Demoncy & Profanatica Headlining Mass Destruction Metal Fest

The Mass Destruction Metal Fest to be held in Atlanta, Georgia on November 3rd and 4th announced a great lineup this year with Demoncy and Profanatica among the headliners. Also playing are Acheron, Macabre, Nocturnus AD, Deceased, and Brutality. The festival should be a great chance for headbangers in the southeastern United States to experience two of the best American black metal bands live.

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10 thoughts on “Demoncy & Profanatica Headlining Mass Destruction Metal Fest”

  1. GGALLIN1776 says:

    What’s the usual turnout for shows like this in GA/FL? Once upon a time when there was still a show or two a year in CT it was 20-30 people. 20 years ago it would be packed & violent but that was 20 years ago.

    1. Exfoliation says:

      Shows in Atlanta have great turnouts and good local bands as well, I’ll be there and it’d be funny if there ever were a meeting of commenters, either way I’m going

      1. GGALLIN1776 says:

        If any good shows ever come here again I’ll be sure to announce my attendance by way of what shirt I’ll be wearing. Always fun running into people off of sites/forums. Had a few annoying run-ins, but for the most part good times/no complaints.

        Maybe someday my dream of moving to FL/GA will happen, fingers crossed but not holding my breath.

      2. Let's only talk about Blasphemy and Craig Pillard says:

        I’ll be there more than likely.

      3. HamHocks says:

        I’ll definitely be in attendance this lineup is awesome so far

    2. Jacob says:

      Saw Deicide at the Masquerade in Atlanta in 2013, it was packed and a good show, they played mostly newer stuff but it was still cool. Saw Ministry in 2015, was packed and enjoyable, Saw Mayhem too in 2014, lots of lame opening acts and a gay goth kid standing next to me with fishnet forearm sleeves, but still a cool opportunity. I will definitely try to attend this one.

      1. GGALLIN1776 says:

        When I saw Deicide in 2014 in Hartford (the webster), about 25-50 people. When I saw them in 06(?) around 150, in ’03 on the scars tour it was PACKED.
        Things weren’t always insane show wise here, but from around 97 – 07 there was a pretty good run. When the recession hit naturally it fell off & then just never recovered, atleast from what I’ve noticed.

  2. Marc Defranco says:

    So far this is actually a decent line up, especially if the bands stick to early material

  3. The Macabre bois are gonna crush it

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