Dan Swanö Mastering Upcoming Pestilence Album

Dan Swanö is mastering the upcoming Pestilence album, which titled Hadeon and comes out March 1st of next year on Hammerheart Records.

From Hammerheart’s Funbook page:

Non other than the mighty Dan Swanö is mastering the new PESTILENCE album “HADEON” to be released march 1st 2018.

Dan had this to say after hearing “HADEON” for the first time: ” All in all, the mix is awesome and it sounds like the album that should have come after their “Testimony..” album in the early 90’s
I love that it’s normal tuning (sounds cool with the octaver on the guitar sometimes!)
The drummer is killer too! All in all, I think it will be a hit for them!”


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One thought on “Dan Swanö Mastering Upcoming Pestilence Album”

  1. Rainer Weikusat says:

    Mameli on vocals is decidedly cool and I like the death metal parts of this. The others are not so great, somewhat like a disgusting Hollywood beauty face grafted onto the back of a beautiful, evil alien monster.

    But it’s better than the most recent Asphyx album.

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