Sammath unleashes title track from Godless Arrogance

sammath-godless_arroganceWhat a difference studio recording and mastering can make. Sammath went into the studio with a demo full of their iconic black/death battle metal, but in the studio, something magic happened: it became transformed into a hybrid of early Morbid Angel and early Ancient, being both relentless and hiding melody inside its rigorous riffs.

Godless Arrogance promises to be a relentless war-charge of high speed percussion, fuzzily distorted fast riffing, and demented mocking vocals which sound like a criticism of the mundane world by something beyond it. The band have upgraded their playing to leave fewer spaces in the wall of sound, and have used production to mate their fuzzy guitars and whirlwind drums into a channel of sonic violence.

To be released by Hammerheart Records worldwide, Godless Arrogance shows this Dutch-German band backing off of the technicality of the last album in favor of the relentless riff assault of their most popular middle albums, combined with the sublime sense of melody that made their first album a keeper for so many metalheads.

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3 thoughts on “Sammath unleashes title track from Godless Arrogance

  1. fenrir says:

    Loving it. I just wish the track was longer. Ancient got me used to being able to digest the sections in slow delight.

    1. I just wish the track was longer.

      I agree. Totally looking forward to this album!

  2. Anthony says:

    Personally, I don’t quite hear the hybrid of Morbid Angel and Ancient that you touted (sounds like the best band ever if such a band exists!), but this is a lot better than I thought it would be. You say that the last Sammath was technical? I’m only really familiar with their first album, which is quite excellent simple black metal. Is their later stuff technical in a black metal way like Thorns or in a death metal way? I really need to download/buy more Sammath stuff…

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