Upcoming Miasma – Changes Reissue

miasma changes reissue

Miasma’s Changes is being reissued on CD and LP by Rotten Relics Records. This pressing of the long out of print and compositionally coherent caveman death metal classic is the first with the original sound since the original Lethal Records one from 1992.  It is being done with the approval of all band members, who contributed comprehensive art, photos, lyrics, and liner notes. Rotten Relics says T-shirts will be available too and warns that a Brazilian reissue intended for the South American market only (yeah right) without authorization of the band and probably without the original master is scheduled for release at the same time so watch out.

Listeners may stay informed on Rotten Relics’ Facebook page.


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5 thoughts on “Upcoming Miasma – Changes Reissue”

  1. Anthony says:

    FUCKING FINALLY GODDAMN Been waiting for this for a while. “Compositionally coherent caveman death metal classic” is an apt description of this band’s material.

    Now if only someone could get on top of a Vomiturition reissue.

  2. David Vincent's gerbil says:


  3. Can you survive the blitzkrieg says:

    I was only aware of this band recently which slices a full robust inch off the dick measuring contest metal is now. Being into it for yourself with no intent of public display!?

    1. Anthony says:

      he says after naming himself after an obscure NWOBHM song

      1. Not that obscure. Blitzkrieg has Brian Ross from Satan.

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