11 thoughts on “Suffocation Recording New Album”

  1. Morbideathscream says:

    Suffocation should’ve stopped recording new albums after Pierced From Within.

    1. Parasite says:

      I don’t understand why bands put out new shit albums just for the sake of touring. Look at Blasphemy, they play all the same songs and they kill it live. Suffocation probably got in bed with a label or a contract binds them or something.

      1. C.M. says:

        If it’s a question of working at a gas station or pizza joint versus touring around the country or world, it’s obvious why bands choose to continue releasing mediocre-to-bad albums just to maintain a career. I’d do the same if I had it in me to write songs that people happily consumed. I’ll just stick to the pizza joint for now :'(

      2. Rainer Weikusat says:

        A usual band will have at most three worthwhile albums, a promising debut, a better follow-up and a good third which is better than the first but not as good as the second. The third will be the commercially most successful and deviating too much from that will annoy existing fans without bringing in many new ones. Afterwards, one can continue on this path with minor modifications and keep making music people will want to buy (that’s a good thing) and which will entice them to keep coming to life shows.

        This is also a problem on the receiving end: A new voice is something new discover and this sensation can’t be repeated after it became known. And then, there’s “death by memory lock-in”: Losing the ability to appreciate new things because they’re never entirely new, there’s always something already known in them and this is experienced as failure to be $known_thing at its greatest.

        1. Also the innovator’s dilemma: it takes decades, if it happens at all, for people to notice innovation or improvement. This means that a musician who makes great art at age 20 can expect that fact to be recognized at best when he is in his 30s, and more likely when he is in his 40s, at which point he will have had to either lump it with day jobs or sell out to survive for over a decade.

  2. Parasite says:

    i like the picture, is it suggesting one in four metal heads don’t chop off the sleeves?

    1. S.C. says:

      Ha! If that were true, then it would also imply that 2 in 4 metalheads are black…

      1. Syphilis says:

        But there`s clearly 5 people in the picture…

  3. canadaspaceman says:

    athiest shirt?
    fukin homos

    just as gay as Death after Murphy left

    1. Kosmo Naught says:

      ur ghey

    2. Syphilis says:

      Would you have preferred Faith No More?

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