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by Brett Stevens
January 9, 2014 –


Preposterous Creations put out a split between reclusive act – – – and by their own description, long-standing but frequently interrupted American band Dawning, who re-recorded their signature song “Divine Arrival of the Massive Hoof.” The result makes for interesting listening and aims to be obscure and withdrawn, which for the most part enhances the experience.

– – – are clearly aiming for the Deathspell Omega crowd, but using a more traditional heavy metal attack that might draw comparisons to Cradle of Filth and early Dimmu Borgir. However, what this band has over the art-rock crowd is that they believe in songs that still move with a sense of purpose toward clarifying a repeated rhythm and melody. This both brings them closer to rock, and away from the overly-configured aesthetic of later black metal. Most of these riffs would fit on a Fates Warning album and count as both heavy and interestingly melodic, but its melodies are a different story entirely and would be at home on a Celtic rock or world music album. The mixture of the two results in less of an oil-on-water fusion than heavy metal mixes normally do, mainly because it sticks to a solid basis of 1970s post-NWOBHM riffing technology.

Dawning brings out one track, but it’s a long and epic one; this is basically funeral doom metal with a 1980s Gothic influence. I realize that all 1980s is new again since there are similar political, economic and social conditions, but “Divine Arrival of the Massive Hoof” seems like it comes by this influence honestly. The result is dragging guitars under ringing keyboards that move into riffs with a covert groove that expand into more battle-drawn riffing. From this lighter faire, it returns to the dark and accompanies it with keyboards of the Vincent Price-meets-Summoning variety. As a result, it creates a dark atmosphere with the explorative inner nature of Gothic and industrial.

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  • George Wellington

    To the writer:
    I’ve always struggled with how you apply the term heavy metal to bands like Dissection when everybody else is calling it black metal or even death metal as the band call their musice on the liner notes.
    Speaking of Deathspell Omega, this old band HIRILORN shared members with them. What is your opinion on HIRILORN ?

  • steve

    thanks everyone for taking the time to read / review about this . I do want to make one point which is that in 1996 when Bud and I first did a studio recording of “Divine Arrival” – there was no genre called funeral doom back then . at least not that I was aware of .

    1. EDS

      I believe the members of bands playing doom at the BPM range of 60-100 did indeed call their music “funeral doom”. At least that’s what I am led to believe. I could be wrong however, as I am a young guy and I was not into metal back in 1996, so in effect, I hope this stimulates some discourse on the subject.

    2. paul

      Are you saying the genre didn’t exist or that it wasn’t called Funeral Doom at the time? Because it looks to me like there sure were Funeral Doom bands releasing albums prior to 1996.

  • steve

    what I am saying is that I went to about 100 metal shows and listened to hundreds of releases at that time and I never saw or heard of one band that was called funeral doom . if you retroactively search the entire globe with the internet yes you can find one or two obscure acts from that time who retroactively apply that term. I am telling you I have been a metal head in bands acive in the underground since 1994 with pale existence. and no that genre did not exist. you had bands like disembowlment grief my dying bride , winter , noothegrush that played slow . none of these were called funeral doom

    1. tiny midget

      Steve , what do i need to do to become a porn star just like u?
      although fecal midget p0rn is frowned upon this site i could focus on epic transcendental classicall- influenced porn exclusively!

    2. Robert

      So what? Do you want a pat on the back, Steve? Either way, Skepticism did a better job at funeral doom than you did. Sorry you can’t realize this.

  • steve

    I want to hear from people who were playing at the time in 1996 . not from people retroactively searching the web and applying a term retroactively.

  • steve

    the closest thing I ever heard to the term funeral doom until 5 or 6 years ago was in the old sheet music for the black Sabbath song war pigs it denotes it as a funeral march .

  • steve

    1) people do not want to give my band any credit for having been playing funeral doom/ blackened doom early on
    2) because funeral doom is so trendy now it is hard for young people to imagine a time where it either did not exist or where it was so obscure and unpopular that it may as well have not existed

  • steve

    also the males in porn they will give us different names for different shoots to the males . some studios called me mike , also went by father alito , steve nasty etc. I don’t work in that industry anymore and other actors took the name stevie boy since. if you are curious I was father alito in xxxhorror or you can see me on bang bros fuckteam 5 in segment called pumping iron or with sindee Jennings in handjob winner .

    1. tiny midget

      i shall be inspired to start the first funeral porn band, with a little blackened metal, cuz u know, once u go black …
      ask Fenriz, he knows…

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  • steve

    i am having a hell of a time getting the band going live honestly .

    right now its me playing drums keys and singing , and practicing with two bassists . it sounds like tangerine dream crossed with man is the bastard right now . not sure what people would make of it live (with this instrumentation).
    I was not intending the instrumentation to be this unusual .
    auditioning guitarists and speaking to a female vocalist about having her go over a few tracks for the next upcoming release. any opinions on whether female vocals would be good or bad for these type songs??

    1. Sindee J.

      I am guessing you don’t realize that your blackened / doom metal tunes are great. Why wouldn’t you want to continue on a full length with tunes similar to your split?

    2. metal-archives.com gave me HIV

      No female vocals!

      They make the metal flaccid. Play what you’re playing but put more penis into it until all your balls and heart is inside your own creation.

      1. metal-archives.com gave me HIV

        I still recommend you give her the Steve Cefala penetration, but not if shes fat.

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