Upcoming Pestilence – Malleus Maleficarum Reissue

Hammerheart Records are reissuing the Pestilence‘s death/speed metal debut album, Malleus Maleficarum on all formats.

Cassettes, CDs, shirts, and all colors of LPs are available for pre-order on the Hammerheart webstore. The clearest sounding version will of course be the CD. Hopefully the levels will not be slammed to hell and the transients clipped.

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12 thoughts on “Upcoming Pestilence – Malleus Maleficarum Reissue”

  1. Marc Defranco says:

    Please no remaster…

    1. I AM THE BLACK COCKS says:

      It’s remastered. Follow the link and you will see.

      1. The remaster cannot be worse than the horrible Two From the Vault Roadrunner one.

      2. Marc Defranco says:

        Unless there is an issue with the original audio then remasters are fuckin junk that piss me off. Damn these clueless labels and/or bands!

        1. Analog to digital converters are much, much better than they were in the 80s. If the tapes are intact and in good condition, there is no reason why a new remaster from them shouldn’t sound better. The problem is excessive compression and tweaking shit.

          1. Varg's Lada says:

            Exactly. Most of the times they don’t even know where the tapes are so they take the digital files from the CDs and tweak them to shit.
            First 2 Pestilence could use a proper remaster actually, even the old CDs dont’s sound that good (especially Consuming Impulse).

            1. Yeah and tape decay. Old tapes prior to the mid 70s are much less vulnerable to humidity and temperature changes due to using whale blubber. The artificial replacement is not nearly as sturdy long term and can decay easily regardless of how well it is stored. That is why Abbey Road could use the original Beatles tapes but had to bake the Iron Maiden ones, which are now useless.

  2. Billy Foss says:

    Great news. Here’s hoping a Consuming Impulse reissue will follow.

    1. That would be, what, reissue number four?

      1. Billy Foss says:

        I’m not sure. According to Discogs, it’s a lot more than that even. I thought I saw it for sale on the Nuclear Blast store once, but perhaps that was only a dream. I’d just like to own a version of the album on CD that’s not the shitty Two from the Vault version. Of course, that is assuming your question was in earnest. If not? Vae victis.

  3. Nom de plume says:

    Are the “Two from the vault” releases in general, shit?
    pls halp

  4. Morbideathscream says:

    I got the displeased records reissue of this album, which included both demos, over a decade ago. The best Pestilence album and the best thing Van Drunen did vocals on. I very much like the early Asphyx albums, but none better than Malleus Malifacarum.

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