Metalgate news – Phil Anselmo wavers on racist statements

Phil Anselmo put a sour taste into the mouth of Dimebag Darrell and Pantera worshipers worldwide by making some white supremacist signs at the end of Dimebash 2016. Much to my amusement, he immediately backpedaled and insisted that these remarks were his idea of a joke. Like most of these incidents, the importance is not so much in what Phil Anselmo actually believes, but in how the people around him react. As a general rule, you people have overreacted. For instance, the good folk at MetalSucks (always a bastion of… well… something) struggled to reconcile their simple belief that racism is bad with their other simple belief that Phil Anselmo’s musical efforts are worthy of their time and attention.

Here at DMU, we’ve learned to deal with the fallout of our idols’ actual, provable crimes, such as the arson and murder of the Norwegian black metal scene to the point that we’re perhaps desensitized to thoughtcrimes, especially since we can’t yet peer into Anselmo’s head and accurately determine whether he’s a racist, or trawling for attention, or some combination of both. What matters is that we don’t jump to conclusions based on the unknowable. Besides, we have enough evidence of Anselmo contributing to Pantera.

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48 thoughts on “Metalgate news – Phil Anselmo wavers on racist statements”

  1. Daniel Maarat says:

    Did anyone ever assume he was anything other than a skinhead junkie?

  2. Dr Khan says:

    So-called ‘metal fans’ are such babies. Only the music matters. It doesn’t matter what the artist says or does. Musicians are merely a transmission mechanism for musical ideas. That’s why Burzum’s music can be appreciated without crying like a whiny bitch about how he killed a dude or said something mean. That said, I bet if Anselmo had said something advocating socialism — which is nothing more than using the guns and badges of the state to force your will on others — the SJWs would be fapping like crazy about how enlightened he is. Because nothing makes them happier than forcing their will on others — at gunpoint, if necessary. What a bunch of fucking losers.

  3. OliveFox says:

    Christ, he isn’t even good at being a racist. Walk on home, fella.

    1. morbideathscream says:

      Yeah, anselmo would be a poor spokesman for the white nationalist movement. Folks like varg vikernes, rob darken, Dr David Duke, Hendrick Mobus, arghoslent/grand belials key or even Craig pillard would represent the white nationalist movement in a much more intelligent matter. Anselmo would reinforce the stereotype that all white racialists are uneducated backwoods rednecks like the mainstream media makes them out to be.

    2. vOddy says:

      Hahahaha, well written

  4. morbideathscream says:

    Funny, I have the opposite opinion of anselmo, I think pantera or any other project he’s participated in sucks (necrophagia released a good album more than a decade before he joined their ranks), but can’t blame him if he is indeed a racist. He does sound like an idiot when he goes on the fake tough guy rants that he’s famous for. Zionist control of the masses and persecution of white heterosexual males is a real thing and if anselmo is white and proud I’ll at least give him credit where credit is due despite his lame musical endeavors.

  5. Wolfgang says:

    Occasionally someone over here posts links to metalsucks or metalinjection. It’s a nice reminder of why I don’t read either.

    I just can’t stop laughing now, thinking about the serious countenance Axl Rosenberg must’ve had as he was typing the words “The Metal Community Must”.

  6. yoyoyoyo says:

    You don’t have not to be a dick to be a good artist : Cf Céline, Mustaine.

  7. The Sword of 1000 Truths says:

    Phil Anselmo put a sour taste into the mouth of brainwashed, hippie, SJW bigots. That’s it. Maybe he’s racist, maybe he’s not. Who cares? Believe it or not, being a racist is not a crime. He can think, say and do whatever he wants, as long as he doesn’t hurt anyone. This whole thing has been blown way out of proportion. Plus, he’s Phil Anselmo- he can do whatever he wants.

    1. I blew my head off like Per Ohlin says:

      It’s usually a sackable offence and there’s racial equality laws, so I’m pretty sure it’s a crime in some form or another.

  8. JM says:

    Phil Anselmo is a racist moron. Kinda like Chaos AD, Pantera can sometimes be dumb fun – Mahler it definitely ain’t, but the hate for Pantera is out of proportion to the actual artistic problems and weaknesses posed by post-thrash/groove metal as a whole. It gets doubly hairy when aspiring musicians in the 1990’s couldn’t grasp the context and came away with the wrong idea. Mystification, confusion, translation loss proliferate; nu-metal and beatdown hardcore are the dubious spawn of this tendency. Objectively, Pantera’s influence was more harmful than the actual musical content was wanting – I think there is a lazy conflation among many on this point (often coupled with hyperbolic claims of stylistically plagiarizing Exhorder.)

