Entombed - Clandestine

Production: Amazingly clear representation of both electrically abrasive guitar and pounding drums without sacrificing or overmixing the almost swallowed gutteral roar of vocals.

Review: Intensely rhythmic derivations propel an otherwise rather rock-n-roll styling to a formerly evil death metal band, creating a more palatable aesthetic that rocks along on the basis of one or two rhythmic centers per song which carry the complexity of the more death metal augmentations: the essence here is harmonic and rhythmic return based around the simplicity of rock n roll and adding the chopping speed metal styles of riffing in an almost funk context - with more direction toward key and rhythmic centers in the style of death metal - to produce an engaging release with a hidden bankruptcy in its entertainment rather than elucidation of the paradox of death metal.


1. Living Dead
2. Sinners Bleed
3. Evilyn
4. Blessed Be
5. Stranger Aeons
6. Chaos Breed
7. Crawl
8. Severe Burns
9. Through the Collonades

Length: 43:41

Entombed - Clandestine: Death Metal 1992 Entombed

Copyright © 1992 Earache

With the shouted and often half-obscured vocals in a neo-death style coughing alongside a domineering rhythm of guitar synchronization in the Swedish style, with fast tremelo interlocking in pattern to produce an overall effect of simultaneous motion, the propulsion that unifies this release is the accentuation and synchronicity of the precision blasting of multiple drums in concert, emphasizing rhythm through an invisible counterpoint. Musicality overall is highly excellent, but rooted in rock harmony and in the styles explored by the previous and not next generation of death metal.