

      1. Time Curator 23

        Not really.

        Just as most Christians think black metal to be untalented, angry noise (because most of it is), most black metalers think Christianity to be insane mental diarrhea (because most of it is).

        In time (or now with study) however, the unintelligible excess will fall away, and the intelligible forms will be revealed:

        Christianity isn’t about going to church and living a lie, but about seeking, finding, and applying the truth in a platonist-cum-gnostic-cum-tantric sort of way, with the likes of Jesus, Paul, Clement of Alexandria, Marcion, Valentinus, Origen, Erasmus, Eckhardt, Emerson, Thoreau, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Frithjof Schuon, and so on.

        Black metal isn’t a more hard-edged variant of the sex, drugs, and rock and roll lifestyle, but is a genuinely masculine, Romantic, and Indo-European way of engaging reality.

        Thus the two aren’t incompatible.

        However, for practical purposes, it’s best to avoid Christian black metal for at least the next five thousand years, I’d measure.

            1. Time Curator 23

              Nietzsche was a savant or sage within the Perennial Tradition, just as Jesus was.

              To the “learned” scholar, they appear opposites, but a less superficial reading of their teachings reveals they both had the exact same message for mankind, and that they only differed in which mind- and soul-killing institutions they attacked in their times: for Jesus, it was the decadent Judeo-Pagan leaders of his time, while for Nietzsche, it was the decadent Judeo-Christian leaders of his time, and of course, more importantly, both attacked the sleeping mass of humanity which empowers said “leaders” in the first place.

              1. Archibald

                Incredible! To be a Perennial Traditionalists one needs only to attack the prevailing insitutions of the time!

                I’ve just realised Focault is a Perennial Traditionalist!

  • Slayer fan

    Christianity isn’t the worst.

    Liberal humanism is the worst.

    Christianity is like a cookbook, you basically pick what you want from it.

    Liberal humanism is a guided missile with a singular ideology.

    If you really respect Satan, you will turn the cross upside down at the same time you slaughter liberals with a pitchfork.

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  • Nathan


    Simply and easy to understand how a metal band Winger in Norway can support Christianity. They themselves are cowards and having a mind so weak that impossible to remember that Christianity did away with their ancestors, ie the Norse culture.

    That individuals retartados …! Firsthand Black Metal and ideology wise that translates to everyday pecorre the world.

    I ask all real head banger’s the true aspects that are against this hypocrisy, to banish it once, with attitude and focus, we will show that the true head banger and unique and does not accept plagiarism and fad if ititulando Metal.

    I congratulate the head banger’s city of Belo Horizonte, with this fact, the warning was given and we provide maintenance and name of Black Metal in all cities of the world where it is a head banger that should be done, because these times not only Black metal, such as Heavy Metal, Death Metal and metal Trahs that performs above all the true metal, which has been together in this battle and forget the differences within the Black metal.

    Nathan Sinbrow.

  • brutal war

    I was witness to what happened in Belo Horizonte. We come here only in the matter of the argument about the members of Antestor. The police gave no shots into the air, burst happened, was a bomb that has no moral effect, this bomb was thrown by police, following only a tactic to disperse the protesters, because this time, the members of Antestor were failing through the tumult enter the taxi.

    Only this. But yes, all viewers of this show were chingados, kicked in a non-violent and were also much spit, they deserved it so to meddle in the culture of true metal.

      One thing should be well addressed. In this show had several underage people, many of them with confused minds harming the destinies of these adolescents, ie, over the centuries the cristianiismo associates to adultery to dominate the minds of those who are beginning to dinfundir things that happen in life , breaking the natural destiny as a human in itself, has the right to assess and aprensentar his personality before the world.

    Christianity sucks, religion in general only limited people’s minds that they can fight for a better world. Look to the Black Metal danger diantes manifestations of White Metal, because Christianity did away with numerous culuras in the world and ultimately the parties that are in the church holidays during the year, has no intermediate rise by themselves, just copy and steals the idea and not different from White Metal, rob the culture of a true head banger.