Upcoming Entombed – Clandestine Live Album

Entombed are releasing a live CD of the band playing Clandestine with symphonic accompaniment on November 12th according to Blabbermouth.

Everyone who values their money and sanity should avoid this. Clandestine was crap in 1991 and is fossilized crap now. Entombed climbed in musicianship but the music nosedived. Remember the idiocy that was Metallica’s S&M? This is going to be worse; nobody cares about the crappy Clandestine. Left Hand Path or bust. I’d rather watch the “Left Hand Path” video until I’m on the floor, foaming at the mouth than hear Yo-Yo Ma play anything off Clandestine.

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14 thoughts on “Upcoming Entombed – Clandestine Live Album”

  1. Yo ma ma says:

    What’s with the techdeaf tag?

  2. Nom de plume says:

    In other news Svart records are releasing “The Devil’s Cradle” by Tero Ikäheimonen.

    1. Titus Pullo says:

      Funderground book.

  3. Putrid Farts says:

    You’re worse than Maniel D.

  4. S.C. says:

    Everything Entombed did sucked. Hail Nihilist

  5. national geographic nipples says:

    Calling Clandestine crap is historical revisionism.

    This particular cashgrab is gross though.

    1. Titus Pullo says:

      Clandestine always was some bouncy shit.

      1. Reduced Without Any Effort says:

        and R.E.M. isn’t?

  6. Eric Syre says:

    Clandestine, crap? I might be deaf or someone else is.

  7. I Sacrificed My ANUS To Brett Stevens says:

    Left Hand Path was always a shit album too. Dark Recollections, Like An Ever Flowing Stream, and For The Security were all better albums.

  8. Richard Roma says:

    Clandestine was just fine. Great gateway album for people just getting into death metal, but I’ll do my best to avoid ever hearing this. Nice looking poster, though

  9. Max says:

    The package will also contain a live version by only the band. This should be decent.
    but yeah, you’re quite right about clandestine. The vocals are really bad (Ovar Safström would have been a far better singer for this record). the songwriting was a bit pompous.
    And – good god – this pledge campain was/is a desaster: We were promised to get our dvds/cds in February… and they still haven’t shipped a lot of DVDs until now. There was almost no communication… so lame.

    1. Titus Pullo says:

      Yeah Ovar’s vox on the Crawl EP were way better than Nicke Andersson’s.

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