Dead Congregation Repress Purifying Consecrated Ground


Dead Congregation have repressed their debut EP, Purifying Consecrated Ground, on frontman Anastasis Valtsanis’s own Martyrdoom Productions label in digipak CD format. The new fans the band picked up with their last album, Promulgation of the Fall, will finally have a chance to own a physical copy of the band’s most concise work.

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7 thoughts on “Dead Congregation Repress Purifying Consecrated Ground

  1. C.M. says:

    If you like DC at all, do yourself a favor and pick this up, I listen to it more often than either full-length.

  2. Frotting Christ "Thighs Mightily Contract" says:

    I can barely repress my delight!

    (GET IT?! re-press = to press again)

    1. vOddy says:


  3. hypocrite says:

    So where’s Graves of the Archangels?

    1. Who knows. That CD has been sold out for years.

  4. Constipated Forest says:


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