6 thoughts on “October Tide – Tunnel of No Light”

  1. John S. says:

    This post reminds of how much a review can add to the art it describes. Beautifully written, Brett.

  2. sgt.ryancaulfield says:

    this stuff is so great. its like brakeing benjimen meets opeth. gratest release of 13.

  3. Antonio Sagrado says:

    The review is cool. OT is much more, than metal. Sometimes I feel kind of pity, that there are too much deathmetal vocals there – music looses its depth. It’s like I am walking through woods and fields abandoned, and there is one felow beside that grouls all the time)) I like the grouls, but not that amount of them)))

    1. Yeah. Am I the only one here who thinks they should just get rid of the vocals? I like the way the music washes over me like sunlight caught in the ripples of a pond. The death howl almost sounds like a mastering error on top of that.

  4. smelly says:

    Good band considering how shitty Katatonia became!

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