Last Copies: Deteriorate Rotting In Hell Reissue Nearly Sold Out

From the squirrely sub-sub-genre of death metal that made us of flowing tremolo riffs as well as Slayer did, joining compatriots like Massacra and Vader, Deteriorate issued forth its first album, Rotting In Hell, to distribution in North America by J.L. America back in the hazy days of maturing underground metal.

Dark Horizon Records issued the following statement:

DARK HORIZON RECORDS are the only official distributor with copies in stock! These are purchased directly from Frank Ierovante (Guitar Player) and support goes directly to the band!

In 2017 DARK SYMPHONIES, THE CRYPT and DARK DESCENT records re-issued the 1993 JL AMERICA cult classic… “ROTTING IN HELL” by the legendary American Death metal act DETERIORATE. This amazing 1993 debut album was ground breaking then and is just as relevant now as it was when originally released. Grisly, raw and extremely heavy death metal played with uncompromising brutality, the way it was meant to be played.

Having been long out of print for years, DARK SYMPONIES / THE CRYPT / DARK DECENT proudly released this amazing classic Death Metal album once again! The CD is a DOUBLE DISC designed after the original 1993 JL America release, featuring original cover artwork, taking elements from the original layout with attention to detail, even down to the logo and typeface for a touch of nostalgia. Also included are unpublished classic band photos, flyers and brand new liner notes from original founding member Frank Ierovante. Included on disc 2 as a bonus are the band’s 1992 “self titled” demo, 1993 “Agonized Display” Demo and their 1995 “Gather the Nebbish” demo.

Disc 1
Rotting In Hell
1-1 Agonized Display 3:46
1-2 A Thousand Years Of Anguish 3:12
1-3 Cannibal Autopsy 3:41
1-4 Devoured 2:41
1-5 The Sufferance 2:07
1-6 Rotting In Hell 2:58
1-7 Asphyxiation Cremation 3:27
1-8 Shadows Of Death 2:22
1-9 Beyond The Grave 2:26
1-10 Decomposed Anatomy 4:03

Disc 2
“Agonized Display” demo 1993
2-1 Agonized Display 3:23
2-2 A Thousand Years Of Anguish 3:11
2-3 Cannibal Autopsy 3:33
2-4 Devoured 2:41
2-5 The Sufferance 2:05
2-6 Rotting In Hell 2:56
2-7 Asphyxiation Cremation 3:22
2-8 Shadows Of Death 2:19
2-9 Beyond The Grave 2:33
2-10 Decomposed Anatomy 3:41

“Deterioriate” demo 1992
2-11 Agonized Display 2:38
2-12 Shadows Of Death 2:24
2-13 Decomposed Anatomy 3:31
2-14 Beyond The Grave 2:34

“Gather The Nebbish” demo 1995
2-15 Religious Fatum 3:59
2-16 Ode To A Mortal 3:33
2-17 Daeva Come… 6:24
2-18 Gather The Nebbish 2:47
2-19 Evaporated Battle Ground 3:44
2-20 Devoured 2:39

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6 thoughts on “Last Copies: Deteriorate Rotting In Hell Reissue Nearly Sold Out”

  1. thewaters says:


    1. WilliamOfAThousandBlakes says:

      Maybe because the album cover art looks so bad and twenty sixth-tier? Death Metallers demand better anatomical standards than a bleeding skull.

      1. metal tears says:

        lol the men are speaking honey

  2. Claudia Roth says:

    Nice fuzzy riffs and typewriter drums. I can’t get over the weak vocals though.

    1. 2 and a half mennonites says:

      maybe the weakest part of the album… but they are fitting. kinda sounds like the guy on the cover is trying to sing but his lungs and larynx are perforated

      1. kinda sounds like the guy on the cover is trying to sing but his lungs and larynx are perforated

        Early COHIVID-19 infection?

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