Morgoth unleashes first studio tracks since 1996


German death metal band Morgoth releases its first new studio material since 1996 with God is Evil, a 7″ and digital single with two new tracks. The band also released a teaser of the new material which samples but does not include in full the first track, “God is Evil.”

The material shows the same classic death metal riffing as the original Morgoth releases that inspired their prominence in the early 1990s underground with Cursed and Grim Reality, but adds standoffish speed metal riffs and modern metal influences on the vocals. As a result, more groove and bounce enter the fray but are done in such a way as to maximize impact and deaden any similarities to life-loving positive music.

As the teaser runs only 1:38 further conclusions are difficult at this time but many of us are watching to see how this band develops for its return at a time when many classic death metal bands are seeing widespread notice for the first time. The single dropped on August 11 in Europe and will see US release over the new few days via Century Media.

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4 thoughts on “Morgoth unleashes first studio tracks since 1996”

  1. hiarctow says:

    Hard to judge from a short clip, but it certainly sounds like Morgoth. Going to ignore the goofy song title.

  2. pinger says:

    last thing we need is more goth or athiestic themes in music but I do love the ‘rock out with your cock out’ vibe to this one

  3. discodjango says:

    “Grim Reality” is the title of an early Macabre EP.

  4. Number 9 says:

    The title track is wonderful, an expertly crafted death metal track. If this is the quality we can expect from a future album, you can count me in. However I’m less impressed with the B-side, “Die as Deceiver”. It’s decent but obviously the weaker of the two.

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