Metal Music Studies journal selling subscriptions directly


The journal of the International Society of Metal Music Studies (ISMMS), Metal Music Studies, is now available via subscription through direct purchase from the publisher Intellect Books. Editors Karl Spracklen and Niall Scott have been at the forefront of integrating heavy metal and academia so that the latter may study the former.

Until 2016, when membership in the International Society of Metal Music Studies comes with a subscription to Metal Music Studies, interested parties — whether members of ISMMS or not — will need to purchase a subscription at the following location. Volume One of Metal Music Studies is available in three issues over 2014 and 2015.

Subscriptions will become available for sale in May. We’re hoping for heavy coverage (hehe) of early primitive death metal.

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3 thoughts on “Metal Music Studies journal selling subscriptions directly”

  1. Good luck to them, agenda No. 1 should be to study real underground metal not the watered down commercial versions like Motley Crue, Deafheaven, Otep and Pantera. Also less stuff about race and gender just write for normal people thanks.

    1. Utmu says:

      I disagree. They should focus just as much attention on the more commercial bands as they do on bands like Blasphemy and Urfaust. Even if the more commercial bands are “outsiders” to the genre, their interpretation of metal is useful as cultural and musicological interpretations. Additionally, in a broader context, their study of these bands can have an impact on commercial art’s status in the artworld.

      1. Nito says:

        Yes, but they might try to pass off all this inappropriately performed post-punk going around now as “black metal” too.

        All these “studies” so far had so many compromises to appeal to the herd that they might do more harm than good.

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