Dark Descent Records plans US death metal compilation


Dark Descent Records has announced plans to unleash a compilation of US death metal bands which will accompany an upcoming issue of Legacy magazine from Germany which will be themed around death metal.

Bands confirmed so far:

Morpheus Descends
Blood Incantation
Spectral Voice
House of Atreus
Grave Ritual
Father Befouled

Dark Descent Records label head Matt Calvert adds: “We’re still working on a couple others as well. These will be rare/unreleased tracks on this CD compilation and may include 7” tracks, vinyl or cassette only tracks or some early teasers (in the case of Grave Ritual). More soon.”

In the meantime, interested listeners can look to the last Dark Descent Records compilation which unleashes free digital music in the underground metal styles.

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2 thoughts on “Dark Descent Records plans US death metal compilation”

  1. mhmm... says:

    Wow, what a disaster that new release sampler was. Horrendous…

    Dark Descent could probably make more money on making compilations, etc. of old shit than mucking up the landfills with “Death n Roll”.

    1. Richard Head says:

      What is so bad besides the Horrendous track? The other bands listed range from inoffensive (Father Befouled, Grave Ritual) to promising (Blood Incanation) to really good (Blaspherian) to legendary (Morpheus, Imprecation).

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