Ripper – Experiment of Existence LP Repress

Ripper’s Experiment of Existence, one of the best recent speed metal records for whatever that is worth, is being repressed on vinyl courtesy of Dark Descent Records.

The LP repress will ship around September 29th according to the preorder page. Maniacal thrashers who do not want the clarity of digital CD sound should check this LP out if they haven’t. You can thrash all the way through and not even tell the tracks apart!

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4 thoughts on “Ripper – Experiment of Existence LP Repress”

  1. Mormon Meth Dream says:

    GodDAMN it, Daniel. RE-PRESSED, man.


    Dark Descent is not repressing the record — they want to encourage it to go forth ‘n prosper. They are re-pressing it.

    Get it right.

    1. 1917 or die says:

      10 bucks it was a bad attempt at a clever wordplay as the music is “repressed” by the vinyl format…

      1. Yuzerneigm says:


  2. Yuzerneigm says:

    Doubt it. U knows a nigga can’t spell no goot!

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