Suffocation Release “Return To The Abyss” Lyric Video

Suffocation released a new lyric video of their upcoming, awful phoned-in album, …Of the Dark Light. Suffocation have dumbed themselves down to mediocre speed metal with generic riffs rehashed from their classic material prior to their 1998, post Despise the Sun breakup. Return to the Abyss is incredibly boring. Do not buy this phoned in excuse to tour. Do not see Suffocation on tour without Frank Mullen.

The drums are clearly samples pasted together onto a timeline with a computer program, probably EZdrummer. Suffocation has used this technique for their last few albums and it sounds terrible. Not that it matters as their compositions are lame and terrible now. The New York brutal death metal legends have rehashed themselves since their initial comeback and loss of rhythm guitarist Doug Cerrito. The band may have broken up initially as they had naturally run their course, culminating in the excellent Pierced From Within and Despise the Sun as the final sendoff to Avalon. The once and future kings of death metal Suffocation were not. Let us take a brief moment to celebrate their initial, creative death:

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6 thoughts on “Suffocation Release “Return To The Abyss” Lyric Video”

  1. aol instant messenger says:

    death metal for speedrunning mario 64

  2. StalagArhitekt says:

    Breeding The Spawn > rest of the discography

    1. Thundercock says:


  3. Suffocation the Metalcore Band says:

    Honestly I think the new Suffocation track sounds like metalcore.

  4. Mor says:

    “Do Not” is the DMU message in it’s purest form.

  5. nĂ¼-poo says:

    This band was always overrated, but this is just sad (not as sad as Pantera-ized Vader). “NYDM” themed market filler.

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