    As if on cue, someone else mentioned Varg/Burzum in the usually lazy way, with a greasy helping of anti-“SJW” butthurt and an illiterate’s grasp of socialism for good measure. The notion of art for art’s sake is a very naive and relatively modern one. As aesthetics developed, it became clear that art can not be grasped “for its own sake” in an act of disinterested contemplation. It is enmeshed in a matrix of social, historical, economic concreteness. The artist may or may not be aware of this in full or in part. The work of art itself, irrespective of its aesthetic strengths or weaknesses, can not help but reflect the world around themselves, albeit often in a deeply fraught and contradictory way. In this case, often mediated by escapism – “what once was” indeed.

    Varg is a racist and a philistine reactionary. There’s something tragic, even pathetic, about his life and times. Our historical conjuncture is such that it took alienated youth, by and large working or middle class, to articulate a musical crystallization of a decaying social order. Norwegian kid makes lasting works out of a cry of anguish in an era of capitalist decay. Good stuff. As always, it is a product of the great problems of the 20th century, and is unaware that it embodies many of these contradictions. He forms hazy notions about “McDonald’s-NATO-liberalism” but it remains poignantly inchoate. Unexposed to any serious and principled explanation for the world around him, arson and fascism become strangely alluring. And back in neoliberal ground zero, Southern doofuses make doofus music, but there’s a core of musicianship that lends coherence in spite of its unseriousness. History is fickle that way.

    1. its pretty clear your on the zionist bank roll, but I’ll entertain your comment anyway.

      First off, why are you making excuses for pantera? its bounce metal served with a helping of biscuits and grits. no redeeming value whatsoever. if you listen to metal for dumb fun than maybe you should move on to metalcore.

      “illiterate’s grasp of socialism” so thats the kind of person im dealing with. how’s that humanities degree working out for you?

      “Art for arts sake” not sure where your going with this, this site has never endorsed any idea like that.

      so maybe varg is a bit nuts but at least his heart is in the right place. pray tell, what is a “serious and principled explanation of the world”?

      1. JM says:

        “its pretty clear your on the zionist bank roll, but I’ll entertain your comment anyway.”

        Back at you, neo-nazi. I like that any disagreement automatically fixes me with a good amount of specificity in some deranged crack-addled fantasy of yours.

        “First off, why are you making excuses for pantera? its bounce metal served with a helping of biscuits and grits. no redeeming value whatsoever. if you listen to metal for dumb fun than maybe you should move on to metalcore.”

        So I’m dealing with someone with an oh-so-edgy 15 year old’s grasp of nuance and discernment.

        ““Art for arts sake” not sure where your going with this, this site has never endorsed any idea like that.”

        Read the comments section closer, I may be responding to something somebody mentioned there!

        “so maybe varg is a bit nuts but at least his heart is in the right place. pray tell, what is a “serious and principled explanation of the world”?”

        Maybe one that can make sense of the world around you such that being a neo-Nazi arsonist and murderer don’t seem like such compelling career choices?

        1. Gayvid Brosales says:

          separating art from the artist =/= art for art’s sake

          my understanding of “art for arts sake” is that art is purely for enjoyment without teleological underpinnings. of course this is nonsense, but that doesn’t mean that the purpose behind a work of art is derived solely from the artist. art is not so much a reflection of the artists individual self, personality, opinions, etc but a channeling of some greater, a certain spirit that whispers something meaningful and true about the world we live in. this spirit can be found in a variety of different humans with different, sometimes offensive dispositions.

          i suggest you meditate on that and pray to Lord Varg so that he might have mercy on your little butthole when Fagnarok comes

          Varg is Love, Varg is Life

          1. Oh, wow, this does sound like a much funnier version of me! Hahaha

          2. Clockmed Action Jackson says:


            I’ll bring my Casio and 4 track and Eurofagnymus shit covered dildo collection. Lets record Dead Can Dance records from the toilet, and scream in a pillow.

        2. ay lmao says:

          So, one’s worldview should be such that it makes one act according to the norms given to him/her by today’s society? That would be lunacy.

    2. Slutbum Waller says:

      Dude, you type like a robotic Victorian faggot “journalist” on Pitchfork. None of what you type makes sense.

      Please don’t pontificate further, Lord Crumpet of the House of Douche.

      Verbose wanker.

      1. JM says:

        Nah, it makes perfect sense. Sorry about your slowness, but best of luck getting that GED!

