Thevetat releases Desecration of Divine Presence


Thevetat (ex-Ceremonium) has unleashed its most recent record Desecration of Divine Presence on vinyl for metalheads who like the kind of immersive, cavernous death metal and black metal that Incantation, Profanatica and Immolation made famous. The band issued the following press release:

Another day to spread death! Clearly, it is evident this effort attracts a vile kind. Good deeds unpunished… Fellow wolves, send a message to this page for your orders.
Two color variations are available.
Experience the madness.
There is much minded from beasts. Ave Satani.

Some people need a reminder. “Desecration of Divine Presence” is available now and orders are being taken on this page. This is merciless death devoted to the end of the world. Make your desires known to the devil. Speak for the dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Thevetat releases Desecration of Divine Presence

  1. Anthony says:

    I fucking love this band, but man, do they ever move slow! They’ve been around for years with that one CD demo, and now this, which is just an EP!

  2. Daniel Maarat says:

    Yeah I got the demo EP for free tossed in with an order from Dark Descent and it turned out to be one of the best non-reissues the label has released.

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