Profanatica Attacks Nu-Black Poseurs For Fear Of COVID-19

Paul Ledney of Profanatica/Havohej presents one of those personalities who navigate the world by gut instinct but generally uncover more than they know at the time. Much as in his black metal career, in his role as cultural critic of the black metal scene, Ledney put his finger on the rot at the heart of the community with recent comments on the COVID-19 panic or pandemic.

Writing just a short while into the outbreak, Ledney broached the issue by stating bluntly, “My drumsticks have more shit on them than covid19.” At the same time, across the new public square (cf. Marsh v. Alabama) of Facebook, various forums, and other social media, metalheads were panicking over the disease.

Instead, showing an insight into the pervasive distrust of the modern world and the people it appoints via meritocracy to be its official bean-counters and finger-wagglers, Ledney doubled down a fortnight later with “This is a strong symbol against Fear. Please don’t buy into any hype,” followed by the Profanatica penis-n-trumpets cherub logo.

Apparently this triggered panty-bunching and soy-munching among the nu-black metal crowd, who are “just into the music, man,” and have an innate fear of the Galtonian and Nietzschean aspects to black metal philosophy, causing a disgusted Ledney to respond with “All the so called black metal bitches with their blasphemy shirts and bullet belts are all of a sudden running scared for their worthless fat asses. I knew it.”

The resulting tantrum spilled across the pages of social media and probably at least one abnormal psychology report, prompting a final message from Profanatica on the sheer human fear and trembling that had now taken the form of strongly authoritative but neurotic voices: “This page is for people who think like we think, and feel what we feel.
Please leave.”

Time will tell whether the newly-acquired fedora audience of black metal will be able to tolerate this, or whether they will accept that one of their most venerated heroes thinks that they are all vegan neckbeard lemming virgins sitting around in beige pajamas, drinking a banana-broccoli shake singing “I’m an Oscar-Meyer Wiener.”

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21 thoughts on “Profanatica Attacks Nu-Black Poseurs For Fear Of COVID-19”

  1. the left is the truth says:

    Cool Metalsucks article bro.

    Good for Paul for standing up for what he believes in, but at the same time, who cares?

    1. doodoo says:

      1st grade level reverse pscyhology Metal Sucks plant over here, “oh yeah dudes I’m mocking what you hate, but dude like seriously should you even care, people care about metal are soooo lame!” – faggot, cocksucker, queer, fuck off

    2. Allah yo snackbar says:

      Lmao what a faggot

  2. Paul McLedney says:

    Are there any links to these arguments? Thanks.

  3. Ancient wisDom says:

    Arguing on the internet is like participating in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you’re still retarded.

  4. peepee says:

    Woah a whole slew of soy responses! “dude, you should totally be ashamed for defending something just so like, fucking trivial”

    You’re all faggots. Faggots are subhumans who are shot in the head and dumped in ditches by real humans. Learn.

  5. Parasite says:

    I used to like Profanatica and Havohej but now i wish Paul would just boil eternally in a pool of feces with his tribe member Jesus Christ.

  6. dood says:

    This post has more so to do with the drama their last live guitarist and is metal slut girlfriend are involved in. I don’t know the details exactly, but I’ve met both in person and they’re most certainly dweebs.

    1. Most of the post-2000 metal audience are dweebs.

      1. Morbidly Angelic says:

        I think metal always pandered to dweebs.

    2. worshipdeath says:

      I don’t see how your teen gossip connects to the original post dude

  7. AAAAARGH! Bloody 2-handed Chainaxe Blow says:

    Claims made without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence. Claims made without evidence is also just trolling, and should be treated as such. Trolling, unless really funny, doesn’t deserve any attention. i’d be more interested in Ledney writing a song about Jesus getting COVID-19 than posting on the Internet about it.

    1. Claims made without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.

      Depends on what evidence exists or can exist. Some arguments are purely logical. Some are simply screaming monkeys wishing they could rape each other to assert dominance.

      1. Cuntfucius says:

        He who thinks they think logically sees no more than a blind man.

        1. 2KKK00L4SK00LFucius says:

          Finish your homework.

  8. ignominious says:

    I’m glad Ledney took a stand against this nonsense.

  9. John Mccormick says:

    What in the hell are any of you talking about?

  10. Lucky Charms says:

    oh shit shut up shut up here he comes

  11. Hrafn says:

    Soyboy Paulie should spend more time in the studio and less on Facebook or watching Hannity.

  12. Virgil Cocksmith says:

    I could never understand what anyone liked about Profanatica or Blasphemy-they’re worse than Venom! These were the bands the super articulate and intelligent lyricist Pete Helmkamp of Angelcorpse refered to as 12 year olds!
    These bands are awful for the sake of being awful. I could get why one would
    be a fan of Drawing Down the Moon (Beherit) bare-bones black metal but at least it has atmosphere.

    1. Flying Kites says:

      Profanatica’s Profanatitas de Domonatia is their best album, and Havohej is all very interesting. The music produces an Industrial/ambient genre type headspace.

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