Takafumi Matsubara Records New Track For Unkown Pedal Australia

Guitarist Takafumi Matsubara of Mortalized and Gridlink wrote a new track earlier this month for Australian distortion pedal manufacturer Unknown Pedal Australia.

Matsubara submitted the track to Unknown Pedal Australia for their promotional use as he uses their Decompose pedal which of course was used to record the track. This track is some of his first new music since he unfortunately suffered an inflammatory brain infection shortly after the release of Gridlink’s Longhena and undergoing extensive rehabilitation in order to play guitar again.

I received this song from Takafumi Matsubara (Gridlink, Retortion Terror, ex-Mortalized, ex- Corrupted). This song is freaking awesome and he gave us permission to use it for our videos from now on! Very heavy and brutal sound!! He used Decompose into JCM2000 crunch channel.
Settings are below:
Decompose ( High gain mode )
Gain 6, Vol 8, bass, mid treble 9.
JCM2000: Gain 5, other knobs are all full up.
Guitar: Charvel DK (installed Jackson J-90c)
Drum Amano ( ex Red Run Amber, 324, Disgunder, World Down Fall)
Bass Tatsuya ( ex Red RunAmber, Shellshock, 屍, World Down Fall)
Guitar Matsubara
Btw They dedicate this song for the late- Hee Chung ( Unholy Grave official, Naquro, ex-Shady Glimpse). I was also good friend with hee-chung so I’m honor to join this song. He must be listening this song and laughing in the heaven, I guess.
Anyway, you can hear the pedal tone in Matsubara’s solo album in near future:) Thanks for watching!!
*btw I found some misspeling in there. Im going to correct it later in other post coz many friends had shared this post so!!
松原さんから送っていただいた曲の使用許可が出たのでアップします。Hee Chung に捧げる曲です。Shadyやナクロで叩いてる頃からの友人に捧げる曲にUnknown Pedal Australiaとして機材提供と言う形で参加させて頂きました。凄いブルータルなサウンドになってるので必聴です。

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    I don’t know much about the grindy side of things but from what I’ve heard from this here jap I do kinda like it

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