Phil Anselmo’s Newest Solo Endevour Bombs

On a recent episode of “The Classic Metal Show” burnt out Pantera vocalist and famed roman-saluter Phil Anselmo admitted that his newest album Choosing Mental Illness as a Virtue was “only going to appeal to X amount of people, and that’s going to be a small amount of people.”  By X amount, Phil was likely referring to the roman numeral for the number 10 as that is about the number of fans his band of soon-to-be deported illegal immigrants has.  The album currently has a 46% score on Metal-Archives (already a low medium of standards) and virtually no one has professed a fondness for the album outside of the journalists who were paid to.

The timing of the new Phil Anselmo and the Immigrants album was obviously a calculated PR move as Anselmo tries to restore his reputation after he notoriously shouted “White Power!” at a benefit show for deceased bandmate Dimebag Darrell.  By pushing the “Illegal Immigrant friendly Phil Anselmo!” image the record industry hopes to distract from Phil’s long history of expression of pride for his race.  Since Housecore records has a hefty budget (for a metal/rock label in 2018 at least) they were in fact able to buy off several media outlets into symphasizing for industry golden-boy Phil.

You can help ICE report immigrant crimes by calling 1-866-DHS-2-ICE or filling out their tip form here.

To hear a washed up bunch of retirement-community-tier metalheads repeat the same conversations about Pantera over and over again click here:

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9 thoughts on “Phil Anselmo’s Newest Solo Endevour Bombs”

  1. NWN War Metal Tranny Rapist says:

    Never forget that Phil Anselmo brought tranny fucking into the mainstream with his Jerry Springer metal. I bet he butt blasts shemales to the new Portal album.

    1. Darkseid says:

      More like shemales butt blast *him*. Probably several at once.

      1. Rainer Loves Greasy Penis says:

        I only bought this album for the band pictures.

        Normally I wouldn’t comment on such a pedestrian issue, but the dicks looked so very very greasy!


      2. NWN War Metal Tranny Rapist says:

        True that. Pre-Cowboys From Hell may be predictive tranny programming. After they tried to look like they fucked the trannies but come across like a complete joke compared to Blasphemy.

  2. Darkseid says:

    Why even give this any coverage at all?

    1. I'm black says:

      Goes without saying that it’s hilarious to make fun of this fart swallower!

  3. fashy bowlcut says:

    Ah so now it’s fine to use metal archives to back up your positions on music when their scores are agreeable


  4. Doesn't matter says:

    Seems like this site is populated by by frustrated and suppressed queers. To hell with all the “tranny” nonsense.

    1. VON & Trannies says:

      No shit. You’re on a Phil Anselmo article! Up next: Mastodon.

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