Hod releases The Uncreated demo

HOD demoWe recently spoke to Hod guitarist Lord Necron about their new demo as well as previous happenings with the band. That interview can be read here.

Now their new The Uncreated demo has been made available for purchase. The demo shows the band taking their sound further with more dynamics, aggression and violence, while staying true to the styling of their first album Serpent.

Fans that liked their previous work will definitely enjoy this new offering from Hod. Those interested can purchase a digital demo for $5.00 USD at their official bandcamp presence.

The Uncreated Demo by hod

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3 thoughts on “Hod releases The Uncreated demo”

  1. Tralf says:

    I have to pay to hear your demo? What kind of fuckery is this?

  2. They should rename themselves “Tod”, wear baseball caps replete with mullets, and play nothing but post Black album era Metallica covers.

  3. n says:


    There is a preview there. Sorry people are so offended to pay for music nowadays.

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