Death Metal Angola in theaters this fall


Death Metal Angola tells the story of Angolan couple Sonia and Wilker who want to put on the first national rock festival in their country. They hope that this will unite a people broken by constant warfare, unrest, poverty an corruption.

In the trailer, Death Metal Angola lets us hear some of the music from Angola. It has death vocals, but sounds more like a hybrid between blues and grindcore riffs, with lots of lead fills and a more relaxed rhythm. As death metal and related genres seem to adapt to local cultures and musical preferences wherever they go, this provides an interesting insight into Angolan music.

The film will see theatrical release in early November and is being described as both a film about death metal and a film about war.


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2 thoughts on “Death Metal Angola in theaters this fall”

  1. witten says:

    It’s quite unfortunate that these riffs at least are not death metal at all..

    1. Richard Head says:

      I remember seeing a trailer or preview for this quite a while ago, and thinking that all the bands sounded like amateur versions of American radiocore bands circa 2006. No thanks. Still will probably watch, more for interest in getting a perspective on life in Angola.

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