        1. Richard Sullivan says:

          No, I’m inclined to agree with your detractors. You seem to have come here with an intent to unleash a meaningless diatribe, with no clear message of any kind. If you have something to say, say it more clearly, instead of vague and pretentious bullshit.

          1. JM says:

            No, the message was actually pretty clear. So if you’re commenting in good faith, what seemed vague to you in those three short paragraphs? I’d be happy to clarify.

    3. Wow JIDF found its way to DMU as well?

      1. JM says:

        lol only the faintest scratch and already the NWO-baiting begins. Just so we’re clear, the perpetual bellyaching about “SJWs” is basically dogwhistle for “not far-right/fascist conspiracy theorists like us” right?

        1. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m in a RWDS

        2. vOddy says:

          “lol only the faintest scratch and already the NWO-baiting begins. Just so we’re clear, the perpetual bellyaching about “SJWs” is basically dogwhistle for “not far-right/fascist conspiracy theorists like us” right?”

          No. SJWs are disliked by egalitarians, socialists, liberals, progressives (not pseudo progressives or regressives) racists, elitists, theists, atheists, and conservatives alike – Any one who values art terminally rather than instrumentally.

        3. adjsjaos says:

          No, SJW refers to the latest name for the annual re-emergence of moral alarmism and cultural puritanism. It used to be the Christian right, but the torch has been passed to you leftist faggots.

          1. Clockmed Action Jackson says:

            Perfectly stated. So far left, they have become what they supposedly despise – fascists. Welcome to 1950-84.

            Censor art, film, literature, music. Outlaw dissent. Indoctrinate the youth. All so cozy by all these burning books here in my safe space.

            Refugees welcome.

    4. vOddy says:

      You have managed to write a long and grammatically correct message, while making very few coherent and relevant points. You should consider a career in politics.

    5. Vulnavia says:

      Bravo. Excellent analysis JM, and far more on-point than the usual “neoreactionary”/”anti-SJW” masturbatory exercises we’ve come to expect from this site.

    6. Dr Khan says:

      Congratulations, ‘JM’ ( if that is your real name). Sounds like you really earned your bullshit degree in hermeneutic analysis. You are a socialist douchebag who faps to using guns and badges to force people to do what you want. You are a classic loser.

    7. morbideathscream says:

      Ah such big words there, big boy. Your attempt at pseudo-intellectualism is very amusing. You are not smart.

      I got a clear message for you:

      Fuck off and die!

  9. Slutbum Waller says:

    “perfect sense” to a wordy Twat trying too hard to sound smart, but crashing into the mountain after every period.

    You obviously fancy yourself a sociologist, but you’re on a metal blog typing lackadaisical and pointless about racism, the south, Pantera & while using the Vargument. Just a heads up.

    PS… My “GED” cost me $80,000 in student loan debt, my good man. Dual degree and employed.

    Enjoy your verbal corksniffery, Sally.

    1. JM says:

      Well then, I’m sure you’re a real up-and-comer at Carl Karcher Enterprises! Keep slangin those patties man. Btw please shed some of that GED-having brilliance over here: how can I be “trying too hard” and “lackadaisical” all at once?

  10. I blew my head off like Per Ohlin says:

    SJWs say whites are racist, yet won’t target racists like hip-hop artist Lord Jamar (Brand Nubian).

    1. morbideathscream says:

      Of course because we have no idea what it’s like to be a black man in America and we’re suppose to still feel guilty about an issue that hasn’t been relevant since the mid 1860’s. Negros have everything handed to them in today’s society, SNAP benefits, welfare, etc. They’re easily approved for similar type benefits that somehow whites aren’t eligible for, but somehow we have white privilege. They’re rewarded for the lazy parasites that they are. Shit, anytime they’re busted with dope they get a slap on the wrist and before you know they’re doing the same fucking thing. The mind of an sjw can’t comprehend this. Sjw’s are just reinforcing the government’s Zionist Marxist agenda within the underground, trying to censor anyone who might be seen as slightly xenophobic or don’t go along with their liberal agenda. Sjw’s are the useful idiots for the NWO agenda whether they realize it or not.

      We’re dealing with people who think feminism, homosexuals and radical Islam can coexist. They think they are beating us in arguments by randomly throwing a bunch of technical intellectual terms together and stuffing them in a paragraph that makes no point whatsoever and is actually quite comical.

