Varg Vikernes arrested in France

varg_vikernes-burzumAs related in this news report, Varg Vikernes has been arrested on suspicions of terrorism in France.

The evidence against him appears to be that Anders Breivik wrote to Vikernes some time ago, and while Vikernes then called Breivik a “Christian loser” on his blog (for killing Norwegians), Varg’s wife had recently purchased four rifles legally in France. Somehow these two events add up to a possible massacre.

This is unfortunate because Vikernes has just released the excellent Sôl austan, Mâni vestan, which is like a cross between classic Burzumic ambient and the music of William Orbit. We’re hoping he’ll be freed to make more floaty ambient albums.

We also tend to think the whole thing is dumb and overblown. He went to prison; he served his time. Now he’s living a normal life for the first time in two decades. He should be encouraged to do this! Not only for society at large, but for metal, which now permanently has Burzum in its blood.

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5 thoughts on “Varg Vikernes arrested in France”

  1. kvlt attakker says:

    There isn’t any evidence to arrest him, just overblown speculation. The media are misconstruing it as well.

  2. Mumbie says:

    The French government is currently concerned with suppressing right-wing resistance. Varg’s history makes him an easy target for them to make an example of, and one few are going to defend.

  3. Was he wearing a burqa in public or something? Probably end up deporting him to Norway, I feel sorry for his children.

  4. He’s honestly a good guy that some think got it all wrong. Well maybe he did. Well, actually, no, dickhead, he didn’t, it’s just how he went about it. Unfortunately he also looks very burned out and fucked up in that pic as opposed to the noble supreme Viking type (minus rape of course). At any rate, I’ll have to give to new album another listen.

  5. EDS says:

    All Vikings were burned out by his age. Think logically about it. Their life expectancy was alot less back then and their lifestyle was hard. That picture of Varg, looks “Viking” as all hell!

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