  11. adjsjaos says:

    Phil being racist makes me want to like Pantera but their music is just too mediocre

  12. D. says:

    22 years old, MTV News did a report on Anselmo’s alleged racism and tried to take issue with his wearing a Carnivore shirt. Shouting “white power” and going off on racial rants aren’t new to him. I’m pretty sure he’s been spotted in a Vaginal Jesus shirt too and of course, Pantera used the confederate flag on stage and on t-shirts for ages.

    You know what? Always been minor issue. In fact his antics used to get more praise than scorn from his fans. But in this age of Social Justice Warriors and their infiltration of Metal, it appears Anselmo’s career might be ruined now. The negative comments out weight the positive on his Facebook page and White Knight Rob Flynn and of course Cvlt Nation had to throw fuel on the fire.

  13. Jason says:

    If Phil just would have hollered how he loved heroin, everybody would have been okay. But, no! He showed a preference for his ethnicity. Don’t people know there are rules to being rebellious? I heard he secretly wants to enslave all the blacks and turn Jews into lampshades. Why else would he promote empowering white people? Thankfully he recognized his error and is still allowed to be a rock star.

  14. Meek Metalhead says:

    Even “bros” are SJWs now? How low can one go in the quest of pussy?

    I always assumed Phil was a full-blown wigga.

  15. Nathan Metric says:

    LOL, everyone talking about how bad Phil’s wacism is.,,,like that was the worse thing those Pantera boys did to metal. LOLOLOL

  16. Clockmed Action Jackson says:

    He wimped out instead of holding ground. Asinine gesture? Maybe so, but never buckle under your own beliefs, and never apologize to the masses.

    Now he’s Hasbara Stew as the ZOG rears up and defends the charade. Rosenfeld Ian and all the rest of the opportunistic are dog piling. So much for respecting an individual’s cultural identity. When the US becomes the EU and the rape, theft and murder become common place, we’ll see how much White Power “matters” when the few do rise to the occasion.

    350 million guns is a believable number. Can’t destroy those millions in ovens unless you’re talking Domino’s. Fat just won’t burn and neither does high volume water masses, even if frail from having your food lines bombed by your pals, the allies…

    Mangled web of deceit and folklore, and a mammoth dose of horse beaten propaganda, as usual.

  17. canadaspaceman says:
    Axl Rosenberg said –
    “White America can never truly know what it’s like to be black;”.

    What ?!?!

    This fucking guy is LYING because NOW, for a very long time, whites are being assaulted, murdered and raped in huge numbers. Possibly much more than blacks ever were in the past.
    There have been videos proving black crimes, search sites like YouTube and Worldstar.

    It took some time, but everybody is waking up that it is a media CIRCUS event when they catch a single white murderer or rapist or serial killer, but the media purposely neglects to report on the much greater number of incidents caused by non-whites.

    Was angry at first, but something I read made it clear,
    “Worse is Better” – Tom Metzger.

    As the commies/international socialists/SJW’s continue their campaign, more and more people who love freedom, not just whites, will them for what they are.

    and the following video of surprise the commies recently got in England, not knowing their gang attacks on whites have awakened and pissed of son many, that all white rights groups are uniting as one.
    Dover – Antifa Scrubbers Pinned And Cowaring
    All the upcoming civil wars – there in Britain, the USA, and European countries, are being orchestrated by the global elite.
    One of their ways to reduce the world’s population as regular wars and GMO crops and vaccines are not quick enough.

    1. morbideathscream says:

      His last name is Rosenberg, he’s a fucking jew, nuff said. Their goal is white genocide, high ranking rabbis have been quoted as saying “getting rid of our white problem and how the whole world inherently belongs to the jews.” You don’t think a majority of jews have a similar mindset? I know there’s exceptions, but it doesn’t take an intellectual genius to see the overall picture. Rosenberg’s just throwing more white guilt in our face and if there’s one thing this country doesn’t have it’s white privilege, more like white persecution. Then there’s the ARA, sharp and antifa scum who always seem to be let off easy, hmmm I wonder why that is? Anti-racist is code for anti-white. I hope all the pro white groups unite and smash those commie parasites.

      It’s to the point where it’s illegal to defend yourself against a black man trying to assault or kill you.

      Just read the Georgia guidestones, the global elite think they’re shouldn’t be more than 500 million people on this earth.

  18. The D to the T says:

    The music recommended on this site is good but it is populated mostly by American white trash. Inexplicable.

  19. Theozoologist says:

    Phil Anselmo is a retard.
    The thing with the racist statements is just to gain controversy and fame.It’s so fucking simple:Seth Putnam is dead,El Duce is dead,GG Allin is dead.He wants to be the forth but he is too retarded to fit in this list.

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